At the DMV and what do I see?

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Nice picture of a Palm tree.

    Just Lois

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    I ran into two JWs with a similar table awhile back. Instantly my heart rate shot up from the anticipation of approaching them. But I actually had about an hour and a half until my next appointment so I decided I would go up to them. The conversation started off simple, I eventually told them I had a friend that was an ex-JW. I obviously needed some kind of cover as to why I knew so much about the practices and history of their Cult.

    My presence at their table certainly prevented curious people walking by from getting the full sales pitch. I was asking very difficult questions that raised the eyebrows of the few people that stopped while I was there.

    After a slow progression of increasingly difficult questions, it became quite evident that these JWs would have preferred to be anywhere else but right there at that moment. But it's not so easy to pack up a whole table of books and run simply because someone is asking polite, yet very tough questions.

    At one point the middle-aged JW women got up from the table and shook my hand saying, "It was nice to talk to you". Clearly she was trying to indicate to me to go away. Playing dumb, I responded, "It's been nice talking to you as well", and resumed asking questions of the other JW.

    So while some may think these tables are annoying, others see them as a gift.

  • rebel8

    Umm...why are they using government property to conduct religious activities? That is a violation of our legal right to freedom from religion.

    Contact DMV and ask--

    Are they renting the space? [If yes then read these links to find out how to ensure they comply with the law.]

    [If no then report it.]

  • whathehadas

    But it's not so easy to pack up a whole table of books and run simply because someone is asking polite, yet very tough questions. Resistance is Futile

    YoU had me on the floor off of this LMAO. You were the persistent householder who stays on the questions. Unfortunately for them. ...they couldn't just get up and leave. Would be embarrassing and a waste of time of their whole setup. You never know with the JW's now. They might have a co-op plan arranged to abort their plans when they are confronted by faders/apostates. They have some brothers in a van with bionic ears and secret cameras. On the code of confrontations by difficult questions. The sisters whisper a code in their ear piece, flip a switch under the table, and run like their bowels are bubbling from the early morning coffee and bran muffin. The table full of literature incinerates shortly after.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Resistance is Futile - Thats hilarious.

    I have never ran across these setups her in Colorado. I imagine its only a matter of time.

  • JakeM2012

    What about setting up a booth for each one of their booths, with literature and website information bringing attention to the truth of jehovah's witnesses for public awareness to cults.

  • whathehadas

    @JakeM2012 would be a great idea. The JW though, might do what rebel8 is saying and sabotage their booth witnessing just to stop the TTAT. You know they would

  • Tech49

    The July KM has an article that will be studied by the congregations the week of July 22, ...titled NEW INITIATIVES FOR PUBLIC WITNESSING.

    Part of the article says.... " those involved in special metropolitan public witnessing usually wait for someone to come to the table or mobile display. When someone approaches, he is invited to take any literature that interests him. The pioneers (italics mine) gladly answer from the scriptures any questions he may have. If he takes literature, the pioneers do not mention the donation arrangement. But if he inquires about how our work is funded, they may explain that donations can be sent to the address listed in the literature." (italics mine)

    Because we can't trust these lowly pioneers with our money, can't have them skimming for send it direct via credit/debit card!

    You will see more and more of these little "booths" set up. Each congregation has recieved a letter and instructions to start implementing this in EACH territory, whether it is city, rural, or little town out in the middle of nowhere.

    Included in the letter are instructions on how to obtain downloadable items that can be used at the print shop to make bill-boards, table-backs, displays, etc. at your own expense of course.

    Also are instructions on how to put together the rolly-carts and use them... Some of the big cities are already using them, but you will see more and more very soon. Again, EACH TERRITORY will have them in some fashion, so you will likely see many more of them in your travels.

    While there are no specific instructions about WHO gets to man these booths and carts, I am sure that some will use them as an opportunity to show favoritism, allowing only the "finest" of brothers to man them. The article references "pioneers"....

    30-hour pioneering and sitting in a booth! What more can you ask for!!???

    Whoop woop !

  • jam

    Fridays we have Farmers market (fresh fruit, vegetables,food

    and other vendors) on our main street. One block east there is a KH.

    Two months ago they set up a table with publications.

    Before they set up their stand people would use that street to

    walk to the Friday nite event. If you pass that stand on Fridays today,

    all you have is a bunch of JW's socializing in front of the KH.

    People are taking different routes too the event.

    How do I know, I live three blocks from our main street, so

    one evening I set in my car and watched to see how many

    folks stop to pick up this life saving massage.

    For one hour, not one soul, not one sheep, not a single person

    walked down that street.

    You dumb A----S, people are walking blocks out of their way just

    to avoid your life saving massage.

  • designs

    What's needed are the Hare Krishna's, Mormons, Evangelicals and Muslims all lined up table to table next to the JWs- Smorgasboard

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