DID YOU KNOW the latest Brooklyn sell-offs will take total Watchtower earnings to $804 MILLION since 2004?

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Only 10 years? Hmm...

    This money is most likely already called for. Running that operation must be a HUGE expense. Think, if they were to stop having assemblies, for instance. They would likely starve. Not only that, but how much do you expect their new cult commune Warwick project is going to cost, even with free labour?

    What would be nice to see is them not being able to build it quick enough, or not having the budget to finish. Will they ask the JWs for money to help build it? We're talking about a huge project here. Personally I see it as a big mistake. I hope they crash and burn.

    They're cashing in on their properties while they can. They have a negative world view, especially in regards to the future. Look at how many branches have been sold or closed in the past 5 years.. They are tightening their belts. Perhaps they fear the next recession will hit them hard? They have a huge increase in overhead coming, and it would be a shame to be stuck with the Brooklyn properties when they want to sell them during the next recession.


    Don't laugh at the Thablet, it could happen. I expect to see DF'ing for " brazen conduct " soon. Brazen conduct will be refusal to buy a Thablet and Rolly-cart for the ministry, and refusal to sigh a loyalty oath/relinquishing of the title of " ordained ministers" for all but the Elders and above. Everyone else will have a " personal ministry " and will report time from a Thablet app. You will also have to use the same Bank as everyone else in your local congregation. This will make it easier for all to honor Jehovah with their valuable things..

  • sir82
    C.O. expenses in the vast amount of places are covered by congregations.

    Health insurance is not. A new car every 3 years is not. Health, auto, dental, vision insurance is not.

    That said, it is highly suspicious that the expenses tripled in 3 years.

    On the other hand, with all the Bethel layoffs, there are a lot more special pioneers now than there were 12 years ago.

  • Jeffro


    The factories must print thousands of different print orders and they are on a tight deadline schedule to complete them and get them shipped out on time, just as a commercial printery would be.

    Yes, it is a lot like a commercial printery, isn't it... Except they don't pay their staff.

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