My mother continues with these creepy letters

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  • sosoconfused

    I can deal with the letters... I just simply do not plan to read them anymore because it makes me angry that these people have such a hold on someones mind. It is freaking ridiculous.

    My wife is fine she is with me so I am good. I have already received calls from my elders wanting to meet with me. I won't return them because they do not deserve me answering their questions. They will receive no respect from me whatsoever.

    The funny thing is if she left me as her surrogate and she truly didn't want blood... I would respect it. Regardless of how assinine the decision is to avoid blood, if that is her belief I would respect it. After leaving Watchtower I have come to see that doing things out of respect for peoples freedom to choose is far more Christlike then doing something because some old haggard men make the command


    Sorry bro,

    I have come to the realization that I can do nothing to awaken someone to TTATT. I just can't.. They worship the GB. The GB/Org is their golden calf, and there isn't much we can do. All we can really do is help IF they start to question. I know it is extremely frustrating. I have stopped trying to reason with anyone.

    I guess you could wait until the final outcome of the Conti case, and ask how much wrongdoing your Mother is willing to forgive on the part of the GB. It may not help. I have just had to accept that those who serve the GB " want " to serve them. I don't know why?! I hope that something will wake people up. I am starting to wonder if the Bible Students are right. We are in the GT right now. It sure feels like it sometimes.



  • Oubliette

    Keep posting. Lurkers need to see how cultish even parents can be when children want to leave the religion. - John 13:35

    Here are a few shining examples of how JWs act when an adult chooses to simply quit attending meetings:

    SSC's MOM: Neither will I apologize for hanging up on you

    How Christian and loving of her, ... NOT!

    SSC's MOM: It's sad that a silly difference between parents can cause these two little ones not to be able to spend time together.

    Yes. Welcome to WT/JW control and manipulation through institutionalized shunning.

    SSC's MOM: Fault is found because of a clearer understanding, or information is changed.

    Why oh why can't they just admit they are wrong?

    SSC's MOM: You fail to accept the fact that Jehovah's organization is perfect and it's on the move.

    Uh, how can it be "perfect" when it's "changing" information or constantly needing a "clearer understanding"?

    SSC's MOM: Think of the cost, the time, all the resources Jehovah has used so that "millions now living would never die".

    Does she not know that Rutherford said this in almost 100 years ago? He even admitted that he made "as ass" of himself over that statement! - Watchtower, October 1, 1984, p. 24

    BTW, all the people that first heard that statement back in February 1918 are now dead. Every one of them!

    SSC's MOM: Today, I prepared another blood card in case I have to have surgery. You were my second surrogate.

    I think she means "Emergency Contact." Surrogate is completely the wrong word here.

    BTW, when are JWs gonna' get it right? It's called the "Advance Medical Directive," not the "Blood Card"! If anything, they should call it the "No Blood Card."

    Yet more examples of sloppy thinking.

    SSC's MOM: As Peter said to Jesus when asked if he wanted to leave....Where can we go?

    No mom! The verse actually says this: "Simon Peter answered him: 'Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life.'" Note the use of the word "whom," not "where." You may want to look it up.

    SSC's MOM: The beard,....... I know that for reasons due to health you had to let it grow out. Well, when you can, cut it off. Even if you won't admit it, to yourself, that's part of your rebelliousness.

    Ok, that's just stupid. Having a beard is proof a being "rebellious" even though she acknowledges that you grew it for health reasons?!? WTF!

    JWs are simply bat-shit crazy.

    Sorry you're dealing with this.

    Hang in there.

    Obviously your mom loves you. Don't forget, she is a captive of JW cult mind-control.

  • Oubliette

    SSC's MOM: the characters in Dr. Suess are demonic

    Clearly, Smurfs have stolen the woman's brain!

  • wasblind

    After leaving Watchtower I have come to see that doing things out of respect for peoples freedom to choose is far more Christlike then doing something because some old haggard men make the command_____Sosoconfused

    Beautiful on your part !!!!!!! But It's so sad that what she does is because of those tyrants in Brooklyn

  • Gojira_101

    I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You know it really is the mind-control there people are under. I just talked to my friend Stubborn Disbeliever this morning because of a letter she just got from her Grandmother and it's almost exactly the same. Here is the link I'm not trying to promote her topic on here, but if you read the letter she got from her grandmother, it's almost the same read. It's the mind-control. Like I told my friend, as long as they are going to all the meetings, personal studying....etc, they are going to stay under that mind-control and think they are right and you are wrong and going to die at Armageddon. I do honestly believe your mother loves you, but the problem comes in with the cognitive dissidence. We human's like harmoney and balance, your mother has the natural affection for you because you are her son, but that is causing her "inner balance" to be out of whack because she knows she has to be loyal to her God above all else.

    Sometimes you just have to rip the band-aid off and deal with the pain. Do what is right for you and your family.

    It really is simple, just shave the beard and be saved sosoconfused


  • sosoconfused

    Scrully that email is heeeavvvvvyyyy

  • JustMe2

    The book The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships, by Harriet Lerner, might be of help to you. (It's not just for women!) One Amazon reviewer says, "She [Lerner] compassionately and wisely shows how to disengage from the anger and the counter-productive patterns, while staying connected and acting with integrity. However, she also acknowledges the effect that this sort of change can have on other people in the dance, and she provides guidance in maintaining oneself in the face of countermoves." It might very well fit your situation and be of assistance to you as you're endeavoring to cope. It's definitely worth taking a look at. I'm sorry for all you're going through.

  • whathappened

    OH, BOY, I will say it again, your poor deluded momma.

  • sosoconfused

    LOL Yup thats my momma

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