Every so often I receive a very uncomplimentary email thru my website from a JW. Want to read it?

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  • Terry

    Dear Website Reader,

    I appreciate your loving concern in sharing that with me. We are all imperfect & struggling to do what is right.

    Jehovah knows even the best of us make mistakes and no one is above correction. Look at Saul--Jehovah's anointed!

    David had to balance between respecting his anointing and avoiding getting sucked in to Saul's crazy-side! Jehovah's Witnesses face problems like that

    don't they--avoiding the crazy side?

    I'm confident the Governing Body really means everything it says. They've told us many times they are not prophets or inspired and that they have made

    mistakes in the past. I believe they tell us that for a reason: so that we don't end up Loyal to Men RATHER than God.

    When we ask these men probing questions it appears hard for them to be like Jesus and not the Pharisees, isn't it?

    I hope it isn't disrespectful to say I've got a broken watch that's been right more often than they've been. Jesus had to shave when you and I joined and

    now he gets to wear a beard. Who whispered THAT wisdom in their ear?

    I know Jesus tried to be loving when the leaders of his own religious body tried to counsel him. They were just trying to be faithful in their own way and had

    a huge responsibility. But, they were fumbling with so many rules, duties, burdens placed on the rank and file! Mathhew 11:30 shows how gentle Jesus'

    contrast was: "My yoke is easy and my burden is light".

    To be a Christian leader is know the job is to UNBURDEN our brothers and sisters and not to work

    them to death publishing books full of "truth" that goes stale so often it ends up being only good for mulch.

    What the brothers and sisters need most is not New Light...it is MORE light because, you see, if something is actually TRUE why would you have to change


    If tomorrow there appeared a talking dog who assured everyone he had the special ability to know all the right things humans should do, not only because

    he was man's best friend, but because he was a miracle dog and Jehovah's favorite among all animals, would you find it mildly unsettling if his first order of

    business was to ask that humans everywhere KILL ALL THE CATS? Because this is really no different than the Governing Body standing on its hind legs

    with a lists of enemies and we better choose to stand on their side of the massacre.

    So, I leave you with these few humble thoughts. I not only know my place now, I've found my place. I've chosen to be on the side of seekers of truth.

    The first wrong is not admiting to wrong itself. The Governing Body need practice. Lots and lots of it.

    I have admitted it, I WAS wrong to stay so long in so uncharitable a place!

    Look for truth and you'll find comfort; look for comfort and you'll find wishful thinking;

    look for wishful thinking and you'll find the men who think they knows the truth.

    So, my answer for the Governing Body and for you is this.

    Until you guys can be trusted every time and always, in all times and conditions, to seek the truth out and find it and let the chips fall where they may—until that time comes, I have the right to listen only to my conscience....and not to you!

    All the best,

    Barbara Anderson

    (Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty, free at last!)

    Believe the man who seeks the truth but doubt with your very soul the man who says he's found it.

  • williamhconley

    The world needs more strong and courageous women like Barbara.

    So someone is humble if they just keep quiet and allow injustice, suffering and even sexual molestation to go unchallenged?

    Didn't Abigail speeak up when David was going to kill Nabal and his men? Did God consider her an evil proud apostate for not going along with anointed King David's decision?

    What about Sara when she spoke up against the abuse and injustice that she and her son Isaac were going through? Did God consider her a wicked woman not knowing her place or did he tell her husband Abraham to listen to her?

    What about Saphira? She supported and went along with her husbands lie and she was killed?!!!?!!

    Evil wins when good men (or women) do nothing.

    Thank you Barbara for what you have done to expose the evil, coldhearted policies of the WT.


  • ShirleyW

    Hey Barb - Why don't you ask Uber Sister Pious how she "just happened" to run across your posts here on the board or anywhere else you post.

    I would be quite interested to hear what Sister Pompous/Pious has to say about that.

  • snare&racket

    Forgive me if people disagree,

    its been a while since any JW interaction, but reading that email brought back memories of a very JW way of thinking, it was a taste of a life I have forgotten, the taste is somewhat bitter, angry and manipulative.

    Manipulation is a huge element in the JW's, that letter is full of spiteful and personal sentences that try to imply so much about your heart and motive. In 2013 women don't need to seek such attention for they are already equal. The irony of the point he is trying to make is beyond laughable only that it is so serious.

    People make careers on television using NLP, manipulating people to their wants and needs. JW's are taught to do that from day one without even realising it. They enter every conversation prepped for battle and due to their lack of knowlege and their vast cultural, emotional and intellectual ignorance they soon have to resort to personal ad hominen attack.

