At the DMV and what do I see?

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  • besty

    I guess its like a pop up store or street food vendor.

    Its pretty demeaning to all parties, peddling literature and hawking religion like that. Ugh,,

  • Simon

    It's like some sort of racket ... designed to be a snare

  • Disillusioned Lost Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost Lamb


    I've seen these types of displays in front of Wal-Marts too; usually a family sitting at a table staring into space looking bored as hell, uninterested, uncomfortable, and trying hard not to make eye contact.

    Ya know because what kid doesn't want to spend the better part of a gorgeously sunny Saturday or Sunday sitting in front of a Wal-Mart peddling literature and watching the other normal children all comfortable in their shorts and flip-flops enjoying the summer days?

  • whathehadas

    just now reading the comments LOL. I wasn't there for long, thanks to their new kiosk for quick registration renewals. @Wha Happened? Yes it's the Culver City one. I probably should have complained or at least made a bad comment about them. There WAS a FEW people talking to them. They were setup outside, not too far from the entrance. I wish I had one of those stank bomb pills to throw a few around their table LOL

  • whathehadas

    @Disillusioned Lost Lamb I did remember seeing a young Female JW and she didn't look too happy. It does suck being at that desk on a Wednesday afternoon.

  • sd-7

    They're not even supposed to be using the word "free" on their display, unless they changed that recently or something. Also, I'm surprised they were allowed to do that right on top of government property. Well, whatever. Easier than streetwork, I would imagine, if you get to sit down...


  • steve2

    Makes their "door-to-door ministry" look vaguely more dignified and respectable by contrast. I was in Prague last year and 2 older, ample-sized women stood outside a supermarket, nervously unsmiling and holding up what appeared to be Awake! magazines for all to see while streams of indifferent shoppers strode passed them. They looked mute. I greeted them (in English of course!) and would you believe both of them kept staring into the middle distance as if I wasn't there. My momentary paranoia gripped me: "Surely they do not recognize me from the other side of the earth where I live, New Zealand and that I am disfellowshipped?!" Am I that notorious and widely known and recognizabler?

    No, they didn't recognize me.

    They maintained that middle-distant stare so much that when my partner and I came out of the supermarket 20 minutes later, these two women were virtually unchanged in their facial expressions, the Awakes were still held high (out of reach?) and the crowds were like the women, neither side noticed the other.

    What a marvellous witness. Not.

  • whathehadas

    @sd-7 "free" to go in their prison have a get out of jail free card. I don't know the legal rights for doing that outside a government building but I take it that if that's a go.....all the city and the county places as well also. Imagine going to Jury Duty and seeing that JW setup.....

  • whathehadas

    I feel like calling Randy and asking permission to make up a few hundred shirts and go around the city, stopping at each JW setup and give the shirts out to people that approach the JW's. Would be a excellent counter-witness

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    what the hades, I'll send u a PM

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