Zimmerman Not guilty

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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    “GM is heard in the call to say that TM was running. TM was avoiding the situation.”

    Guess where Martin was running. That’s right. Around the block and back to confront Zimmerman.

    Guess what else. That’s not “avoiding the situation”.

    But then, why let a fact stand in the way when we can invent whatever we want? Right?

    Marvin Shilmer

  • bohm

    Bohm: Zimmerman violated no laws

    EP: Sadly, no he did not.

    well there you go-

    EP: The situation was 100% of his own making

    So let me get this straight. If I follow someone, and he break my nose, that situation is "100%" my own making in your oppinion? Its no fault of the guy who broke my nose for doing no more than walking on a public street?

    Does it become "100% my own making" if it is later discovered i had a gun?

    Is it because it is dark and raining?

    Or does it only become my own making if something more happend and i end up shooting him?

    There seem to be some retro-causal quantum reasoning going on here.

  • MrFreeze

    The most he could have gotten was manslaughter. The prosecution did a pretty lousy job.

    You can't convict someone with a lack of evidence according to the way the law is interpreted. There was no proof that it wasn't in self defense. That's a problem with the law, not the jurors. Same thing with Casey Anthony, you couldn't prove who was responsible so you couldn't get a guilty verdict. That's the way the justice system is. People need to get their emotions out of the way and actually look at the facts of the case.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    Again, the leap is made to assume GZ was "chasing" TM. He followed to maintain visual contact so as to report to the police where the guy was. That is not chasing. GZ did not attempt apprehension, at least there is no evidence to support that. GZ did not wait to call police until after apprehending or attempting to apprehend. I think you are missing key elements yourself Finklestein. We can only go by the evidence and testimony, logical leaps or filling in gaps or connecting the dots is reasonable doubt and the defendant gets the assumption of innocence not guilt. Thank God!!!!

  • designs

    The prosecutors did a terrible job that I agree on.

    It will be interesting to see if the DOJ takes up the case and what aspects of any civil rights violations they would attack.

  • Finkelstein

    Neighborhood watchers are not suppose to carry firearms when they are on duty watching over the activity in their neighborhood.

    they do not have the legal authority to approach individuals who may be committing unlawful acts.

    But since Zimmerman was training to be a police officer, he packed a gun and tried to play the law enforcer role.

    If he just did what he was supposed do and watch where Tm was running to, which was his father's home and seen him enter

    the home, p aused and comprehend clearly what was going on or correctly called the police and let them handle the situation to

    what he saw, h e would have never got into an altercation with Tm.

    If the police did come to look into the matter, they would have called on Tm father's home to see if everything was alright.

    No one would had gotten shot and killed that night and Zimmerman would never have put himself into legal jeopardy, something

    thats now going to hang onto him for the rest of his life.

    Sad story nevertheless .

  • EntirelyPossible

    How many times would you let a complete stranger—who just broke your nose—bang your head against pavement before you acted to defend your life?

    Ask a relavent question. How many times have I followed someone with a gun and then gotten into an altercation? How would you react to someone getting out of their car to follow you in the dark in the rain? What if you saw that person had a gun?

    'chased him down' ... and you saw this? You should have told the prosecution - they woukd have used that I'm sure. Oh wait no, I remember now - you're not allowed to just make stuff up. Duh.

    Ah, snark, the last refuge of a person that's not making a valid point. Hmm....let's see how do you follow someone that is running? I dunno, by chasing them I suppose.

    No one saw what happened. Maybe he sauntered after him. Either way, GZ got out of his car and went after TM with no reason to do so after being told he didn't need to and after he called TM an asshole and TM got shot.

    GZ created that situation, 100%.

    You believe that just because someone is followed then even if tyhat oerson is walking away you have the right to follow them and attack them and even if you try to kill them, they have forfeit the right to defend themselves ... simply for 'following you'?

    Simon, please stop dishonestly claiming other people are saying utterly stupid things. No one said any of that and it's a cheap shot to pretend that someone did.

    GZ created that situation, 100%.

  • sosoconfused

    MrFreeze .. you said something that I totally agree with - " That's a problem with the law, not the jurors."

    This law is the reason that many people are scared for their lives because situations like what has taken place can be repeated with vile intent and because there is no eye-witness its so easy to get away with this sort of thing.

    In the same state a woman who had a husband who beat her and whom she had a restraining order against was put in jail for 20 years for firing warning shots at him in her own home. She had no criminal record etc... but the Stand your Ground law could not be utilized in her case.

    She is now serving 20 for attempted Murder LOL what a joke the legal system is

  • sammielee24

    mmerman's Attorney last night stated- 'If Zimmerman were black he would never have been charged with this crime' to which Michael Steel, former head of the Republican National Committee responded 'is he high?'


    My good god.

    The lawyer is right.

    If this had been two black guys, this trial wouldn't have happened.

    If this had been spun as a black guy and a mexican or a hispanic - the trial wouldn't have happened.

    The ONLY reason this trial happened as it WAS, is because of politics and power and money. Period. Why on earth do you think the media purposely used white and black from the very beginning...because if you had read that it was black and black or black and brown, you would have flipped the page and shrugged your shoulders. There isn't any money to be made from going on national television to talk about two teenager gangsters fighting it out until one gets shot. Happens all the time and nobody pays attention. No money to be made from those activists if its just a few of their own killing each other - it HAS to be white for goodness sake. That's how you get elected to positions, that's how you go to fundraisers, that's how you get paid and noticed - heavens to betsy - black activists and leaders who understand what is happening in their own community and want to address those issues are ususally ignored, banned, blacklisted - their voices don't get heard because it doesn't pay.

    Just follow the politcs and money and connect the dots. It's not that hard to do. sammieswife

  • sammielee24

    She is now serving 20 for attempted Murder LOL what a joke the legal system is


    But wait a minute!!!!

    You DO know that it was Corey that put that woman away don't you?? The same woman they brought in to put Zimmerman away - because she has a reputation for 'getting her man'.

    How can you bemoan the fact that poor woman got all that time and say the system is a joke - when if Corey had of gotten the conviction and put Zimmerman away for life, you would have been jumping for joy??

    This was politically motivated and still is. That is what makes the legal system a joke - the politics. sammieswife

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