Can this logic be refuted?

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  • Crazyguy

    I threw out some of this very same logic and all they could say was Jehovah can fix it, Jehovah can resurrect, give Jehovah more time. Then they politely told me that I could quit at any time if I didn't think this was the truth.

  • Terry

    Think of a piggy bank.

    How much can you put into that little slot at one time?

    Turn it over and shake it? How much could you shake out?

    That is what I visualize about conveying startling information about the organization to a JW. It is a lot of effort and very little goes in and very few

    come out.

  • Honesty

    notsurewheretogo , when it comes to defending the Watchtower Society THERE ARE NO SINCERE ELDERS.

    I have known at least 100 elders and they all will defend the Watchtower Society even if it means sending both of their grandmothers down the river.

    But hey, it's your life and if you really don't believe they will throw you into the trash can faster than Caleb threw Sparlock the Warrior Wizard then procced with your plans.

    Just remember, we told you so.

  • mP


    Ask them if they take direction from the Torah (OT) why dont they continue to take slaves of unbelievers just like Jehovah commanded them too.

  • tec

    Your facts are correct.

    But... even though I think it more likely that they will come back with all the things that have been suggested... they may also say something like this (because this was said to me before):

    Organ transplants were too dangerous at that time, so God did not permit them. Once technology made them safe, God gave new light on the issue.

    So IF you were to go ahead with this, you might want to be prepared for that too. But as the others said, most anything that has you not believing the GB could well get you a JC, DF.



  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    NSW2G: "What would they come back at me with?"

    The CO and a judicial committee.

    I thought all the elders were my friends. Yet the very ones that I'd earlier been quick to help out of problems, were the first ones to see to it that I was removed as an elder at the first flimsy opportunity they could find. I describe those events here.

    Although I used certain doctrinal issues before and after my fade, I found that I had to do it very carefully. I did this thread about it:
    I have some other things to add to that thread, and will try to remember to do that soon.

    And if the time comes for any difficult talks, remember to keep your cool.

    Well, I think I've plugged enough of my old threads, but it saves me from retyping the same tired stories. LOL

  • smiddy

    Logic and reason are two qualities that do not compute with active JW elders. You will be labelled an apostate for going against the current new light.


  • DeWandelaar

    @CrazyGuy: beware of those talks: it is a trap. They told me: "if you know a religion that is better according to the bible then please tell us so that we can also follow that" ...

    example: if I had said: well... I think the Baptists tell the truth since I have visited them then they do not even have to hear ya further... then can disfellowship you at the spot.

    Beware of traps... that is why I say you do not have to answer to them... they might trap you since they have hidden agenda's

  • notsurewheretogo

    @shirley...I do remember that quote now that you post it...indeed thinking thoughts outside the WT's box is considered apostate!

  • undercover

    They couldn't charge with me apostasy if you go by their own definition of apostasy...

    Oh yes they can. They can 'charge' you with anything that three of them agree upon. Facts, evidence, attitude don't mean shit when elders decide to go after someone.

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