The murmuring phase is the beginning of an ex-JWs progression towards fading.

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  • tec

    and his follower's disposal following their attempt to use syrup God's chosen mediator



  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    SFPW, what happened was the light got brighter ( Prov 4:18)and the real truth about Jehovah's Channel became clearer and clearer even after their stronghold attempts to control the thinking of those who thought they were serving God, but in reality were serving men.

    The internet won. Even your 8 Lords laud it now and use it for their purposes. They can no longer contain and suppress the vast amount of information that can be found at the touch of the keypad or click of a mouse.

    The lurkers you hear murmuring" are of those who have been set free from the tyrannical bondage of the so-called "faithful and discreet slave".

    Those belonging to the self-titled FDS class are neither faithful nor discreet, but have cunningly used their control to turn sheep into their personal slaves because they believe they are entitled.

    The 'truth' does change. The word of truth does change. What you once believed , taught by the FDS has changed. That IS the TRUTH.

    Anyway, I'm so glad you're not as crabby as you were when you first posted.You have clawed your way to the top of the heap! Would you like a biscuit with your soup? Lol

    You seem to be right at home here although you're all wrong.

    Nice to have you hear, here.

  • 2+2=5

    Stay off this board you hypocrite.

    Learning the truth about "the truth" wasn't an enjoyable experience for me, and either is trying to fade while my family are held hostage.

    Your head is stuck up your self-righteous JW arse. If you ever successfully dislodge it, come and join us as we wallow in our freakish apostate misery.

    Oh and one more thing.... Praise Satan!

  • baltar447

    How much you wanna bet this tool is like inactive?

  • Comatose

    SFPW, I like having you here, because I know you will wake up eventually! Keep reading and posting. Cheers.


    ........................................................."The Truth doesn't change".....SFPW


    ..............................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • garyneal

    They do so during a phase that I'd like to label, The Murmuring Phase. The whole thing is quite sad to me too considering the de-evolution process of such ones that go from being content True Christians, into bitter murmerers.

    Ooooo, someone's been reading his or her Watchtowers?

  • Oubliette

    SFPW: folks such as yourselves don't hang around the Christian congregation for long upon making the decision that truth is not for you.

    You could not be more wrong. The truth is absolutely for us. Nothing in my life is more important than truth, real truth, unadulterated, unvarnished truth.

    What isn't for us is "The Truth TM " as presented by the WTBTS.

    You're still confusing the propaganda dispensed by them with real truth, the kind that no one in particular owns, but is available to anyone and everyone to discover or ignore.

  • watson

    I think his article here (OP) would be a great basis for a letter to the elders from the Org. Is "Governing Body" found in Jude? I'm gonna have to look around for my "green dragon" and see.

  • InChristAlone

    SFPW, I am also drawn to this site because of the eclectic composition of this group. Your observations are interesting and I can see how you came up with your conclusion. What you may be missing is the fact that most people on here were at some point exactly like you and are now unified in the stance, substantiated by much difficult examination, that the organization you pledge allegiance to is simply not "the truth". Many have not left Jehovah; they left the organization. One cannot equate the former with the latter.

    You said, "Instead of focusing on keeping up to date and accepting the adjusted understanding of God's organization, they choose to focus on the imperfections of those presenting the modified truths." After much observation, I would respectfully disagree. What I believe they realized is that by having to constantly modify the truth, they have never actually had the truth. As a result, the organization they were a part of cannot be God's organization. Unless you can point to a specific date after which everything stated by the organization is completely true, then you must admit that it is a lie. For what is not truth is a lie, and you know who the originator of lies is.

    Of course there are many here who no longer believe in Jehovah. While you and I may personally find that troubling, you must realize that the relationship between an individual and God is just that. There is absolutely nothing biblical of an organization or any group of individuals being their mediator in this re lationship. It is Christ alone. If you would like to better understand what has occurred, you should closely examine the issues that stumbled them. Look at See what they see and really try to see it from their viewpoint. Whether you agree with their assessment is inconsequential. Understanding their plight is illuminating. It may even help you gain an appreciation for the difficulty in their decision to leave.

    You may also want to ask yourself why only 8 fallible men determine your truth for you. You call your allegiance to them "humility". To me, it's a shame that you feel that God cannot teach you directly. You have clearly substituted these 8 men for Christ as your mediator. But then, if you ever really grasped that idea, your motive for being here would be different.

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