What's the weirdest health advice given by a JW?

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    This might be a little obscure and sound somewhat crazy but I can honestly vouch that I was told if I was in a car accident and suffered a massive bleed to say "no blood" and I'd receive much better health care. Who'd actually believe such advice?!!


  • Oubliette

    I knew a few JWs years ago that recommended taking colloidal silver.

    Their skin turned this weird bluish-gray. Not attractive!

    Papa Smurf

    Paul Karason (not one of the JWs I knew) started drinking silver nitate 14 years ago and now is affectionately known as "Papa Smurf"

  • jam

    An elderly sister (anointed), I have never had a headache.

    I massage my big toe each night.

  • coffee_black

    Air baths.... open a window...stand in front of it naked... and jump up and down.


  • SafeAtHome

    When I was a teenager, way back in the 60's, a sister was recommending coffee enemas! Thinking back on her now, she was a very scrawny, skinny lady. Probably anorexic. And of course, someone was always selling vitamins.

  • cofty

    Most of the JWs in Scotland seemed to be in awe of a herbalist called Jan de Vries. They would all trail to his clinic for a bottle of snake oil that promised to cure all that ails you.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My personal tragic advice was that no single woman need see a gynecologist. From when I first menstruated, I would lose consciousness, have chills, sweats, and screech my head off. I was told I could never work or have a husband. Also, I would be sterile. A gf at school told me there were hormones that could help. A classmate and I did three bus transfers to see a doctor by myself. Unfortunately, I was underage. The Roman Catholic doctor was angry. There were no hormones. I conitnued to suffer. My classes were disrupted. The male classmates knew from the mere sight of my intense suffering.

    I refuse to do the Witnesses un less my mom has the police drag me to KH. A few friends and I decided to check out colleges in Boston or do Radcliffe. I was the only driver in a car full of anitwar bumper stickers. Pain in my back started but I did not want to disapppoint the others so I drove and drove. Finally, the pain became unbearable. I pulled over. Screeching, I vomited. It was much worse than usual and my gfs noticed. The state police arrived. With my racoon coat, blue jeans, T-shirts, and bumper stickers, I was a drug user hipppie wretch to them. They refused me medical attention. One of my gf lost her mind. She screeched at them and started to attack them. They called an ambulance. I needed emergency surgery b/c of ruptured ovarian cysts. They removed several bleekers of blood from my abdomen. My car was confiscated for drug use. When the state police found out the truth, they apologized. We did not sue.

    The mds at the county hopsital told my mother in no uncertain terms that there was NO excuse for my conidtion and the emergency. Well, being JW trained, instead of suing the original gyn and the state police, we returned to him. The scenario happened my first week of college orientation. I was so embarassed and in agony. The college doctor told me there was no excuse for any of my suffering. Once I saw the college gyn, I was given hormones that were appropriate. No more pain or scenes.

    My brother was born with cerebral palsy. His case was a milder one. My mother, against JW advice, and I visited every specialist in a tristare area on public transportation. He was treated at a special center. I was allowed to play with the kids. The KH witnesses included a nice but not bright man who was a physical therapy aide. He told my father my brother needed to be yanked forcibly in every direction. My little brother was shoved on a table and I heard tortured screams. I ran into the room to help him. Both my father and th ebrother were torturing my brother and pulling him violently. CP damage is not at the body site where the spasm is. Ihe damage is in the brain alone. I screeched for help for my brother and cried hysterically. As young as I was, I attacked my father and the brother to make them stop. I was too little. I was certain they would break his legs or arms or paralyze him. I spent so much at the CP center that I knew it was torture even tho I was young. Of course, I told my mom. It did not stop. My brother and I wailed. Finally, my mom stopped work.

    The pt aide brother should have lost any job in the field. He should have been sued and maybe gone to jail. This is so typical of JW fools. Knowing nothing, injuring people. The unmitigated arrogance. My brother survived intact. Decades later, my brother and I cry about it.

  • Dagney

    A "prominent" elder's wife got into a carrot juicing kick, and soon the skin of a substantial amount of people started turning orange. It was hilarious.

    She also gave a book to another sister to talk her out of having a hysterectomy. The sister got so mad she made me give the book back to the elder's wife.

    There are plenty more wacky things through the years...

  • NewYork44M

    My ex-wife and here friends were really into herbs. The ex would spend hundreds of dollars each month with Nature Sunshine. She had her friends at the hall and would exchange herb results. The conversation would always lead to talking about their bowel movements. For what every reason these people have an obsession with poop. I remember talking with one of the other elders and telling him that it was unhealthy that his wife and my wife stand in the back of the hall with their friends describing their bowel movements and what herb gives a better poop.

    (Sorry for the graphic language - But it was absolutely crazy)

  • Glander

    How dare you use the P word on a family website!

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