I can't take this crap anymore. It's time to get pro-active!

by BONEZZ 60 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ILoveTTATT

    If you have nothing to lose... do it!! However, it probably would be best to use other, less confrontational avenues... you have already developed the "nuke"... so don't blow it up unless you are CERTAIN that it will "shorten the war" and "save some lives"...


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    What you could do is create like an outreach channel for those being shunned to send messages to their loved ones.

    IMO some stipulations should exist for this to work. Anyone who creates a video message should be encourage NOT to be accusatory or vengeful in their video. Just speak from the heart take the higher road and make your point clear.

    This could be like a informational video channel that in a back door way shines light on the shunning problem.


    darth frosty...good idea. Thank you.

    No one can really accuse me of being vengeful in the video as it's just my little ol' 93 year old mom speaking from the heart...wanting to see her granddaughter once more before she dies. Maybe I should tell her to act like an adult Ginger.

    As for distributing it to her co-workers (worldlies), I think they should know how a cult really operates and how a cult manipulates its followers into doing dispicable things while acting so righteous to everyone else.


  • laverite

    Kiddingme - you write that it could be perceived as persecution and could contribute to an assembly part. I agree. But is this necessarily a bad thing? Who knows, there may be some cognitive dissonance as a result. Not likely to change the family situation any, but...

    There may be a greater good: to others and society at large.

  • laverite


    You may be on to something there. Imagine a website where video messages could be put up by the person who runs the site with heartfelt messages to loved one still stuck in the Watchtower Corp. This could be extroardinarily powerful. I agree that it would be best to set out guidelines for the videos (not abusive, language/cursing, etc.). I'm imagining the possibilities.

    There are many possible names for a site like this:





    I don't know if any of those sites are already taken...But these are just some ideas.

  • clarity

    Bonezz ..... aww feel so bad for your Mom.

    I am a granma too and have to say when the grandbabies shun...

    DAMN it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!


    One of our exjw-friends on here wrote some very wise words about that,

    (trying to remember the exact thought) .... something about how devastating

    the SHUNNING doctrine is for us .......... but the point he made, was to say

    how devastating, painful and embarrassing it is ALSO for THOSE WHO SHUN!


    We should feel sorry for them ....being forced to break up the family,

    not being able to associate with Dad or Mom or Children ... because the GB

    say so!!!!!


    Do you remember reading this? about a week ago?

    Anyway it may help to to take a bit of the sting out of the accusation

    and put it right where it came from. Might have a wake-up call there too!


    Best of luck with this .... and if you get-er-done please post it for us so

    we can applaude your guts!



    Thank you Clarity and everyone for the support. Believe me, I've thought a great deal about this. Everything else we can think of has been tried. I truly believe she will drink the kool aid when they tell her. If I don't do this then I will not have tried everything to get her to wake up.


  • LostGeneration

    Are all three of you DF'd?

    Just curious, even if you are DFd family will often use the "necessary business" clause to have some contact. This shunning crap is just insane!

  • villagegirl
    When I divorced her embezzling mother (we owned our own business)
    she and her mother stayed in the cult.
    My son and I left. Since then she has shunned her brother,
    myself and her 93 year-old grandmother.

    This is your daughter we are talking about? Not your ex-wife ?

    And the grown daughter, shuns her paternal grandmother?

    Your mother? Or is it her maternal grandmother, your wife's mother?

    You and your grown son are making this video ? To shame his sister

    in front of her co-workers? Is it possible to send the video just to your

    daughter ? You might remind her of some Biblical principels like ;

    Honor you mother ( that includes grandmothers ) and many other Biblical

    references to caring for relatives, the elderly and loving one another.

    1 Timothy 5:8 and Exodus 20:12 Try not to seem like the bad guys.

    Rather , be the voice of reason, justice, and love.

    Appeal to her heart, and her compassion and goodness ( all witnesses think

    they are good and doing the right thing ) If that doesn't work, then send the

    video to her co-workers as a last resort.

  • jam

    BONEZZ; your story my story, it's been 15 years since I seen

    or spoke with my daughter. I found out recently she never forgave

    me for divorcing her mom. So the cult just reinforce her behavior.

    Her mother and I divorced in 1987, so there is something deeper

    then the cult.

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