I get so tired of people complaining about everything President Obama says or does

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  • Paralipomenon

    Too many people just parrot the view of talking heads.

    Obama is a politician and as such plays politics. You don't get to be POTUS with a halo.

    On the same token, he isn't the devil. I give him points for trying right out of the gate, trying to reach across party lines and got bitten. It was a rookie move. He should have crammed through all his promisies while the Dems controlled the house.

    While Bush was in power, the dems tried to block and demonize every decision he made, now out of power, the republicans are doing the same thing. That's politics.

    Granted, Obama has much more charm and public appeal and to date hasn't had an attempt on his life by a pretzel. Bush seemed to accept that he was a puppet and sunk into that role quickly and handed the keys over to Cheney. Obama has pushed back a bit, but has also tried to make good on many promises.

    But he wouldn't be president if he didn't break a bunch of election promises as well.

    News outlets have polarized most people one way or the other. To be a moderate is to be attacked from both sides.

    What the US needs is more vocal moderates speaking up for what actually matters. Praise the president for good choices and call him out on poor ones. Untill then there will remain Left and Right extremes that piss off 50% of the country.

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