YHWH v YHVH - yes, V not W

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  • *lost*


    I been up all night on it, lol. there is sooooo much info. I'm buzzing


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Lol just as well I'm on my phone and not the pc. That way the awkwardness of using the phone discourages me from all nite research!

    But really, what did YHVH mean to the people of the time? Today we just go, oh it's God's name, like your brother's name might be Frank or Bob, but a Jew seeing in ancient times, what did it conjure up in his mind?

    Also there's been the suggestion that JHVH and Elohim were separate entities within the Israelite pantheon. What do you think?

    Where does Lord Jesus fit into all this?

  • *lost*

    I just got done on some of Jesus info. Have to relearn everything from outside wt knowledge, research, take notes (study lol )

    Cos when Gorjira told me last night, and all the bits started to pice together, at first I was like, omg, is all of it corrupted, what to believe.

    The Jesus part is ok. The name ''Jesus'' ok too.

    Quick point, ( I will add it to the other thread, keep it all together in one place)

    According to the late Dr.David flusser, professor of early Christianity and Judaism of the SECOND TEMPLE PERIOD at the Hebreq University of Jerusalem

    ''Yeshua'' was the third most popular male name during the SECOND TEMPLE PERIOD.

    That is surely appropriate, since Jesus '' came in disguise '' without announcing his greatness.

    ultimately the Messiah was born to DIE as a criminal on the cross, NOT to sit in velveted chairs before the religious world.


  • jhine

    I asked the question on another thread "is it true that Jews sometimes call YHVH the firstborn of creation ?" I asked this because it has bearing on a discussion with JW's that I had about Jesus . I had pointed out that the Bible says that NOTHING was made that was not made by Him so Jesus could not be made or created . One witness pointed out that in the same passage Jesus is called the Firstborn of all creation , so she says if He was born then there was a time when He did not exist (standard JW answer I suppose ) I looked into this and found out that "firstborn " has lots of meaning from the OT such as the one chosen to inherit , not just the first one out of a mothers womb . In the course of this study I came across two references by commentators that Jews also use the titlle firstborn of creation for YHVH. NOw that puts an interesting light on the fact of Jesus being given that title (or so I think , in my humble opinion ) Can anyone , Band On The Run , maybe with your Jewish friends shed any light on this subject ? pretty please .

  • *lost*

    jhine - good point, as I came across something I can't quite nail down myself regarding what you said, which is why i didn't add it, as it gets too confusing. There is sooo much information it gets a bit mind boggling.

    So i'm not going to touch that bit myself yet. I think it's better to build it up gradually from the bottom and deal with the things I can grasp. then get deeper into the 'meatier' things when I have educated myself a bit better on it.

    take a look on the site yourself and you can read up on it.

  • Jeffro

    Perhaps there should be a thread about the 'equally important' issue of whether the Norse god prefers 'Woden' or 'Wotan'.

  • cantleave

    Jeffro, woden is the preferred option. I know, he cometh to me and told me!

  • *lost*

    jeffro - why don't you go and start one ? not against the rules is it ?

    cantleave will help you I'm sure

    guideline 10. posting off topic.

    we are having a discussion about the Hebrew God and the Book the Bible Which is part of the worlds history.

    NOT the Norse god.

    Please don't try to mess it up.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thanks *Lost* quite a bit of research you've done. Keep up the good work.

    I'm checking out the website you listed.


  • *lost*


    The Names of God

    Almighty God graciously chose to reveal his Name.

    (ie. His character and presence by means of his acts and deeds)

    to the world through the Jewish people.

    Through the ancient Hebrew Patriarchs, through the great deliverance God effected by means of His servant Moses,

    through the eloquent oracles and admonitions of the Hebrew prophets,

    and most especially through the maifestation of the Mashiach Yeshua.

    In all these ways God has revealed His Name.

    In fact, the scriptures make it clear that the name of Yeshua is so vital to our correct apprehension of reality that without it is necessary for us to be saved (Acts 4v12

    '' the name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and is safe.


    of the various names of God found in the Tanakh.

    the one which occurs most frequently (6,823 times) is the TETRAGRAMMATON, YHVH

    though the other Names are significant and provide additional light on the NATURE and CHARACTER of God

    1. YHVH 2. Elohim 3. El 4. Eloah 5. Elan 6. Yah 7. Adonai 8. Hakadosh 9. Saviour 10. Redeemer 11. Messiah 12. Spirit of God 13. Other Names 14. Esoteric Names 15. Name in Vain ?

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