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  • kaik
    Miss Behaving, welcome to the board. You are starting fine, you are in the college, and your sacrifices will pay off. You are now in healing process from harmful religious cult that had deceived many. Again welcome and thanks for sharing your life story.
  • LHS123

    Wow, I'm literally moved to tears by your post.

    You have been so courageous and have acted in all good conscience. It is so sad that the religion you sacrificed your childhood for then tried to ruin your life because you don't believe it anymore and you want to be true to yourself and your conscience. I'm not sure if you still have a faith but if you do I know Jesus or Jehovah (or whatever you want to call him) would not reject you in this way.

    im an active JW but doubting, reading jwfacts and COC at the moment, I am a mum and have a daughter, I wish I could give you a hug, and even a home. I would never reject my kids for believing something different from me, that's one of the reasons I'm drifting away because my son has decided it's not for him and even though he's not baptized, I see the incredibly negative attitudes of the 'brothers' towards youths like him, just when they are at their most vulnerable and need love and support.

    there are some really caring people here, and smart and funny. The bitterness does sometimes come out, but I am sure that is only because of what they've given up or had taken away because of man-made rules.

    Im in Europe but I am sending lots of love and support across the miles, I'm sure you'll live a happy and fulfilled life and the hurt will become a distant memory...if you ever need to talk to a 'mum' PM me!

  • steve2
    Miss Behaving, you have done anything but that! You are superbly behaved. All strength to you. To succeed in the organization requires a dull mind, lack of curiosity and deep need for approval from your nearest and dearest. You will need a complete transformation if you ever devide to go back. Stay who you are: bold and brave!
  • KateWild

    I feel for you so much Miss Behaving.....I can't believe you are sleeping in a hall way. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves.

    Good for you that you are bettering yourself and working two jobs and going to college.

    I hope you find a place to live soon. But I admire your integrity....I couldn't fake it either once I read jwfacts.com and COC.

    Kate xx

  • Garrett


    There isn't much I can say that others haven't. However, I will say, hang on. From this point forward, it's only going to get better. I promise :) There will be days when you will feel down and out, depressed, there will be rough times, but never forget that you are free. You can now be EXACTLY who YOU want to be. Life will slowly start to come together and you can stand up, proud of who you are.

    I look forward to your future posts and wish you the very best in your journey,


  • sillygirlforgotpassword
    Some stories give me goosebumps. Yours is now one of them.
  • confuzzlediam

    Welcome to the forum Miss Behaving!! Your post brought me to tears. SO proud of you for standing up and having the courage to say something!! Such a brave thing to do! Reminds me of the song "Brave" by Sarah Bareilles.

    I was wrongfully disfellowshipped 5 years ago, filed for divorce from a 25 year marriage last summer and started back to school at our local community college last fall. Isn't college fun?? OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE learning! Can't believe I waited till I was 43 to go back! I am a straight A student, something I honestly had no idea was in me. If you have the opportunity, look to see if your college offers a Critical Reasoning class. I am taking it this quarter and it has been life changing for me. I am also looking at taking a Comparative Religion class in the fall, with the same teacher as my Critical Reasoning class.

    SO happy that you have a MUCH earlier start than I had. I am giving my kids (ages 17 and 21) that early start as well. They are both in college and living lives outside the org. Life is good out here! LOL

  • flipper
    Like the poster On The Way Out printed in his comment the link to the July 10th through 12th South Lake Tahoe BBQ and apostafest- you are cordially invited to come Missbehaving . Lots of laid back, easygoing ex-JW's there who will offer their hand of friendship to you. In a informal, relaxed atmosphere. We'd love to have you join us - you'll receive lots of support and understanding. If you can make it please come ! My wife and I live about an hour and a half north of Lake Tahoe so I'll PM you our phone number if you'd like some details . Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • jwfacts

    Welcome, your story really moved me.

    The freedom to think and believe whatever I wish is very precious to me now.

    I have been out for 9 years now, and I still cherish that freedom to think, to research, and to let facts speak for themselves, rather than force them into a belief system where they do not fit.

  • flipper
    MISS BEHAVING- Please check your PM's - I sent you a message. Thanks ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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