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  • Giordano

    Welcome Miss Bee. My wife and I left in our our early 20's...... this was in the mid 1960's.

    Vietnam was raging and I lost my minister's deferment when we stopped pioneering. Then they announced 1975 as the end time! How about that for timing! Oh yes we had one HS diploma between us.

    We got through it and learned to play the long game and got good at what we did, we raised our child without fear of the blood doctrine...called poppycock to Armageddon and the WTBTS. We got out without the internet or the remarkable JWFacts (which would have saved me about 2 years to figure it all out).

    We have had a long and wonderful life surrounded by our children and grandchildren who were never raised as a JW. We are all doing fine.

    I envy you your youth, determination and smarts. I think your in store for a good life. Use this web site wisely. Even in the rough and tumbled of good conversations keep in mind this is your lost tribe.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Most Witnesses speak and view things in absolutes. The world is bad. They are bad association if they are not Witnesses. Education is bad. That sort of thinking is so damaging. I am glad you have some balance now. The cost was great but you are correct, the sooner the better. Learning and accepting TATT in your forties sucks. Good work Miss.
  • Miss Behaving
    Miss Behaving

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments :) I've just finished reading them.

    I don't think badly of apostates anymore, especially since I am one now, and definitely not after all the love and support you've just shown me. I think back then I saw it that way because I was looking for it. I wanted to find reasons to discount the things you were saying. It's hard to believe now how bigoted I was such a short time ago.

    I think I was able to be brave because I didn't know what I was getting into. Firstly, I didn't think I'd be abandoned so quickly, and secondly, I was totally ignorant about life (still working on that) I didn't know how to open a bank account, or start school, pay taxes, or even ride a bus. So, I don't see anyone here who's still in as cowardly, your escape is probably just better thought out then mine was.

    I've been typing these out on my bus rides between work and school, so please forgive me, but I have to go.

    Oh, and I'm from California, U.S.

  • Tenacious

    I'm sorry you had to experience all of this. Having parents themselves reject you or view you as a problem is a testament to the power of subtle mind control the WT has over so many members. You are incredibly brave Miss Behaving. Don't give up and continue looking ahead. If you still believe in God, pray your heart out and ask for guidance. Remember that the WT merely uses Jehovah God in furtherance of their unethical treatment of their members. They are scum and deserve every verdict that goes against them. You reap what you sow, and I can only hope the WT dies a slow death.

    There are some very good people on this board that are always ready to help you. Take it slow and know that many of us here will be here when you are ready to continue your journey out of this mental enslavement.

    Take very good care of yourself.

  • OnTheWayOut
  • yodastar

    Great post Miss. Totally got what you were saying about being naïve about how the real world works when you step out into it properly but it really isn't as scary as we were led to believe.

    By the by, don't buy into labels like apostate! That is the dubs way of excusing how they treat good people that have a thinking brain.

    Take care friend and enjoy your Freedom. Awesome news. Cheers


    Wow! You are "learning the extent of your ignorance." Humility, intellectual honesty, ethics, these are values that cannot truly exist in the WTBTS.

    In the WTBTS:

    Humility = I'm special and better than non-JWs.

    Intellectual honesty = Change your beliefs with the latest WT tractazine.

    Ethics = Theocratic Warfare


  • SAHS

    Welcome to the board, “Miss Behaving”! It’s always good to see more and more people waking up to the real facts behind the Watchtower organization. I too am a born-in. I’ve been living in a strongly JW family since 1966, and I’m actually still stuck in it living with my folks. (Long story.)

    Knowledge is certainly power. Keep a bird’s-eye-view perspective so you can see the entire forest as a whole from afar. The more you research the Watchtower organization, the more it becomes painfully obvious that it’s nothing more than a power-hungry, self-serving man-made outfit which is no more inspired than my foot!

    It’s important that people such as ourselves having had such intense involvement with an undue-influence, high-control group like the JWs continue to benefit from therapy, because the after effects are not something that can just go away too quickly. This very discussion board was the thing that finally allowed me to wake up and confirm that I had indeed been raised in a cult. Keep gathering different objective perspectives, and make sure you don’t just accept any teachings by man, especially of a religious nature. Remember: religiosity is not the same thing as spirituality.

    Take care, and best wishes for your personal journey of discovery.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten
    Welcome to the forum Miss...you truly are an inspiration to all of us. You are now on the the path to a wonderful future. Take very good care of yourself.
  • bradford
    Thanks for your story and welcome to the clan. Cheers! It's funny how we think we are strong enough and jwfacts blows our minds.

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