Day One After Armgeddon written by a JW awaiting the Big A w/eager expectation - Warning: LOOOONG!!!

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  • BluesBrother

    They call this "GOOD NEWS"????? " gunshots and screams,"

    "Everywhere we looked we saw dead bodies; some people slumped at the steering wheels of their cars"," Bodies laying where they had fallen."

    " A big burly man lay dead across the front of it, a woman lay dead next to it, ".....but they are happy 'cos " Every now and again people came running towards the hall jumping for joy, shouting "We made it! We made it! "

    Man, I was moved to see on TV the skeletons and body castes from the Vesuvius eruption, and that happened 2000 years ago! I still saw them as people...This writer has some serious issues in his head. I would like to see this critically appraised by a proper psychologist, then see what they thought of his state of mind? ...In U S A would they tag him as a potential mass killer?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    You can learn a lot about a people by stories like this. What one reads in between the lines is every bit as fascinating as the lines themselves.

    This story begins right after Armageddon, so the writer apparently didn't feel comfortable describing what Armageddon would be like. Presumably, this would be the beginning of the Millennium, correct? There's also no reference to non-believers. Are we to assmume that regardless how righteous or well meaning others may be, that they will all be found wanting and be condemned? I'd been told by Witnesses that when everyone was "resurrected" -- if they'd taken up Jehovah's cause when given the opportunity -- that they would be spared. What of the Seventh Day Adventists? They're fairly close in beliefs to the JWs. Will they be fried?

    Now, as time progresses and people begin settling down into their new lives, will new cities be built? How long will be human life? Will the people be translated or resurrected? If you're alive at the time, are you immediately resurrected? And when your resurrected dead wife pops into town, will you still be married or are all bets off?

    Finally, once the Millennium is over, what happens then? How do things change? In the resurrection will there be any glory?

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    It would seem that creating fanciful stories about the coming ‘New Order’ is not a recent phenomena. Back in 1920 the following appeared in The Golden Age magazine (Oct 13, page 30). You will note that their expectations were not of a Big A, but rather a restoration of Israel, Joshua style, by slaughtering all their enemies, followed by a resurrection of the Worthies of Old who would gradually take over the reigns of government, while the rest of the world carried on as usual.

    In the Days of Fulfillment-A Phantasy : as Leslie Emerson

    It was a beautiful summer evening. The golden glory of the sunset and the gentle breeze, through the rich green of the trees in the city park, were in pitiful contrast with the scenes of ruin and wreckage which Mr. Porter passed on his way home. Crossing the park he came to a house sadly battered, the entire front being rendered useless. "Just to think," he murmured as he ascended the stairs, "once this was the Whiittaker mansion. Now it stands a mute testimony to the spirit of wanton destructiveness."

    "That you, Uncle Jimmy?" cried a boyish voice from within. "Give the password." In another moment the broken door of the former study of Doctor Jonathan Whittaker was thrown open, and the two friends were again together after a day of thrilling events.

    "O Uncle," said the boy presently, "how I thank God for your safe return!" "And I for yours, Philip", said the older man, reverently. "And," continued the boy, “I have ready the best supper in weeks. Have been foraging! No, I did not steal anything," he said, laughing. "Fishing all morning, then coming home I found cabbage, lettuce and turnips near a deserted farm-house. A neighbor kindly sold me a small loaf of bread."

    "My dear boy, I have eaten nothing since morning. Your supper was a hungry man's meal. I have something that will interest you deeply. I was standing near the ruins of the building that once bore the name of Cooper, Porter & Co., when a former business friend came down Commerce Street and recognizing me said: 'Porter, have you heard the latest news from Palestine?' 'NO.' I replied, 'I probably have not. I know of the dreadful uprising against the Jews and of the reported destruction of their enemies, a wholesale slaughter according to reported accounts: nothing short of a miracle, just when it seemed that the newly established nation was facing utter ruin. Have you anything later?'
    “ 'Indeed I have!' he replied, handing me this newspaper."
    "Please read it, Uncle," said the boy, his face aglow. Mr. Porter read:
    "Jerusalem saved! Palestine rejoicing! Jews by thousands accept Messiah! Former prophets declared awakened from the grave! Jews confronted by a gigantic contract in burying of corpses of their enemies! Appalling slaughter! Pestilence threatens unless bodies are disposed of! Notable leaders claimed to be Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Isaiah, et al, in charge of affairs! Report discredited! Fraud suspected."

    "No, no." said Mr. Porter, as he threw down the paper, his eyes filling with tears. "It is no fraud; it is God's work. It is the resurrection of the Ancient Worthies. Oh, to think, Philip, that you and I should live to see this hour!"

    The man of sixty and the boy of nineteen knelt together, thanking God for the manifestation of His marvellous power in behalf of His ancient people, Israel, especially that at last so many were able to see in Him whom they hitherto doubted - THE LONG-PROMISTED MESSIAH.

    Philip took from an upper shelf a dark red volume entitled "Studies in the Scriptures, Volume Four". "Here it is, Uncle; this was my mother's book." He read as follows:

    "The news of the discomfiture of the hosts of Gog and Magog, and of the wonderful deliverance of Israel from their enemies, will be speedily followed by the news of the appearance of their renowned fathers resurrected, and of the establishment of a government with these at its head and of the general conversion of Israel to their long-rejected Messiah. And no doubt much of this will pass for fraud amongst the Gentiles, and the Ancient Worthies will be classified as imposters." - "Battle of Armageddon," Page 628.

    He also read from pages 626, 627. 640 and 641.

    "Praise the Lord!" said Mr. Porter, "It will not be long, before we may have our dear ones restored from death. Let us still more earnestly walk the ways of righteousness. Oh who would not love and serve our Lord in this dawn of His day of blessing"

    He was silent some moments and then added: "Just to think, Philip, Pastor Russell published the Fourth Volume of Scripture Studies, fore-telling these very events, back in 1897: and now we are living in the DAYS OF PROPHETIC FULFILLMENT."

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Urp, slop, get the mop!

  • blondie
  • iwantoutnow

    I can't believe that I, for decades, was so anxious for the HORRIBLE deaths of BILLIONS, so I could pet lions, move into the home of some rich person nice house, and NOT ever have to worry about going to work.

  • sparky1

    Well here's one Jehovah's Witness that was probably glad that the 'ancient worthies' hadn't arrived by 1920. Judge Rutherford would not have had his built in excuse to build a mansion in California if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came that early. And besides, they no doubt would not have allowed him to waste Jehovah's money in such an extravagant way.

  • Vidiot

    I came to the conclusion long ago that the WTS's "New System" would pretty much be like this, all the time:

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