Gay MS??

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    Great post Volo! Couldn't agree more x

  • laverite

    Welcome. We love you just as you are.

  • snare&racket

    From what I hear, they really need MS and elders, anyone tixking the boxes will be appointed. How many MS or elders are made for their bible knowledge or personality? It is about who you know/are related to and secondly your loyalty to the org i.e. do you do your 10 hours a month.

    That is all there is to it.

    next time you look up at the stars, ask yourself whether the person you believe did that, picked those dumb asses by hand that you know run the cong.

    p.s. Well done for being brave about your sexuality. Embrace it, don't let another human EVER tell you who you are or should be. They only have the right to waste their life nobody elses.

    snare x

  • Jeffro
    maybe someone can explain to me how me a sinner was appointed by holy spirit to be an MS.

    There's a fairly simple explanation. 'holy spirit' has absolutely nothing to do with it. Even JW literature more or less admits that.

    For example, The Watchtower, 15 January 2001, page 14:

    Those meeting the Scriptural requirements at the time of their appointment as overseers or ministerial servants may thus be said to have been appointed by holy spirit

    Basically, their theory is that 'holy spirit wrote the Bible', so 'following JW interpretations of the Bible' equals 'appointment by holy spirit'. The decisions for appointments are made by JW elders, based on their subjective opinions of whether a person seems to meet the 'scriptural requirements'. And that's all. No magic 'appointment' by 'holy spirit'. Just... the person seems to meet the criteria.

  • frogonmytoe

    Hi Andysmiles, Welcome! We had a gay stand in CO once. He LOVED the single MS and pioneers in the hall...(although I fancied none of them) I too am gay, have left (although not DF'd)and I don't regret it at all. Leaving because I fell in love with my partner was the start of my looking for and finding the truth about the truth (TTATT) and although I am still growing and searching for answers, sometimes down a dead-end, I do not regret for one minute being true to myself and my sexual orientation. Prayer doesn't work. The spirit does not appoint anyone. If you need professional help, a good counsellor will do you no end of good. Feel free to PM if you'd like to chat more. frogonmytoe

  • Fernando

    A hearty warm welcome andysmiles!

    You have come to the right place - many great people with wonderful insights and real compassion here, despite their own trials.

    Quite a number here are gay.

    Some are believers and gay.

    You are in good company.

    Although straight, my spiritual journey has allowed me to largely overcome religious prejudice and ignorance.

    I now view myself as genuinely gay friendly - although I realise one has to be gay to fully understand.

    I don't know what your views on God are - but I genuinely believe and feel he does not share the views of religious bigots and hypocrites. To those who are inclined he simply says "come as you are". This is the "good news" according to Paul and others, which the Pharisees do not want told.

    If you are interested in a detailed, well considered, alternative scriptural perspective you may enjoy:

    Or a much simpler version: (Good-o-meter)

    I pray you have a great time on JWN, make some wonderful friends, and allow the WBTS to become a distant and irrelevant memory.

    B.T.W. please don't confide in the spiritually blind religious folk - even family - they have no way of relating - and cannot help in any way - instead they can only make things harder and more complicated than they need to be.



  • Heartofaboy

    Wonderful post encouraging.

    Encouraged over the years to seek help from the elders by the Watchtower society, elders I've approached & confessed my 'secret sin' of being gay to have struggled with knowing how to deal with it.

    The men tried their best but most are not up to the job.

    The following has been my experience.

    Some tried to help by encouraging more bible study, more ministry, & being at the centre of activity in the congregation thinking this will help you supress your sexual desires & yearning for intimate companionship. In other words be celibate or try to form a heterosexual relationship & see how God blesses your efforts.

    Others felt so uncomfortable with my 'confession' that I didn't hear anything from them again on the subject...................I wondered if they had gay issues too, in fact one of them felt the first thing he had to do was stress he WASN'T GAY. (Didst he protest too much?)

    It was also surprising how many elders did not view masturbation as a disgusting unclean habit which is the way the Watchtower society views it. Most saw it as nothing to get hung up about.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    The Watchtower Society is currently pushing the following stance: Being gay is fine. Acting on the sexual desire is not.

    Homophobia is rampant among JWs, especially older generation believers. The Society is trying to take a more compassionate approach to the situation. It's still condescedning and unfair but it is some progress. There are many NPGs (Non-Practicing Gays, a term that I believe came out of Bethel) in the Organization. I have quite a few friends, both current and former JWs, who are gay. They had/have privileges and positions. A couple have publicly come out as being gay JWs trying to cope with that pesky "thorn in the flesh," their sexuality. Most of the time, the congregation at large rallies around them to offer support and to keep them busy and free from temptation.

  • Joliette

    Yeah, there are a lot of JW's who are LGBT in hiding. Jehovahs Witnesses also make fun of gay people, but they hide that too. But there suppose to be so 'different.'

  • Bella15

    Welcome AndySmiles and I wish you only the VERY BEST!

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