Satan's Dirty Deed in 1914

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  • Satanus
    Are you actually so lazy that you can’t go ahead and add the “ith”? Guess so!

    A “nondensical” theology? What is that supposed to mean?

    I assume you to be referring to Zoroaster,

    shouldn't "avesta" be capitalized?

    Why are you picking on my typos and abbreviation, when you made a grammer mistake yourself?..

    How does your years measure up to that?

    You may have spent all those years studying the bible, without getting the sense of the flow of history around it, the culture of the societies in which it was written. You may only have looked at other religions in the narrow wt way, without getting the sense of them. That's why i say you should get a broader view.

    But you offer no proof
    The avesta is there for your reading pleasure Click save or open. Here is something to help you on your way to exploring similarities between the avesta and the bible.
    I’ve been scrutinizing the doctrines of the WTS for 37 years now. How does your years measure up to that?
    It's been about the same number of yrs of scrutinizing them, for me.


  • Lefty


    ... you have never answered a single one of my questions! ....
    And, the question is still open and unasnwered.
    My God, man, are you both blind AND hard of hearing? Go back and re-read my last comments to you. This time concentrate!


  • D8TA

    Ha! Satan's Dirty Deed happened decades the guise of
    Charles T. Russel.


  • Lefty


    You slid past the question I asked:

    Why do you ask your readers to go through the painful process of trying to figure out exactly what you’re saying, when it would require much less effort on your part to state clearly what you mean to say?
    You used the word “zeroster”. Am I supposed to automatically know that you meant “Zoroaster”? That’s how much YOU respect both your message that you're trying to convey and your reader? Not much, eh? Why do you have so little respect. Is it really so hard to at least make sure that this Zoroaster is spelled correctly. You hardly even made it into the ballpark with a correct spelling, and yet you are the one that would throw the thing in my face. You’re so lazy and incompetent that you hurt.

    Do you ever look at what you’re about to post before you hit the button? Or ever edit? You do know that you CAN edit, don’t you?

    You say:

    Why are you picking on my typos and abbreviation, when you made a grammer mistake yourself?..
    Well good god man, go back and look at your stuff and try to imagine yourself on the receiving end of it … the person that’s trying to make sense out of what you’re saying in order to reply. Do you, or do you not want to communicate? Like I’ve already accused you of twice now: ‘You serious? My ass!’

    Insofar as MY “grammer”, that is, grammar, I don’t think that you can point out where I’ve said something that isn't understandable, whereby better grammar would have made the difference. Can you? Besides, grammar to some great extent is in the eye of the beholder. Not so though with the spelling of a word like “zeroster”, as you would have it spelled. You are supposed to know so much about it, but you don't even know how to spell the word. And DON'T call that a "typo". You know that wasn't a typo, you just don't really know your business.


  • Yadirf


    : The fact is that you only understand the error partially.

    Really. Then please enlighten us lesser mortals as to what wonderful truths about 1914 we have so sadly missed.

    You’ve already been exposed to it, as of the first post of this thread … you only can’t discern the factualness of it.

    :Even that's understandable, because you're father has revealed that much to you ... so that you can be used as his agent for defaming the WTS.

    I'm a child of Satan! I'm a child of Satan! I'm a child of Satan! Nyaah nyaah nyaah, nyaah nyaaaaah nyaah!
    Big fucking deal.

    Oops. Sorry for offending your tender sensibilities. Satan does that to people, You Know.

    I’m not that easily offended. Go ahead and display your lack of morals, while there’s time.

    You doubt the existence of Satan so naturally you’d refuse to entertain the thought that you or anyone else has given in to his influence. I suppose that you’d probably blame the Pentecostal’s “speaking in tongues” and “laughing syndrome” on high blood pressure or something, eh? Or maybe they’re just big fakes, putting on when the do all that?

    : There's no truth to your claim here. Are you deliberately lying, AlanF? Or are you just mixed up?

    In past posts you've stated outright that you are a disfellowshipped person. Do you deny this?

    You silly thing. You’re playing games! Every post I’ve made here is still in the archives.

    If so, then provide contact information so that I may verify your status with the congregation that holds your precious Publishers Record Card. Alternatively, give me your name and congregation and I will call the Service Department and verify your status. If you refuse to do this, then readers will understand that I have spoken the truth.

    I can give you MY phone number, if you wish.

    : #3) They were "appointed" by reason of their genuinely wishing to do Jehovah's will. It's as simple as that.

    Oh? Do you have a direct line to God so as to verify this appointment? Or is this, rather, yet another product of your fertile imagination watered and seeded by "the faithful and discreet slave"?

    How would a person such as you, one who distrusts the very word of God himself, ever understand the answer to the question that you’ve asked? But no, I don’t have a “direct line to God”. And no, the idea of a person or person’s being chosen by God on the basis of their willingness is not so out of reason.

