Day One After Armgeddon written by a JW awaiting the Big A w/eager expectation - Warning: LOOOONG!!!

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Why didnt the writer mention that Brother Daniel drove up to the convention in his 1928 V16 Cadillac?

    Perhaps Prince David was using it that day... to clean the puke off his keyboard

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    There are no words....

  • 2+2=5

    I honestly couldn't read it all the way through. It was a little sad, a tad disturbing and completely crazy. Stuff like this is evidence that the JW belief system is not good for normal mental health.

  • brinjen

    Yeah... missed the last line at the bottom mentioning Geelong.

    The writing is dark all right... no regard for anyone who was killed because it was Jehovah who did so... the same bully who bought back certain loved ones. Makes you wonder... does it ever occur to any of them (it did for me especially as a child) why Jehovah has to carry out his work so violently. After all, if Satan and his demons is the cause of all evil then removing them would really all that would be needed.

    That's the question that used to bother me.

  • Kallam

    I've read this a few times over the years and it appears to be a dumbed down version of Twilight which means it's just about right for the average JW. The only part that consistently amuses me is that I always picture the greased up deaf guy from Family Guy whenever I read this part.

    "Even more remarkable was when I started signing to a deaf brother and rather than use sign language, he said "No need to do that anymore!" I was so startled, as that was the first time I heard his voice"

    "You're never gonna catch me, you're wasting your time,forget about it go do something else...see ya'll next year!"

  • JWB

    I've had a (very) quick scan of the story.

    Do you know what? I can just about picture the WTS's video productions department getting the go ahead to create a drama series to compete with the likes of "Jethro" or the more recent "Revolution"! Why they could even get the JW who wrote this piece to be a consultant. I've just thought of a title for it:

    "Armageddon Stories"

    I for one would love to watch it as I quite like the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

  • DesirousOfChange

    This is sick thinking.

    Such apathy about death and destruction.

    It's the same as nationalistic propaganda which represents the "enemy" un-human and deserving to be killed.


    BTW -- Wonder who/what was keeping those communication systems working for the police cars? Better ration that gasoline!

  • Comatose

    This is so incredibly dumb. I really can't believe it. Isaiah just popping in to a home with his Isaiah book all studied and notes in it. New scrolls and a new bible magically printed. I love the zombie movie description of Armageddon. A brother mowing the lawn not 12 hours in to paradise. Puke.

  • JWB

    Yes Comatose, and what on earth would an Armageddon survivor be doing mowing a lawn so soon afterwards anyway. I would've thought the first job would be to bury all the dead. "Come on everybody, little ones as well, we've got a great work to do before we can build our wonderful new homes. Nobody wants to smell the awful stench of decaying bodies forever do they?"

  • gma-tired2

    As I read I felt a overwheming sadness. Gunshots? I thought Jehovah was going to use the natural elements, earthquakes, bad storms etc. Looting? I would think this would be the last thing on people minds, as I would have thought Jah would have let them know it was Jahs War. The 65 year old brother being reunited with his wife and having a child together, not what I was taught. Oh well they all have their fantasies.

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