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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I love support public libraries and read a Bible. I don't recall ever seeing any local Witnesses in any library unless they worked there. This may be the problrm in a nutshrll. Witnesses do respect the Bible

    One tactic mentioned is bathroom stsll defacement. Throughout highet ef and even in prestigious law firms s nd investment banks? women would write epic lesbian poetry, report bad behavior by specific men , debate political issues

    Now I see domestic violence flyers galorein ladies rooms. Someyomes the conversations lasted for months and might involve five or six writers. During school, the students wete ki kef out so federal judges from around the country could gather for a program. The stalls would be painted which caused mg ew writings about facism and that federsl judges should b e expised to current thought. The stalls were.more educational than the formsl progrsm

    I would be lste for events bc I lingeted to read the latestinstallments. Stickers are nicer to the venue.I

  • frankiespeakin

    About 11 years ago durring an internet & television expose about child molestion policies of the Watchtower Corporation I went to the Cow Palace district convention in San Francisco and held up a 8' x 2' sign on the street where the entrance was with large letter that said "Jehovah's Stop Sending Child Molestors To Our Doors".

    I did this in the mourning when everyone was comming to the convention, they called the cops but nothing happened.

  • frankiespeakin

    Send a message to the Governing Body with this protest sign:

    "Sending Child Molestors Out In Field Service Reproaches Jehovah's Name"


    "Watchtower Corporation Lost $28,000,000 In Child Molestation Lawsuit, Fremont California"


    "Governing Body Failed In Fudiciary Duty And Lost $28,000,000 In Child Molestation Lawsuit, Fremont California"

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    A "bible student" you seem like a very smart man. But my gig is science, you seem to provide very good info here. Peace be with you.

  • blondie

    I can remember a picture and an article where a large number of jws went to a government building to get permission to build...Brooklyn I remember. Anyone else have any memory of that?

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    most of the public and all of JWs view convention prosters as near idiots and fanatics. It does no good. I remember Goodrich (You may not know of him) and his sandwich board. That was in 1946 or 7. Don't remember which year exactly. Guys in scruffy jeans wearing top hats and tails handing out mimeographed tracts. Yes, I took one. The grammar was bad and the tract nearly unreadable. The bag head people shouting and carrying signs. Petacostals in seattle one year way back when, shouting and trying to pray with anyone. Other than annoying witnesses, this converts no one.

  • zound

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have read Steve Hassans books - it mentions in CCMC that he picketted cult gatherings. I've staged interventions for friends using Steve's methods, of course there's always methods more effective.

    You know the only apostates I ever came across when I was a JW? A bunch of protesters at an assembly. Whilst I didn't immediatly wake up, it planted a seed in my head - why are these normal looking people going to all the trouble of doing this - what's in it for them?

    That's true about the stickers/flyers etc, might be good. But that doesn't put a human face to the message.

    I agree that protesters that push their own religious agenda is in some ways as bad as the JW's. The crazy type of protesters may not be trying to convert anyone, they could be doing it to raise awareness to 'worldies' - you never know.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi zound, If you want to put a human face to your efforts, why not contact Paul Grundy, Barbara Anderson, and other visible exJWs that post on YouTube (i.e., ApostateChick and Gojira_101 ) and ask them if you can put their website’s URL name, their picture, and URL barcode on business card-size cards/stickers/pieces of paper that you distribute at DC’s and Assemblies.

    After you get their approval, then go to DC’s/assemblies, greet JWs, and give them a card like it is your business card. Most people would probably accept your greeting and your cards more favorably than you holding a sign like a protester. Of course, you may get asked to leave, but at least you would be peaceful and respectful. Image how the WTBTS would be viewed if they started asking everyone for cards that you distributed – saving JWs spiritually or heavy handed?

    By the way I read CCMC and I don’t remember Steve Hassan protesting at gatherings like the WTBTS’s DC’s/assemblies and recommend that others do the same. I don’t believe that Steve Hassan would recommend protesting at the WTBTS’s DC’s/assemblies to plant seeds of doubts in JWs. What page did Steve Hassan write that he protested at gatherings in CMCC?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Apostates Protesting?

  • zound

    Page 179. There was something a bit more specific - but I think it's in one of his other books.

    "I have been threatened by cult members more than once, usually by mail or telephone, but also in person, particularly when I am picketing, demonstrating, or otherwise exposing a particulars groups activities."

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