Britain | Jehovah's Witnesses hushed up child sex scandal | July 16, 2013

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  • franticfran

    Yet another reason to rejoice that we are out of this organisation,they are no better than the catholic church which they condemn from the platform. Now why would any responsible man or women cover up the sexual abuse of a child? What is the matter with any right thinking person in that congregation,they should be ashamed to be associated with it,I would.

  • darthfader

    Can anyone define the differences between the Elders "care" for their R&F members and a Priest and his (her in some cases) parishioner? I am wondering if truely the JW's have no leg to stand on because it's not a "confession" and the "relationship between the "sinner" and the Elders is not the same as for a Priest. In that case there is no "protection"..

  • Mum

    In the early '70's (late '60's), I remember attending a WT study in which the study article was about rights vs. duties. It made the point that we must consider our duties before standing up for our rights. Now, they are standing up for their "right" to endanger children and not report crimes.

    This situation is a good project for AAWA and human rights groups, and for us all really.

  • BluesBrother

    Absolutely disgusting ! The WBTS fully deserves that the case be given maximum publicity. The abuse is bad enough , by one man - but to have a conspiracy of silence perpetrated ,no doubt by the Mill Hill Branch makes them as bad as the Catholic Church in these matters. At least The Pope has issued an apology.. It really shows what happens when formerly good men are so entrenched in Corprorate thinking and damage limitation , that they lose sight of the real purpose of their ministry.

    When I was Cong Secretary here I found in the Permanent File the letter instructing Secretaries to never allow the State authorities to search the K/Hall, or to have access to the confidential records of J C hearings. I was to protect them with all means possible.....".Not on your life would I do that " I exclaimed. If the C I D had reason to investigate somebody in the cong, they would have had my full co operation. That was my duty as a citizen in harmony with Rom.13..

    If a known pervert were seeking to escape the law by lying and those elder knew better and kept quiet, they are complicit in the crime. Never mind the WTS, they must answer to God one day

  • Vidiot

    I've said this before, but I suspect that one of the main reasons the WTS tries so hard to maintain secrecy about this is because the problem has become imbedded, widespread, and impossible to fix (both due to the WTS being an authoritarian high-control group and a marginilized ultraconservative religion)... unlikely as a mass exodus is, I think they still fear it could happen.

    After all, who but a few blinkered loyalists would remain in any congregation if they knew there were pedophiles actively serving as publishers, ministerials, or elders there?

  • cofty

    Spot on Blues Brother.

    Why on earth would an elder not want to cooperate with a police investigation of a child sex crime?

    The elders knew he was guilty because he confessed to them. Then he denies the whole thing which proves he is an ongoing danger.

    My only dilemma would be whether or not I could get away with giving him a good hiding.

  • truthseekeriam

    Brings back up such horriable feelings :'(

  • Vidiot
    cofty - "Why on earth would an elder not want to cooperate with a police investigation of a child sex crime?"

    The police are part of "Satan's World".

  • GoneAwol

    Agreed Cofty, i'll hold him, you bat him! Come to think about it, those elders need a good bat as well. They'll probably get to give talks at the arsembly now because they were faithfull to the org....


  • Tatiana

    I feel sick...will it ever end??? And good points Blondie about confidentiality!!! Does not apply in the organization at all.

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