Every so often I receive a very uncomplimentary email thru my website from a JW. Want to read it?

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  • Xanthippe
    You talked mostly about corporate structure and politics, competitiveness, injustices and policy. Nothing spiritual.

    It is sad that some people are so naive. You talked about the reality of this organisation and the lack of spirituality you saw around you. Sorry you have to put up with this nonsense Barbara.

  • flipper

    BARBARA- I'm so sorry you still occasionally get E-mails like this. These people are so screwed up there heads are on sideways and up their behinds . Don't take it too seriously. As you well know it's THEM and the WT organization that are totally messed up. Not us. The nerve of the people and the gall to talk as they do to us at times the way they do is just ridiculous. Hang in there my friend. You know we love ya. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    I just will never figure out how JWs think that this approach will win us back. It's so UNchristian.

  • cedars

    Barbara - when you try to make a difference, you'll always be a target.

    Keep up the great work.


  • besty
    BTW, did you see my PM?

    Yes I did - although I wasn't able to reply due to the forum software giving me an error.

    XOXO to F&B from us lot :-)

  • Oubliette

    Besty: Yes I did - although I wasn't able to reply due to the forum software giving me an error.

    I find I usually have to click on the PM 2x. The first time I get an error message, the second time is the charm. But I've never had a problem replying!

    Besty: XOXO to F&B from us lot :-)

    Will do!

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    "I wondered if you ever apologized to Jehovah for smearing his name all over the public media because you 'just couldn't help yourself.'"

    Really, Barbara Anderson has to apologize to Jehovah for smearing his name?....Nah all the pedophiles lurking in now and that have ever been in and hurt some poor kid need to do that.

    Because in reality you were just one of these strong women who didn't know how to stay in your place and faithfully serve Jehovah

    Ah this person is ridiculous, "stay in your place"- like some servant who doesn't have the right to question?

    The balls on some of these JW's is Guiness worthy, I don't understand how a logical person can blame someone for taking a stand and trying to correct a dangerous situation.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you for sharing this idiocy with us Barbara. First, let's not forget Sarah telling Abraham what to do about Hagar, then God telling Abraham to listen to her voice.

    Second: This person is under the false assumption that Jehovah [An invented name] has a spirit-directed organization here on earth and is using THEM!

    Third: To assume that this organization can do better than Christ is ludacris. The bible even warns us about this evil slave that will say the appointed times is near and we come in Christ's name. "Do not go after them!"

    Fourth: Thank you for all the hard work you have done to protect the children. These JWapologists forget what the big picture is all about and want to attack the messenger. 'Oh forget the kids, this Anderson woman shouldn't have this website and should just keep quiet" [Heavy sarcasm] How stupid of them. A personal observation from my Hubby [Brother of the Hawk] When someone has to speak out like this person did, shows me that you, Barbara, and your website, has absolutely STRUCK A NERVE! Keep it up

    NE & BOTH

  • tiki

    if they find you so despicable why are they trying to communicate with you?

    i think silent lambs is a wonderful thing - too many have been mistreated, abused, and damaged because the religion condones it. justice includes giving the silent lambs a platform from which to speak, which in turn can help them in the healing process.

    as for a woman's place - don't get me even started on that one.

  • Finkelstein

    Just a not too surprising E-mail from a totally devout brainwashed and indoctrinated JWS.

    JWs are instructively indoctrinated that the WTS. organization is god's only chosen and true representatives on earth.

    Since this is so, JWs are very ardent to protect and support the organization at all times and circumstances.

    They are truly blind sided by the lies and corruption of this organization and because of it they create their own

    damaging personal folly.

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