Gay MS??

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  • Miss.Fit

    Welcome. Look foward to more updates. I just do one day at a time. I think in our own way all of us has lived a double life. It is hard to deny who you really are. Hang in there.


  • neverendingjourney
    Most of the time, the congregation at large rallies around them to offer support and to keep them busy and free from temptation.

    Seriously? Where, may I ask, do you live? Granted, I've been inactive going on 10 years now, but as far back as the early aughts, even rumors of homosexual tendencies were enough to ostracize named servants. At a kingdom hall build an elder prayed that we see the day when all homosexuals are destroyed and nobody batted an eyelash. Never once did I hear of any JW who'd come out as a NPG.

    I suppose it's possible things have progressed quite a bit in the past 10 years, but it's difficult for me to phathom. A gay person, even an NPG, was slightly above an apostate in the view of most of the JWs I knew.

  • ozbrad

    Another gay exJW here and I have a gay friend who went to Bethel

    Check out for more support.

  • yosisoy

    Great! We are not alone. I am from Puerto Rico, I was an elder and bethelite. I feel free and happy when I left that religion.

  • Vidiot

    Didn't someone here once allege that there's a thriving "gay underground" at Bethel that the heirarchy just can't seem to get rid of?

  • Vidiot
    Franklin Massey - "The Society is trying to take a more compassionate approach to the situation."


    No offense, but if you believe that the WTS is taking a "more compassionate approach" to anything, you're being naive.

  • Vidiot
    Heartofaboy - " fact one of them felt the first thing he had to do was stress he WASN'T GAY. Didst he protest too much?"

    Yes, he certainly didst.. doth... whatevest...

    The absolute worst homophobes are the ones firmly planted in the closet and refusing to admit it to themselves.

  • satinka

    The term "compassionate" is just brainwash. The jws believe they are "loving" also...More brainwash.

    Welcome AndySmiles!


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Officially, orientaiton is not the issue - sex outside marriage is. A gay man can be an elder, but if he is intimate with a man then he is a fornicator. A celebate single man can be appointed: gay or straight makes no difference.

    Unofficilaly, ignorance and prejudice run deep in line with the socially conservative outlook JWs maintian. Probably rural or outer suburban congo members will TEND to hold more gay-unfriendly attitudes, and inner-city congos MIGHT be less unfriendly, just because of the general community views the members are exposed to.

    For example, in an inner city congo we had a single (and always busy!) elder who was as close to openly gay as you can be in the JWs: it was hard for him to hide. He was well liked, generally. And a pair of sisters who were flatmates - one a truck driver - were just never asked why they shared a bed sometimes.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    For what is worth.

    I conveniently remain indifferent to the homosexual plight; they live in a christian world where people consider them sinful and disgusting. After having read an account from another JW months ago, I realized that I had to take a position on an issue that goes against my most basic ideals: freedom and equality of rights. The world outside of fundamentalist religions is changing for the better. Be optimistic, many of us want to support you in your effort to be treated with love, compassion and fairness.

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