I can't take this crap anymore. It's time to get pro-active!

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  • Giordano

    I am for it however this is a larger issue then your mother and her granddaughter. And if it's effective other's may want to join you. I say yes to the picture however think about a family grouping and have Grandmother say what you mentioned.

    Perhaps a voice over as she walks to her chair that would quickly describe the actual policy of JW's who are one of a dozen or so religions that shun. "Like scientologists......... Jehovah's Witnesses shun".

    Lump the JW's with Scientology. It is an enforced position. If you don't shun you lose your standing.

    I don't think I'd get involved with her co-workers. Bad form on that and it makes it personal and could back fire. This is a family issue with terrible consequences for the local congregation she belongs to if people in that community find out what their JW's believe in.


    Ok, I'm going to be busy for awhile but will answer your comments tonight (or late aft). I will take a moment to clear up a couple of things.

    If we follow WTBS rules my daughter has no reason for not talking to me. Her G'ma and brother both DA'd so yeah she's supposed to treat them like dog crap. I am not DA'd, DF'd or anything as I was never baptized. Yes I was born and raised in the cult, was in NY for the '58 assembly and did all the stuff a good little Dubbie does growing up. However, my Dad, who was an elder, never pushed me to baptism...always said I'd know when the time was right. It never was right.

    I always had reservations but I also felt they had the "truth"...I just wasn't strong enough to practice it. I always supported it but kept my distance...and that was hard while studying with just about every elder on the planet. Why did they put up with me? I produced a successful TV show that aired around the country and was syndicated in 11 other countries...and I knew my Ex was plopping some pretty big donations into the pot.

    So, never being baptized means she should have some association with me...except for the fact that I have been vocal as to my opposition to the cult. I have put up posters and talked to church ministers about educating their flocks against this corrupt group...so it's prob gotten back to her.

    After my Mom and Dad DA'd (because of child & UN issues) my Dad tried to get her to come to a studio for a family portrait. She told them, and I quote, "I will come for the picture but I will not speak to any of you. I will leave immediately after the portrait." When she got married to ittle boy elder she sent them an invitation telling them they could come "watch the ceremony but you can not come to the reception." I also got that "invite" plus she would not allow me to walk her down the aisle.

    She ignores our phone calls or hangs up. She has never responded to any letters that have been sent to her.

    I think she has done enough to all of her family to finally receive some of her own medicine.

    And in fact, this video will be not only for her from her G'ma, but also for the people around her who may believe that Jehovah's Witnesses are fine upstanding people, people who care for their family. It's time for the TRUTH about JW's to be told and if it makes them think a little less of her...so be it...maybe she'll think because nothing else has worked.

    I'll be back later with more response especially to you Ginger because ...you just don't get it!


  • DesirousOfChange

    Bonezz, I say GO FOR IT! Nothing to lose.

    I'd also send it to the school administrator and school board members.

    Shunning is way of bullying other people. Should such a fanatic be teaching children?

    Her fellow teachers as well as the parents of children with whom she has contact should know that they and their kids are side-by-side someone who condones and is involved in behavior that is (to say the least) "troubling" for someone daily working with kids.

    She cannot be fired over this as that would violate religious rights, but these people should have the right to know of the choices she makes on issues like this that tell us about her character.

    What other weird hangups does she have?


  • gingerbread

    BONEZZ -

    Don't waste your breath, my friend.

    It's your kid. I really don't care how you deal with her.

    You're right. You win.

    I wave the white flag.

    Movin' on....


  • adamah

    BONEZZ said-

    So, never being baptized means she should have some association with me...except for the fact that I have been vocal as to my opposition to the cult. I have put up posters and talked to church ministers about educating their flocks against this corrupt group...so it's prob gotten back to her.

    Well there's the problem: your never having been baptized has NOTHING to do with why she's shunning you now, since she's shunning you as an APOSTATE.

    You may not have understood that the rule is that you do NOT have to be baptized to be shunned for speaking out against the Borg: JWs shun apostates just as much as they shun DFed.


  • Stealth

    Copy the video on a stack of CDs and scatter them throughout the kingdom hall parking lot during a meeting. At least you will be getting the message to those who really need to receive it.

  • flipper

    BONEZZ- My friend I'm really sorry to hear that you are experiencing this horrific treatment as well as your mom and son from shunning by your daughter. This is one of those areas where I can say " I know how you feel " - as my two uber JW adult daughters 26 & 25 yrs.old have shunned me for 10 years now. Although my current wife and I attended both of their weddings to JW young men- I was NOT allowed to walk my daughters down the aisle either. So I really know and feel your pain. And I totally understand how it feels to have exhausted all your options trying to remain halfass civil to our daughters - and still they spit on us like dirt without a return phone call, no thanks for cards or monetary gifts sent , nothing. It's like we don't even exist.

    I'm not DFed either just stopped attending completely over 10 years ago and my daughters shun both me and my adult inactive son aged 28 yrs.old as well. I remember you and I enjoyed talking some years ago on the phone to you and I met you at an apostafest early on back in 2008, remember ? I lost your phone number from my old JWN phonebook that I lost so I'll PM you my phone number and perhaps we can chat about the situation , O.K. ? So check your PMs in about 5 minutes or so and either call or PM me back and maybe we can put our heads together and bounce some ideas off each other to assist both of our daughters. Sound good ? I like the idea of putting your mom on there on a youtube to make people aware and perhaps sending it directly to your daughter. I don't know about sending it to her work though, there may be other options. But I'm here for ya buddy, anything I can do to help, I will. Check your PMs. Hang in there

  • flipper

    You now have a PM Bonezz. Hang in there bud

  • clarity

    Oh flipper I wish you were my blood brother ... always

    here to help ... we can count on you! Just love you ...


    As I was reading your last post to Bonezz, I could hear this music

    playing in my ears ........ plse forgive me for what I am about to do ...


    Not to take away from the seriousness of our friend Bonezz but...

    I just have to ..... maybe the devil's making me do it .......




  • crmsicl

    With your TV production experience I imagine you'll do a great job. I look forward to it.

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