Public Apology Nathan Natas

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  • BluePill2

    Simon: You teached my a lesson or two here. I am happy that this all happened, because otherwise we didn't have a chance to see all the different personalities "in action".

    I am now much more thankful for being here.

    I also miss Nathan Natas. I didn't knew there was a problem, but I would love to see him posting again. He is one of my favorite posters around here. Please come back!!!!

  • *lost*


    it was all before my time. Time is the great revealer and leveller.

    We are all learning.

    Without this place we would be lost and alone in some fairly S***E places.


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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    all of us, at one time or another, were unduly influenced by a conman. Glad to see you stepped up on this.

    Interesting how a board operates when the owner recognizes he's just as human as anyone else. Well I guess I shouldn't bash cartoon characters. They are just the figment, of a conman's imagination.

    Look forward to NN's return

  • Satanus

    I had experience early on, w a control freak. Looking back, i'm glad i did. I could still be scammed, of course, but not as easily as before.


  • sammielee24
  • recovering

    Does anyone know NT? If so maybe they can email or call him and let him know that he is welcomed back.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • free @ last
    free @ last

    Finally sanity prevails. Thank you Simon for being humble enough to acknowledge past errors. Thank you Slim Boy Fat for returning to the board even though you were wronged. It takes time sometimes for people to recognize the difference between a leader and a self-serving, attention-whore, manipulator.

  • Giordano

    Nathan my fellow Nu Yorker come on back!

    I still don't know what any of that was about..It doesn't matter I am at an age where I wont remember in another hour. Now....... where's the bathroom?

  • wasblind

    Cedars, If you are still readin' the messages on this board

    please take note from someone who has successfully maintained

    one of the most popular boards in the ex-JW community

    This thread shows that to maintain the success of this board

    is not easy and yes, we all make mistakes

    Simon has shown that above all things, that privacy for the members

    on this board is of the utmost importance, and it supercedes his own pride

    Posting Guideline # 9

    Because of that trust , even folks who have been banned find a way to come back

    that in itself speak volumes about the success of this site

    even though your project differed from what Simons has here

    there would have been no harm to listen to someone, who has been

    successful in his endeavors, and was kind enough to let you use his venue

    to promote your own

    This board is a great threat to the WTS. WHY ?

    Not becuase we are an organization, but a community that have come together

    to tell the truth about the " Truth "

    People are free to take what they need from what we have to offer

    and apply the information in there lives as they see fit

    I hope NATHA NATAS comes back , I miss him

    Simon , a class act indeed

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