Being pressured and getting increasingly stressed.

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  • ruderedhead

    You have been given some excellent advice here, NBird. I really can't add much, except to tell you to move VERY SLOWLY, & fly under the radar for as long as possible. You need to finish school, and hopefully get some further education, possibly at the community college level. You need your parents support financially right now, so you may have to play the game for just a little longer. You're young, you will survive.The real world can be difficult without proper preparation. And it may avoid major damage to your relationship with your parents as long as you DO NOT get baptised! I love the suggestion of lostgeneration to point out Jesus age at baptism. Is that point even something one could argue? All the best to you, young one. I wish you a successful fade.

  • Glander

    I like rude red's post. Couldn't give you any better advice.

  • apocalypse

    Stand back and take a good look at watchtower baptism as see it for what it is, then you have no trouble not getting baptised. Read Matt 28:19, 20 and then listen to another baptism talk. There is no mention made of the father son and holy spirit. Jesus made a direct command and yet watchtower wants no part of it. Watchtower baptism is invalid.

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    BAPTISM IS THE SHUN-GUN TRIGGER that all JWs will point at you and fire without any hesitation. They are programmed and propagandized to do so. It does not matter to them about your age or anyone's age at their baptism. They will shun children -- troubled teenagers who need help! -- if those same teenagers took the step of baptism at whatever age.

    If a person tries to rescind their baptism and writes to the society, they are given a huge legal packet basically telling them that they are screwed. That they accepted all the tenets of this religion and consequences. A child (nor even most JW adults) has no knowledge of all the WT legal ramifications and their duplicity if you later try to get out of your baptism.

    In short, DO NOT GET BAPTISED!!!

  • RobertT18

    Don't get baptized! I made that mistake and now I'm living with it, my family is putting even more presure on me to accomplish this pointless goals, they even want me to go Bethel now. The people will start putting presure on you to take more responsabilities.

  • rmt1

    Go drive around town and actively inquire of apartments what their monthly or yearly rates are. Get over your sticker shock, NOW, of what it takes to live on your own. Get rough numbers of what money you'll need. Wring the high school counsellor for every shred of insight and assistance they can give while you have access to that free resource.

    Although they may claim to the contrary, your parents are invested above all in your Physical Future Welfare. That's what gene expression and parental investment in the animal kingdom is all about. Your parents will run interference for you if you obtain employment that reflects well on the family, relieves them of financial concern about at least one of their offspring, and is worth the occasional perk such as being treated to dinner, receiving fine wedding anniversary gifts, or even getting a bit of light, symbolic help during tough times. During all this time you must maintain excellent decorum and stay above the radar of degeneracy yet below the radar of apparent materialism. Plenty of room in there - many people in the world aren't inherently materialistic but must work their asses off to keep up with a social-economic machine that is calibrated to materialism. Ergo, in some areas you cannot rest on your laurels and hope to live in a decent neighborhood. In some cases, you have to work your ass off 'just' to stay one house ahead of ghetto birds. That is NOT materialism. Loving parents can comprehend the benefits of working hard to live decently. Leverage that.

    If you're 17 that's great. Just one year to hold out in your POW camp, and I hope you can make some comedy of it like Hogan's Heros. Do not let the authorities catch you in vice or elder meeting scenarios; do not give grounds to accusations of materialism, politics, false religion. Above all, with respect to life-giving waters, like Stay thirsty, my friends.

  • vikesgirl101

    Welcome! I like the thought of filling your mind with things that help YOU grow. If you're 17, you'll be on your own soon. Having a job will boost tour confidence. Make sure you visualize your goal. It'll keep you focused. College is a fantastic asset at your age. Do you have a school counselor that you can talk to? They'll help keep you on track, so that you can accomplish whatever your little heart desires. DREAM BIG! You're an independent thinker, and that is a GOOD thing. It means that you'll go far in life.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Excellent advice from Sarahsmile on page 2. Dealing with this straight on will help you in the long run to properly face the future.

    You may gain parental support for your goals. If not, at least you will know where Mom stands.

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    Realize that you do things you could be df'd for if you were baptized while living at home, your parents may ask you to move out. Or the elders may pressure them to ask you to move out.

    So prepare for personal independence, financially and otherwise.

    Hi, Blondie

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