At the DMV and what do I see?

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Well it's a new method to prop up the numbers. For those tired of knocking on doors, why not hang out and talk to your buddies for a few hours? Suddenly one has pioneer hours without ever knocking on a door

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    These are government offices, how can they be allowed to bring religion into public government offices?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    They set one of these up in the parking lot of the Wal-mart in my town . Just like the Amish baked goods booth and the girl scout cookie girls .Next time I see them I will be asking the Wal-Mart manager if I can set up an Ex-Jw table

  • BackseatDevil

    Someone help me out here. So is this what they are doing instead of intensive door to door witnessing?? They are now following the example of Girl Scout Cookies?

    On (and I agree with what was stated earlier) government property?

  • jam

    Backsea: I guess that's the new thing. It's so funny to

    see a half dozen folks standing around a card table in suits and square

    dancing dresses in front of the KH. A friend ask my wife, what

    are they selling in front of the KH??

  • truthhurts13

    I'd overturn those table like Jesus did with the merchants in the temple, not kidding

  • Simon

    Trip ove one of the tables, then sue them for the pain and suffering.

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