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  • zound

    "Do nothing. Sit back. Let the internet do the work."

    Wow that attitude annoys me.

    To people who say "Protesting outside a kingdom hall only reinforces Watchtowers agenda" - just stop and think unbiasly before you say that. I used to briefly think the same thing - then I realised that that was simply me justifying my own lack of action so that in my head the actions of those who did more than me where "pointless and not accomplishing anything" therefore making me feel better. Not true - in the slightest.

    I'm starting to see a pattern on here of some people responding to others who are working on a letter, or trying to help a friend with statements like: "Don't bother, you're just wasting your time - they'll just throw it in the bin - they won't listen. Do nothing. Sit back."

  • 2+2=5

    I am all for the protest. Parking is expensive at Boondall though.

    Seriously though, I think doing more of a covert thing there would probably be more effective. Leaving stickers and cards with JWfacts in every corner of the place. Some people are likely to be curious and have a look on the Internet when they get home.

    If they see a guy picketing or whatever, they will avoid even making eye contact.

  • MissMyHarley

    Just saying that most people don't want to hear the TTATT until they seek it out. I believe that most JWs see ALL attempts to "help" them see the real truth as ploys of Satan. Only after they "wake up" will they Look Listen Act. I didn't say be lazy, I said be smart let them find it then help. Can you make a fish get on your hook? Oh and I have no problems with my head or actions "I am who the hell I am"!!!! LoL.

  • 2+2=5
  • rebel8

    "Face the fact that you will not grow old in this system."--Watchtower magazine, 1969

    (not an exact quote)

  • rebel8

    I say just plain quotes from their own literature. That shouldn't be offensive to anyone. Makes them think, I've found.

    Another one would be the quotes from that guy who says going to college is like...what did he say? Like putting a noose around your neck, or something wacky like that.

    Protest if you want. It may accomplish something, just not as much as other strategies, but there's nothing wrong with it at all.

  • RosePetal

    The silent lambs protest shocked and helped hubby and I to finally start researching and finally wake up.

  • clarity

    The thing that used to turn me off were the crazy type protesters.

    You know..........those raggedly dressed, yelling wild guys with a huge

    cross stuck onto a cart etc.


    Somehow, never ran into a cleanly dressed, friendly kind without a cross! LOL


    If I had done ....... and a quick message or card was given to me,

    and I wasn't really being observed by other jw's......

    yes, I might very well have been interested!


    I say GO FOR IT ........just don't put anyone on the spot!

    Good luck


  • abbasgreta

    Print off some stickers, " NO" new light" could EVER be be sourced from Jehovah, with whom "the turning of the shadow does not vary".THINK ABOUT IT". Stick them in the toilets, round the concourse areas, and on the seats. I swear I will do this next year at Nottingham Ice Centre.

  • ABibleStudent

    zound - " Do nothing. Sit back. Let the internet do the work."

    Wow that attitude annoys me.

    To people who say "Protesting outside a kingdom hall only reinforces Watchtowers agenda" - just stop and think unbiasly before you say that.

    Hi zound, Have you read any of Steve Hassan's books to help people overcome BITE control techniques? If you have, then where did Steve Hassan, a trained psychologist, write in his books that peaceful (or get-in-your-face) protesting will help cult members to critically think for themselves or leave a dangerous cult? I agree with you that exJWs and people, who have been adversely affected by the WTBTS, should become actively involved in helping JWs to critically think for themselves, and become more politically active. I do not agree that protesting is the smartest way to help JWs to critically think for themselves.

    The WTBTS has indoctrinated JWs very well to the point of see protesters, raise shields, and feel good about it because you were not tempted by Satan's deminions. The WTBTS wants JWs to feel persecuted, and wants and needs protestors to fulfill WTBTS's prophesies.

    I do wish you the best for your protest and hope that some JWs will start questioning the WTBTS's doctrines. I just cannot think of a slogan for a sign that might short-circuit a JWs' thought stopping other than "Watchtower: Armageddon is coming 1878, 1914, 1925, 1975, Very Soon!" with the dates crossed out.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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