NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • dycerulz

    Hello all, been checking out the site over the years. My entire family has finally broke free of this cult. I'm glad to finally open up without being afraid

  • wasblind

    Wow dycerulz, the whole family. That's wonderful news

  • Oubliette

    We've had another recent influx of newbies! The WT is hemorrhaging all the best people! Yeah!!!

  • flipper

    A big welcome to all the newbies as well as Dycerulz ! Freedom of movement and freedom of mind is priceless ! And kudos to you Miss Clarity for keeping this thread alive and bumped up ! I'm so excited to see your list of newbies this last couple weeks ! Let the newbies keep rollin' on in ! Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • clarity

    November 23, 2013


    Wow ...all you Newbies out there!!!!!!!! I can hardly keep up

    with you ...yeah Wonderful news about the families!!


    Absolutely wonderful that those first doubts are WAKING you up!


    You are on the road to FREEDOM! ... Yes, it will be painful,

    yes, you will be researching & 'burning the midnite oil',

    and yes when you get off that roller coaster ............

    you will fall in love with life..... & fall in love with YOU!

    The REAL YOU!


    So, overnite we have 3 new posters & 1 special lurker (that we

    know of) but I have a very strong suspicion that there are even more

    LURKERS on JWN, than new posters!!!!!

    * To All Lurkers Reading Here .........we are happy that you are watching

    & reading. We wish only good things for all of you ... even the spys!

    Join us when you are ready



    Welcome with love to...




    Frowned upon


    Stay Tuned ....this getting serious!


    Wasblind ...thanks so much for showing up!

    Oub ... no kidding eh, wt is bleeding.

    Flipper my dear friend thank you.



  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Seems so Clarity......look at all the wonderful new posters!!

  • Crazyguy

    I wonder if this site can be seen or read in spanish, and if not if there is a way to make it so. If the spanish speaking ones could have the same access to the facts and sites like this one it would sure help the ORG to bleed even more members.

  • clarity

    Couldn't resist........ need a giggle!

    Tim Slabiak's photo.

  • clarity

    Tuesday nite .... omg I am a little .... well ..bored! hahah

    So if you hate the above comedy ...forgive me! ;-}


    Hey we have more Newbies again ...nice going guys & gals!

    Sorry my little 'smilies' won't say where I put them ...they just

    flip right up to the top you can see! I guess there will be no

    smilies after your names tonight ...darn... I luv those things!!!

    Ok lets get started ..............................................

    A BIG WELCOME to these lovely folks --------------->








    Cleric Preston




    Great to have you here ... Enjoy your journey to a REAL life!


  • clarity

    A quick wave to Mind blown & Crazyguy thanks for coming on!!

    ps the cartoon is from exjw facebook page!



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