    : I'm no "fence sitter", as you claim. The "step" I've taken has been a very brave one, and principled too, rather than "cowardly". I've made my feelings known to the Society,

    Prove it.

    You mean show YOU all the documents that I’ve sent to Brooklyn, and all the ones in the oven that are yet to be presented. What makes you, one of the vilest of apostates, so worthy of viewing my work?

    : and have numerous plans to do so yet.

    Ahh! Such as?

    Do you actually suppose that I’d cast such holy things out into your direction?

    : You call that cowardly?

    Of course -- if you keep everything to yourself. What do you have to lose then?

    How have I kept everything to myself?

    : A coward is one that does nothing ... like you, they just "sit".

    Oh please. Of all the people on this board, I'm not one you can say that of. A minor example that proves you wrong is the link where roughly 1000 pages of my research are available.

    That pile of trash is what I’m referring to as doing “nothing”. It’s worthless. It’s a total waste. There’s no life to it all. It’s Godless. It’s meaningless. It’s vindictive. It’s contemptible. It’s blasphemous. It’s smells of someone whose mind is warped. It’s …….

    Now, Yadirf, can you produce a link to anything of substance you've produced? Anything beyond that thoroughly "apostate" website you linked to in your first post?

    That’s about all I’ve got on the web. Not hiding anything though, am I? Guess I’m just not afraid of being disfellowshipped, or I’d take it down now wouldn’t I? Oh that’s right, you said I was already disfellowshipped.

    : I have boldly spoken my mind to the WTS.

    Sure, and based on the content of your website, it's no wonder they blew you off. In their eyes you're at least as bad an "apostate" as I am. Welcome, buddy!

    What “content”? Has someone been putting stuff up on my website? Last time I looked there wasn’t much there, really. Haven’t taken the time to upload the stuff I’d intended to for so long.

    : But I've not gone to the Kingdom Hall in order to spread my thoughts around, like an apostate would.

    Ah! An apostate is one who deliberately spreads truth. Especially when truth contradicts Watchtower teaching.

    Don't you realize, Yadirf, how contradictory your own thoughts are here? On the one hand you define "apostate" as anyone who publicly disagrees with the Society. On the other hand you excuse yourself because you've not publicly made your criticisms known. What you've really said here is exactly what a typical braindead JW would -- that an "apostate" is anyone who contradicts Watchtower teaching -- except that you've exempted yourself from this definition by mental processes I cannot fathom.

    Figure it out, Alan. You’re smart, remember? Naw, I wouldn’t leave you hangin’ so helplessly … you look so pitiful. You’re exaggerating as to how I define “apostate”. You’re one of the best examples of an apostate there is, one that has turned against his religion. Have I turned against the WTS? No I haven’t.

    : You charge "JW leaders" with having lied,

    Far more than that: I have personally proved to the world that JW leaders have lied hundreds of times in their printed literature.

    The “world” who? Are you really so naïve as to believe that the “world” in general is interested in your truckloads of biased trash? Shall we dub you “Alan The Great Lie Detector”? Do you have illusions of grandeur? Since you’ve “proved to the world” what you say you have, then I can’t understand why you’re not anymore famous than what you are. Surely you’re gonna bring the WTS down, aren’t you. You’re quite a dreamer, Alan.

    : yet you've lied yourself right here in this post of yours.

    You have yet to prove that.

    Oh, I get it, I’m supposed to prove that you made up something (namely that I once said here on that I was a disfellowshipped person), and if I can’t then what you made up is indeed the truth. Shoot, who can argue with that sort of reasoning. I think I’ll use that argument the next time I go to the bank. Any other games that you’d like to play, Alan. Heck, this is sorta fun.

    : How about that, the pot callin' the kettle black!

    Mere words without practical substance.

    You surely must be talking about what one sees here >>>

    : Did you, or did you not, lie when you said that I am a disfellowshipped person?

    I did not lie. You yourself have intimated that you're DF'd. Perhaps you meant that you're considered "disassociated", but that's a distinction without a difference. You can easily clear this up by giving appropriate references.

    No, I don’t consider myself disassociated. And I’ve said that before, here on this forum. But I’ve never once “intimated” that I’m a “DF’d” person, as you are so playfully claiming … either that, or you’re outright lying or your diseased mind is playing tricks on you. I’m not shunned. That proof enough for you? Or are you going to say that I’m making up things, as I say you are?

    If you don't like this line of thought, then why don't you just come clean and show clearly and for the record what you're about? And of course, provide verifiable proof for your claims.

    Proof of what “claims”? “Come clean”? I’m not the one who’s dirty.

