What's the weirdest health advice given by a JW?

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    From Radio Biola to a sister who said you can treat autism and PTSD with scented oils, JWs have had some weird some weird ideas about medicine. What gems have you heard?

  • rebel8

    My area was a hotbed for alternative medicine. Mistrust of science was extreme and bizarre.

    My hemophilia was treated with various herbs and vitamins. This no doubt caused me to nearly bleed to death several times--not only because I was not allowed to have normal medical care (including preventive, not just blood-based medicine!), but because the herbs and vitamins themselves cause bleeding!

    By the time I was a teen I figured out all their kooky crap was dangerous woo. I remember suffering pain due to uncontrolled menstrual bleeds (which could have easily been prevented if I was allowed to take the birth control pill!).

    They gave me some herb...called something like dong quai. I researched it and it was for people with hormonal problems. I didn't have hormonal issues--I was just a hemophiliac. I tried to explain that and they insisted I take it anyway...so I lied and said I took it, and just flushed a few pills each day. I also learned how to cheek the pills and then spit them out later. (For the record, keeping alfalfa tablets in your mouth tastes really gross!)

    Seriously, when a teenager has more sense than adults...something is wrong! lol

    Basically they would just listen to your symptom and then pick a remedy, even if it had nothing to do with the real problem. I mean, this was not just unproven herbology--it was bad herbology!

    We had iridology, reflexology, oh gawd I can't even remember it all. Something to do with muscle testing--you'd lay on a flat table and the person would ask you if you're blocking a memory from childhood, causing you to be anxious now--while seeing if you can hold your leg muscle up against their pressure. If you couldn't, then it was an issue for you. Dumbasses.

    No aluminum cookware.

  • hoser

    about 10 years ago I had a total nervous breakdown mostly from serving as a ministerial servant and the huge workload, stress from dealing with the underhanded elders and the backstabbing from their wives. Also the stress from having to get myself and family to make a good "appearance" in the congregation didn't help the situation.

    I had purchased my house about 6 months before my mental health hit rock bottom.

    The elder that visited me to "encourage" me told me that my house was demonized and I should sell my house and my mental heath issues would be resolved


  • gorgia2

    Get baptised for guaranteed age-limit of 30 years for eternity.


  • FadeToBlack

    I had 'friends' that were pushing some king of juice (noni?) tell my teenaged type-1 diabetic son that he could stop taking insulin once he started drinking their juice. I was ready to strangle them!

  • punkofnice

    I was told to eat lots of lettuce as it contains laudnum. I feel a face palm coming on....

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Self appointed health gurus, followers of Hulda Clark nonsense and in business to make money out of the desperate and unwary, getting terminally ill cancer patients (yes many times) to have ALL their teeth removed because of the amalgum fillings present kind of takes the biscuit really.

  • Glander

    A brother heard that I was having a hemorroid problem. He very seriously recommended I use a clove of garlic as a suppository.

    Next time I saw him I mentioned that I didn't have any garlic but that I had tried a spring onion. He didn't get my dry sense of humor and looked stunned.

  • 88JM

    "Eating apricot kernels cures cancer"

  • princecharmant

    Have the bible close by.

    Frightened? Call loud the name Jehovah three times.

    Read Psalm 23 out loud.

    Go pioneering every month.

    Drink molasses.

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