Zimmerman Not guilty

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  • Finkelstein

    Zimmerman was carrying a firearm. Legally. Entitled to do so in the State of Florida. If you can prove otherwise do it or stop repeating nonsense.

    In his State and in his county, prove where it says Neighborhood Watch Coordinators must not carry a weapon? Or stop repeating nonsense.

    Watch where Martin was running to? I kind of think getting out of your car to see where he was is considered 'seeing where he was going'. If you can prove he did otherwise then tell us - because not only could the prosecution not do it - the jury couldn't find that bit of evidence of wrong doing either. Prove it or stop repeating it.

    This ridiculous and always repeated nonsense about Martin being just an innocent person who has done nothing wrong is just that - ridiculous.

    The point I was trying to make is that Neighborhood Watchers are not to confront people who are acting suspiciously or even unlawfully

    in their neighborhood.

    The other significant matter/factor to this case is that ZM was sitting in a unmarked vehicle, if he had marked his vehicle with a sign

    stating Neighborhood Watcher on the side or on his dashboard ,TM would have had probably realized what GZ was up to and what

    he was doing.

    The state of mind of the two were obviously quite different, TM thought GM was after him and was a mugger so he ran home out of safety,

    when he did this GZ thought A Ah TM was up to something, I better chase after him.

    At the very first contact between the two GZ should have correctly identified himself as a Neighborhood Watcher, he didn't and the whole

    event spent out of control. The pulling out of GZ gun and firing made in up in his own mind that Tm was guilty so he more or less took

    the law into his own hands.

    Here's a question to evaluate on, what if TM was indeed seen trying to break into someone's home, what should GZ have done to

    keep himself within the law ?

  • bohm


    Actually, there IS evidence he chased TM down. He got out of his car, minutes later was out of breath and cursing and said he had been following TM. TM is running, GZ is out of breath and said he has been following him. That's chasing.

    There is evidence of him following TM, chase down mean something else according to the dictionary:


    There are at least two situations:

    • GZ chased down (the correct use) TM and a fight broke out.
    • TM approached GZ and a fight broke out.

    That GZ sounded out of breath and not following TM as you say indicate he was not moving around very much.

    you keep subtly changing the scenario to fit, and you keep subtly treating speculations as facts.

  • EntirelyPossible

    EP: there has to be an explanation of why you refuse to accept all the evidence that shows GZ is innocent and instead keep inventing make believe scenarios to portray him as guilty with no responsibility apportioned to TM whatsoever.

    I have agreed that GZ is NOT guilty of any crime. I have and will continue to use the fact to show that he was a incredibly irresponsible gun owner that created the situation in which these events could occur. As a gun owner, he did not follow his own obligation to defuse a situation, his actions CREATED the situation.

    Perhaps TM did hide and jump him. GZ still created the situation. Presuming GZ was attacked, he had a legal right to shoot TM. I am NOT debating that. I am making the point that GZ created the situation and due to his actions, poor judgement and foresight, one life is lost and others are ruined.

    Seems like you are biased for some reason, I'd like to know why. The only thing I can guess is that it's because of race.

    I am biased. If you want to know why, you could always ask rather than suggest I am a racist. In any event, since I am limited to 25 posts, I can't respond after this unless you bump up my post count.

    That GZ sounded out of breath and not following TM as you say indicate he was not moving around very much.

    Agreed. It indicates he had been chasing TM as I said but couldn't keep up. Just because someone is chased doesn't mean the chaser can keep up. As to how they met face to face minutes later, we'll never know.

    you keep subtly changing the scenario to fit, and you keep subtly treating speculations as facts.

    I have not changed anything. Please show where I have changed a single thing. If facts show I said something in error, I will gladly correct it.

    **Edited to add NOT at the beginning. Sorry for the typo.

  • Giordano

    I have a question.

    George had three opportunies to identify himself to TM as the neighborhood watch coordinator and failed to do so. Apart from the position that he didn't have to, a very lame position since detering crime is part of what a NW is about ie. letting people know that there are watchful eyes on the community.

    1.He was in his car when TM circled it. GZ could have cracked the window a couple of inches and informed TM that he was NW and on the phone with the police. TM might have gotten in GZ face about it. But heading back to his home would have probably been the choice.

    2.He was accosted by Trayvon on the pathway and asked a question. Trayvon waited on his answer. Which was 'I don't have a problem'. Which was understood to be a lie since he had followed TM. Was GZ being flip or scared out of his mind or furious? Did TM become furious or was he concerned that he had a guy in front of him who migh do him harm. Did he go into a rage when GZ started feeling around his pockets for his missing cell phone thinking George was going for a weapon? Remember he had no idea who GZ was and what his interest in TM was.

    3. While he was being pummeled, GZ screamed for help, he might not have had the presence of mind to scream 'Neighborhood Watch!" which might have gotten him some help or more attention. OK this last one is pretty iffy.

    As far as we knowTrayvon never knew who GZ was and the Neighbors didn't know why two people were in a fight.

  • bohm


    In my optics, when you break someones nose, you are guilty of "creating a situation".

    But you have the right to think thats secondary to your responsible-firearm-owner-rule.

  • Violia

    I am not aware of any laws that say he had to tell TM who he was, ie a neigborhood watch person.. Are we making this up as we go?

  • sammielee24

    To say that I would says alot about how confused and biases you are about certain groups of people.


    No soso - you are the one who has shown just how prejudiced you are and just how confused you are. Facts are pointed out but you go back to allegations and thoughts and maybes.

    I have always tried to just stick with the facts - you keep bringing up a lot of other things to try and justify your own suppositions. I don't.

    My comment was directed at how aghast you are at the legal system - yet you use the example of the woman who was put in prison by the SAME woman who was hand picked for her reputation (note your own article) as YOUR example of how horrible it is.

    I frankly agree with you - the sentence for that woman was ridiculous but I knew about Coreys accomplishments early on when a few of the alternate media got a chance to point them out. She was the bulldog for the Prosecution and the State who thought they could bluff their way through a conviction using the best they had. Who they picked was based on those convictions including the one you mentioned. I'm just taking what you write and trying to figure out what you keep saying.


  • bohm

    EP: You are now saying chased. before you said chased down. the two expressions mean different things.

    As you said you cannot know what happened, which is why i pointed out that previously you said GZ was chaing down TM.

    we dont know that.

  • Simon
    I am not aware of any laws that say he had to tell TM who he was. Are we making this up as we go?

    Yes, some people are. They are inventing laws that they can then claim GZ violated forgetting the fact that they themselves will be guilty whenever they walk the streets.

    Make no mistake, this is serious - if you allow people to pervert the laws into something they are not then innocent people will suffer because of it.

    Don't let a disgruntled mob cloud common sense and facts.

  • Simon

    GZ did not confront TM. It was the other way round - evidence on tape.

    Sorry, TM created the situation.

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