3 more branches closed?

by Viva la Vida 67 Replies latest jw friends

  • label licker
    label licker

    Yes, in Georgetown, Canada we cannot forget that we have the printing presses, a zambonee, tennis courts, apple orchard, maplesyrup processing, vollyball sand pits, basketball courts, swimming pool and now are you ready for this? A huge outdoor pizza oven that most of the bethels worldwide are having built. We saw it back about three months ago. It will be able to cook the pizzas under thirty seconds. Wood fed and very fancy. Enclosed in a gazebo on patio stone and marble. Yes, Jesus loved his pizza!!!!!!!

  • rmt1

    Well, there are accounts where the crowds came to Jesus, for they only had dough and tomatoes and cheese, and he performed a great miracle that fed thousands.

  • Borges

    1986 I worked for one year on the construction of the Luxemburg branch. Never been there since then. A month ago I decided to pass by, just to refresh some old memories. It's a shame. The building is empty. Small "For sale" sign at one window. And the front facade (which we constructed in an exhausting three week day and night work with special material and lots of marble, ) even starts to crumble.

    In other words - the building looks like the religion which once owned it.

  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    Yes Outlaw you are so funny. I hope they are going out of business real soon. Hahaha

  • joe134cd

    And the amazing thing about this all is that the R&F have just got totally no idea of what is going on, and if they start to speculate and tell others they will get their arses kicked for it. Unbelievable.

  • steve2

    I 'blame' the internet for revolutionizing the dissemination of the printed word and making redundant huge warehoused printing presses. The best news? All those molly-coddled Bethel parasites will realize what earning a living in the real world is like...and in the process begin to see through the facade of Jehovah's loving organization. "God, do I miss the spa pool and the underfloor heating". Suckers!! Wake up like the rest of us have had to....

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    A respectable and reputable elder told me earlier this year when I asked him about all the sell offs that the reason they've had to is because the donations just aren't coming in from developed countries like they used to. That makes sense considering th GFC and decline of Jw increase in western/ developed countries like USA and Japan.

  • cedars

    Does anyone know what's happened to the Turkish branch?


  • cedars

    I have it on good authority that Turkey is still a branch. They're just no longer keen on broadcasting the address.


  • Viva la Vida
    Viva la Vida

    Hi Cedars,

    I remember that when I was at Bethel I saw a list of all the branches, including some that were not publicly advertise (Turkey, Lebanon, and Malaysia).

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