I hate being ugly!

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  • bigmac

    i used to think i was ugly in my teens--in other words--unattractive to women.

    now --50 years on--i'm even more ugly--but ive never had any problem scoring.

    you often find the more dosh youve got--the more attractive you will become.----so---concentrate on getting more dosh--and the rest will follow.

  • Space Madness
    Space Madness

    I'm pleasently suprised at how nice you guys are. I just want to clarify that when I mentioned drugs I wasn't talking crack, meth, herion, or any hard drug. I tried ecstasy for the first time a few days ago and it was absolutely amazing. I never felt so happy in my life. All my worries, stress, and sadness were completely gone and I was in a complete state of pure bliss. Now I know why they call it the love drug. Just knowing that happiness is just one pill away helps me deal with my situatuion. I once heard someone say in order to have a sucessful relationship you have to not only learn how to love but also learn how to be loved. Since my grandmother was the only person who ever loved me, I neither know how to love or be loved. But I'm not worried about it anymore. Drugs such as LSD, marijuanna, mushrooms, and x has helped me come to terms with my life. I literally feel no pain when I use drugs. Prior to using drugs I was extremely sucidical (not going to go into details but I had an unbelievably bad childhood), now I'm at peace. It's suck that it had to come to this, but it has help me tremendously.

  • tornapart

    Beauty is only skin deep as they say. It's what's inside that counts. If you are a beautiful person inside you will be loved no matter what your looks and the people who love you will care about YOU and not your appearance.

    Confidence helps. Good grooming helps. A warm smile is the most beautiful thing there is, especially if it reaches the eyes. Kindness towards others is very attractive and a genuine interest in other people.

    If you think you are ugly, you will behave ugly. The most beautiful people are those that don't think about themselves but think about others.

    Forget about your outside appearance. Dump the drugs and work on yourself from the inside out. Try smiling at people (genuinely) and see what a difference it makes.

    Have you ever seen a really old person, a face covered in wrinkles and with hardly any teeth? But that old man or lady loves life and loves the people around them, their eyes sparkle with mischief and they give you a big gummy smile. That's beauty and everybody loves them.

  • bigmac
  • tornapart

    Bigmac! LOL Exactly! haha

  • designs

    Think Abraham Lincoln.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Think Lee van Cleef.


  • AnnOMaly

    Think Gerard Depardieu.

  • jgnat
  • jhine

    Hey , look at Telly Savalas and Charles Asnovoice , neither of them are lookers but I know lots of women who thought they were very sexy . I agree ,confidence ( not arrogance ) and charm go a long way . Make women feel attractive and they love that . So many of us ladies are not happy with our looks so when a man makes us feel attractive that is great .


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