I hate being ugly!

by Space Madness 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • konceptual99


    you often find the more dosh youve got--the more attractive you will become.----so---concentrate on getting more dosh--and the rest will follow.

    Did you see the Mrs. Merton clip?

  • KateWild

    [email protected].... Loved your comment! Does your husband know you think he's ugly? ;-)

    He is my ex now. Yes he always knew I didn't think he was Brad Pit. That made him better in the sack though LOL! But when I loved him, I truly did love him for who he was. But he is a smurfing smurfhead, liar and thief. He lied to get my youngest, so I lost my baby in the divorce :(.

    SpaceMadness-you are a little older than my eldest, and she would like your intellect. Tell us more about your time as a JW and if you have left what happened and made you quit? Sart a new thread to tell us your story. -Kate xx

  • BizzyBee

    Drugs such as LSD, marijuanna, mushrooms, and x has helped me come to terms with my life.

    Really? It now sounds as if complaining that you're ugly is an just an excuse to do drugs. Why not create a life you don't want to escape from?

  • wallsofjericho

    if you "project" a negative image of yourself to others it is that which will push them away. its easier said than done, but you need to find value in who you are as a person and project that.

    even physically attractive people lose their looks eventually. We all see our looks fade over the years and we will all have to cope with that.

    look at this guy...

    do you think he cares that he's ugly? but he projects confidence. And as rediculous as this guy is, guarenteed he gets with woman ;)

  • TD
    I finally came to the realization that I am ugly. I'm 28 years old and never had a girlfriend. Women pay me absolutely no attention when I'm in public.

    You're not an engineer are you?

    From the engineeer's guide to cats:

    "Another activity that cats and humans can enjoy together is something called the, "I'm not paying attention to you game" which can last for hours....Young male engineers will be familiar with this game as they often use the same technique to attract the attention of ladies."

    Seriously, if you have the body and lifestyle of Chris Hemsworth, then maybe women will pay attention to you in public. The rest of us mere mortals have to show initiative. And nothing screams 'weakness' louder than being afraid to.

  • scary21

    Nerdy smart guys are sexy to me. I have a crush on Lawrance Krauss, he is bald with lumps on his face. He kind of looks like a lizard man lol .

    Education and a great job will take you a long way. Some people will grow on you. They are not good looking but when you get to know them, that little smirk or that space between their teeth turns out to be soooo cute.

    Sometimes when people are too pretty it can work the same way. No one wants to meet them because they don't think they have a chance. I remember when I was young, my sister and I went to the bar dressed down with no makeup, it was crazy, we had twice as many guys asking us to dance.

    Don't be doing drugs all the time. NOT GOOD. Save it for a treat once in a while . Be smart


  • startingover

    If you are not happy with your looks, next time you are in a busy waiting room, or maybe at the mall, pretend the doors have just been locked and you can switch bodies with anyone there.

  • straightshooter

    At the right time and location you will find someone.

  • gma-tired2

    In my experience looks are more important to JWs than others. Work on your inner self, become the guy people like to hang with and the girl problem will be solved.

  • chrisuk

    Dude trust me drugs are NOT the answer to anything. When I was about 15 a friend and I started to dabble with weed, LSD, cocain, ecstacy and speed. Over the years we used all those drugs very heavily, We ended up wanting a "Better buzz" and tried crack. We messed around with that for a while and both got in a pretty bad way. I ended up in rehab 5 times before I was 30 due to drugs and alcohol. Once after a binge on alcohol, cocain and ecstacy a friend found me unconscious choking on my own vomit, I was lucky someone was there otherwise I'd be dead, and all because I wanted to feel good for a few hours. I ended up getting off the drugs and the drink, But I've been left with pretty bad mental health problems, for which I'll spend the rest of my life on medication, just because I wanted to feel good for a few hours.

    My friend just couldn't/didn't want to stop, he started suffering real bad paranoia, then he was hearing voices and seeing things, his come downs after a drug binge became a living hell. One day he was at some house doing drugs all night and the next morning he had a really bad come down, he was in a real bad way so I was told. Anyway someone at the house had some heroin and offerd him some, assuring him it would calm him down and make everything alright. He took the heroin, then he started making it a regular thing after long drug binges on coke and ecstacy. 3 years later he injected some bad heroin and died, I really miss him but he just couldn't stop.

    Take it from me, you're only dabbling with drugs now to help you cope. But it WILL soon become the onlything that gets you through the day, you'll be taking drugs just so you can face going to the shops. Once they get a hold of you you'll want more of a buzz and start taking more, and then you'll start trying harder drugs. You will find yourself tangled in a web of you're own making, and life will feel 100 times harder than it is now. But by that point you'll be faced with a coice, do I continue or do I stop taking the only things that are making me feel better about life. Trust me, not many people return from that ride. Please just stop the drugs now.

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