Day One After Armgeddon written by a JW awaiting the Big A w/eager expectation - Warning: LOOOONG!!!

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  • LouBelle

    It reads like a fairy tale some child has written. It is heart breaking to know that this will never happen for them but he will keep believing it. It's grusome to think how the celebrate the death of billions.!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    The saddest part is people have put their lives on hold waiting for this fairytale and waste millions of hours trying to recruit more into their fantasy.

  • brinjen

    I remember seeing one similar a few years back. Part of it involved a brother who was on foot to get to the KH to meet with the other survivors. Did he walk? Did he run? No, he skipped all the way. Over brimming with joy because Jehovah had finally destroyed all the wicked ones. Yeah...

    I'm not really sure they really think it through too well. It's almost like they see the people they depict being killed as the baddies in a movie. Intended to come across as real but really, we're all aware once the director yelled "cut" they got up and carried on. Failure to separate reality from fiction and really understand the consequences of what they are writing about if it was to ever happen... or to even stop and think that if a God was to really take things that far that he would destroy so many people, how do they know they would really be so safe themselves?

  • AMO

    Just a thought, jw die in natural events all over the world prob every day. So how come thay are all saved at the big A,

    A MO

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    The sad thing is, writing like this is the only acceptable outlet for many JWs who like to write. Any other writing would be considered a waste of tile since it does not result directly in more hours in the ministry.

  • Unicorns

    When I was a kid, the thought of living together on Paradise scared the shit out of me. This story is pretty much nails why their idea of Paradise sounds like my idea of Hell. An eternity of judgemental, hateful, boring people and let's not forget the meetings, meetings, meetings! Oh, and brothers, sisters, better get to that Kingdom Hall quickbuild/cleanup right away, there's no time to waste. Worst of all, no movies, no TV, and the only music available is Kingdom Melodies? I wonder if the heavy metal CDs in the truck would still work...

  • respectful_observer

    Awe man, I hate that the writer skipped over what happened 1 week after know, just around the time that every single nuclear reactor on the planet finally overheats because the power grid is down and can't keep the fuel rods cool anymore. Nothing like 700 simultaneous nuclear meltdowns worldwide.

    Maybe that First Aid tent at the KH is equipped to treat radiaton burns??

  • bigmac

    problem is--so many dubs really do think like this---and it gives them a somewhat cold attitude to outsiders--just corpses in waiting.

    and--other dubs--if they die now--no big deal--resurrected in a few weeks. why even bother cremating them?

  • sir82

    Others were somewhat disappointed some of their love ones did not make it, but soon were swept up in the euphoria

    of this great day, and were smiling with everyone else.

    This is probably the most telling line in the whole story.

    "My wife of 55 years didn't make it? I feel mildly bummed - but on the bright side, I get to pet a panda."

    "My father who literally went without enough to eat for 20 years so I could have a decent education, didn't make it? Aw nuts. Oh, hey, there's a guy I used to study with - now I feel much better."

    That's JW "love" in a nutshell.

  • moshe

    Electric generators pollute the earth- they are Verbotten by Jehoover!

    No mention of any flush toilets or hot showers at the end of the day, either. I would like to see the 30 days after Armageddon story, when all the paper products, toilet paper, kotex, Q-tips, etc. have run out. All the canned goods and packaged foods are gone-- and the brothers have to start grinding their wheat into flour on a flat rock, milking a cow and washing their clothes down at the creek. I don't think it will feel like paradise then.

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