AAWA has caused divisions and has lost the opportunity to be effective

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    Lost, I said:

    "Lost, you are a sensationalist still struggling with doomsday indoctrination. Ad Hominem and straw man argumentation will not help to further your own agenda which is clear by your posting style. If the spirit of complaint is all you want to bring to the table and repeat attempts to deconstruct AAWA with your personal contempt, this discussion will go absolutely nowhere and will possibly result in lockdown such as the other AAWA threads.

    Bring solutions please. AAWA is going to be around for a long time. Let's help to make it better."

    Later, I apologized for what you took as an attack on you personally even when I feel your preceding attack on me was much more scathing. You apologized as well and I thought we were done. That doesn't mean we have to see eye to eye on the issues.

    Do You know me outside of this forum? I am beginning to feel like you may have a crush on me. ;)

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    Muchas gracias, senora Josie!

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