At the DMV and what do I see?

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  • whathehadas

    The JW's are taking it a little too far. People have to wait in line and be tortured by the sight of this.


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Yes, soon the Manhattan Project is coming to a town near you!!!

  • sosoconfused

    You should go in with a cane and act like you have a limp. Lose your balance and fall on the table and swing your arms and legs like a chicken all over the ragazines and books knocking them all over the place. Make sure they get dirty and the corners all bent up so that no one wants to touch them.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    That looks like the DMV in Culver City, CA. I have seen stands set up before at the DMV

  • Scully

    Isn't the DMV a GOVERNMENT office? Why the hell are they even allowed there? Haven't they heard of the separation of church and state?

  • Simon

    Yes, I would complain about them or say you will be putting up your own signs.

    They flout the rules when it suits them because they think they are above the law. Sometimes people need to be reminded that the rules are there for a purpose and need to be enforced.

    Who knows, maybe a dub works there.

  • losingit

    Wait, are they inside the building? If they're outside it should be fine. Although mighty annoying. I hate the DMV. why do they want to talk to people that are already in a bad mood ? Lol

  • Scully

    Oh and that sign "Free Bible Literature" is misleading.

    Once you start accepting the Freeā„¢ Bible Literature, they'll want your soul in return.

  • Dagney

    They have been doing this for years, like 15 years, in CA. You had to be a pioneer and approved by the BOE in order to get one of these gravy, hour collecting gigs.

  • Simon

    Years ago when I was in San Diego on a business trip I saw JWs "preaching" in an open-air mall.

    By "preaching" I meant they were asleep on deck-chairs in the sun next to a table of literature.

    And here's me having to walk round Partington in the rain ...

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