Britain | Jehovah's Witnesses hushed up child sex scandal | July 16, 2013

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  • steve2

    The organization values protection of "reputation" over protection of children.

    That is why elders are directed to contact the organization's legal department before contacting anyone else.

  • Vidiot
    Prime - "...the stand taken by the organization aids and abets law enforcement."

    Not very well, from what I've seen.

    Prime - "A person may disagree with the religious sentiment of the organization, but without it, there will be no confession"

    Excuse me, but more often than not, individuals confess to crimes because forensic and testimonial evidence has demonstrated that they're guilty.

    Religious sentiment rarely - if ever - has anything to do with it.

    Are you one of those types that figure humanity would spiral down into madness and anarchy without organized religion and a tight leash?

  • cantleave

    I don't know what angers me more, the way the elders handled this or Prime's utter stupidity!

  • Prime
    I wonder how long it was before he was expelled and also was he expelled because of that? It doesn't seem to be standard policy to expel over child abuse ... maybe the only did because of publicity? The holy spirit doesn't seem to enjoy a light shining toward it.
    It wouldn't be a surprise if they didn't expel him for that but did for disagreeing with the elders or apostacy - they view either as more serious 'crimes'.

    I can't understand how you reached that conclusion. The truth of the matter, is that it would be redundant to enact a policy that automatically routes any and all confessions to the police. It is true in this case, that without the elders, there would be no confession. It's best for law enforcement to dictate the terms regarding voluntary confessions to "professionals," whether a person is confessing to a religious leader, therapist or social worker.

    This article reveals, that if the elders are ordered to testify in court, they will comply with the law. If you read the police report for Jonathan Kendrick in 2004, the elders turned over a confession to the investing officer without in anyway being compelled.

    Elders may vary in how they relate to this matter, but they do comply with the law. Much more than you can say for others;

    "Brennan says priests can never reveal secrets of the confessional, and he would rather go to jail than violate the trust of those who come to confession."

    Apostates salivate over anything scandalous and will exploit, exaggerate and even tell outright lies about the Witnesses. It would take all of about five seconds to prove that. Now, you are accusing me of being a pedophile because I'm relaying the facts as stated in court cases, this and other articles.

    I'm resilient enough to keep cool in spite of all of that. This is the third time you've broken your own forum rules. If you don't want any "apologists" on this forum, just add it to the forum guidelines instead of playing games. If you're a moderator, there's no need to attack me personally.

  • EdenOne

    The R & F Witnesses are instructed to, when they become aware of some serious transgression from another Witness, they should confront the alleged sinner with whatever evidence thay got (not hearsay), and give the other a reasonably short deadline to take the initiative to confess to the Elders, or else they will report to the Elders themselves.

    If the "privilege of confession" is alleged by the Elders, why don't they take their own advise and act accordingly? They could tell the sinner-criminal that they expect him to turn himself to the authorities within xx days, or else, they will take the initiative to report such person to the judicial authorities. In this way, they would be respecting the "privilege of confession" while still abiding with the law.


  • Crazyguy

    Well its official then, the JW's are exactly like the catholics except the JW's now have 8 Popes instead of 1.

  • Crazyguy

    How big of a deal is this in the UK, is it all over the news or just local news or pretty much none at all????

  • cantleave

    It's best for law enforcement to dictate the terms regarding voluntary confessions to "professionals," whether a person is confessing to a religious leader

    How are elders professionals? They are volunteers with no training or specific education in how to deal with these types of situations.

    I certainly never considered myself a professional in anyway in such matters, I never recieved any training on how to deal with victims of abuse and I am pretty certain elders are not given any training whatsoever in this regard now.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    Disgusting as usual and guess how many JW's heard about this? Not enough...

  • Vidiot
    Crazyguy - "...the JW's now have 8 Popes instead of 1."

    Oh, I'm pretty sure there's one guy currently at the top; authoritarian heirarchies are like that.

    It's just a matter of figuring out which one it is.

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