    When JW's do this, whether it be at a door or in the form of an email to lovely Mrs Anderson, they do to converse with themselves. The words and thoughts if scrutinised make evident their inner doubts, fears, and demons about the extreme religion they have chosen to follow. They are not attacking you, they are appeasing themselves., it makes them feel better because of how shaken they are by the constant denial of their heavy, burdensome doubts.

    The ministry serves many roles for a JW, its not just recruitment, they are taught how to argue in such a manner so as to never lose, not in any real way, but in a way good enough to reinforce their beliefs. JWs think it is good enough to HAVE an answer, any answer, just to give an answer, it may not really answer the question,debate,issue at hand, but it is a deflection. If really stuck they will attempt to steer the conversation elsewhere, or if really, really stuck they will suggest calling back, knowing they never will.

    So much energy in conversing as a JW goes into looking for faults of others or their beliefs, looking for excuses to NOT face ones own doubts or issues. Whilst,on the ministry or writing letters, there mind is not in the topic, but in the skill of moving the conversation towards a goal post, usually the placing of a shitty booklet or winning the issue. for them kts not about proving their religious ideaology correct, bit finding any means to prove the other persons ideas false or questionable. ironic that for their literature and beliefs, they haven't even read the majority of it themselves. They simply go door to door promising something ridiculous, never yet seen or proven yet offered as if as real as the day, for example everlasting life.... Paradise.... A happy family life.... Do they realise how crazy this is in 2013?

    well I think they do yes.... And hence why they have to send such letters... It makes them rub out a doubt, they simply need an excuse to do it. Blood saves lives? Ah yes but bloodless surgery is preferred......

    Yes obviously, but blood still saves lives!

    I hope this did not pain you too much Barbara, what you did has saved countless lives and helped many more. I am one of them, your story is the first i read as a JW.

    Lets be straight here, you wanted to help children who had been abused by members of the religion you were in. Youwanted to protect the kids more, the ...ahem...bride of christ, or gods representitives on earth in brooklyn, aka the GB and staffers wanted to protect.... THE BRAND. Under what and any circumstance is it ok to agree or defend that stance? Even parents delude themselves to defend them... Some people are offering up their children as if to flames, just as they did in ancient times, so stubborn they are to not reconsider their desicions on god.... Why would any JW,not support your work and stance? What a disgrace they are.

    This person may be someone of significance, they seem to take it very personally and see to wish to pain you for making them doubt. I wonder if it is an old bethel 'friend' or boss?

    Take care and sorry that you are such a target to these people, love is something they say with ease yet know nothing of...

    snare xx

    The bible says you need two witnesses..... Funny how the JWs only EVER use that rule in child abuse cases.

  • grumblecakes

    this person is kind of answering his/her own questions while simultaneously spewing the drivel theyve been indoctrinated with. they are looking at your website, and watched the nbc special, no very big no-nos.

    i kinda think this person is doubting, but is so terrified by that doubt they are lashing out in fear and desperation. in the twilight hours before a person finally really wakes up they take one step forward in trepidation (like visiting your site) and then two steps back clinging to what is familiar. 'the devil you know...'

    i hope this person finds their way, the truth about the "truth" is what they already suspect.

    i hope they find their way here.

  • truthhurts13

    Send them a NOTICE saying that any further contact will cost them $5,000.00 per transmission. You can have this upheld in any court, and enforced by the sheriff.... If you know what you are doing........

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    "I don't have to use logic and reason in disagreeing with you - all i have to do is remind you of your gender and that's the reason you hafta shuddup!"

    People do lots more now than they did in bible times. If you want to live like the Israelites in the desert, you'll have to make camp and go Number 2 squatting in the dirt. Don't forget to cover it using a stick.

    THE most ridiculous rule and I can't stomach it anymore, is that because a person is a male they can speak, and because a person is a female they must be silent. JW insist that the Creator of the Universe is concerned above all other matters, with making sure female persons are repressed and disrespected. "Remain in your role," and this ignorant mind-controlled robot thinks they are entitled to define your role.

  • laverite

    A wonderful reminder of where we came from. It's so good to be free from the chains of Watchtower Corp.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Barbara/AndersonsInfo, Thanks for sharing how powerful the WTBTS BITE control is over some JWs. You have and are doing a great job of exposing the WTBTS for what it is. I just wish that your child would see TTATT.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    A last ditch attempt to defend the troof before she finally wakes up herself, methinks. I hope so anyway.

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