    What? You object to providing verifiable claims? You want me to put my money where my mouth is? Here you are. My contact info is:

    Alan Feuerbacher
    2637 Moore Lane
    Fort Collins, CO 80526

    And yeah, I'm in the phone book.

    First you ask me if I want you to, then you do it before I’ve had a chance to answer. What gives here, Alan? You on drugs?

    Now, Yadirf, I challenge you to provide similar information about yourself. Readers will see instantly who is a truthful person and who is a coward. Your choice.

    Now, AlanF, I challenge you to go see a shrink, Readers will see instantly that you’re a coward if you refuse.

    : You're so very funny it hurts. You quote scripture and apply it to me, when you don't even believe in Scripture.

    So? One doesn't need to believe in nonsense when quoting nonsense back at someone who believes in it. If they balk, they're mere hypocrites. Is that what you are?

    If “one doesn’t need to believe in nonsense” than why did you put all the stuff on this site >>>

    Am I a hypocrite? No.

    : That's imprimatur, Alan, not "imprimateur". That's so unlike you to misspell words...

    See above.

    Do my mistakes justify yours?

    : My "notion" regarding Daniel 11:35 is particularly something that I know about and understand quite clearly.

    Aha! Just like C. T. Russell knew, etc.

    Prove it!

    : Are you here to tell me that you know how to interpret it?

    Well, in view of clear statements such as "the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god" and "the thing decided upon must be done" and "the ground he will apportion out for a price" and so forth, I can interpret Daniel as well as anyone.

    That wasn’t the challenge. The reference was to the specific scripture that you yourself brought up. Namely, Daniel 11:35. But I understand your choosing to beat around the bush instead.

    : Someone that doesn't even believe in the Bible knows the correct interpretation over a person that does? You're not being reasonable, Alan.

    The correct interpretation of nonsense is: nonsense.

    It’s nonsense not to have a firm belief in the existence of God. It’s also nonsense to think that God would not have a written set of instructions for his creation.

    You can interpret all you want for the future. The fact is that not a single thing that was predicted for the past, based upon interpretations of Daniel or any other Bible book, has come to pass. Not a single thing. The Book of Daniel is chock full of thoroughly ambiguous nonsense, nothing of which has come to pass as any number of interpreters have predicted.

    Yeah, I’m sure statements such as that will add greatly to your credibility when it comes to people putting stock in that trash you have posted here >>>

    Actually people with a mind like you aren’t expected to believe in the Bible, as it’s written for people who know that it’s only reasonable that God would provide a written record for what concerns them.

    : Can you show me where God said to love what is bad?

    Of course not. But that's irrelevant in this thread.

    Why is it irrelevant, particularly when you brought it up? You said that my posts were “full of hatred and vitriol”. I insinuated that insofar as the Bible, which you’re so adamant in holding me to, doesn’t say that I’ve got to be sweet to an apostate like one as a rule finds here on this board.

    "Apostates" -- me included -- tend to stand for truth. That is proved by the simple fact that not a single JW defender can stand against a knowledgeable "apostate" -- and of course, by "apostate" I mean "critic" – without resorting to all manner of lying subterfuge.

    And where have I resorted to “all manner of lying subterfuge”? Specific example please.

    : Yet, I've never said that you apostates positively won't make it into God's Kingdom. So, why is it that you call me a hateful person.

    Because you spout hateful words.

    See above. Plus, you DON’T spout hateful words?

    : Have you ever read the replies to my posts?

    Of course. This is just one example of one of us "vile apostates" doing so.

    The question was, have you ever witnessed the hateful words that were directed my way? You funny boy.

    : I've never heard you label such ones hateful, as you have just done with reference to me.


    So why haven’t I? Prejudice?

    : You're a little lopsided, aren't you Alan?

    :: Why? Because some people who respond to you make mistakes and I don't criticize them? There is so much traffic on this board, and I have enough other important idels, to deal with, that I (and certainly plenty of other critics) can't possibly deal with every post. Therefore it often accomplishes little to say anything.

    See above. Also, what sort of an “idels” is it that you deal with, you say?

    : One of your problems, Yadirf, is that you, like other JWs who have undergone the same training, are supremely confident that you've been given spiritual "weapons" that cannot fail. In this you're like Kamikaze pilots. But they failed and the JW organization will fail, and for nearly identical reasons.

    My words stand.

    So now I’m a JW again, huh? Don’t you remember? … you swore that I claimed to have been disfellowshipped! Those disfellowshipped are no longer considered to be JWs, they are on the OUTSIDE.

    Your “words stand”? What good is that when they’re no good?



    Daniel 11:35 ... a KEY prophecy that must be fulfilled before the "time of the end" gets underway.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    What I have learned myself is that a person does not require any man made organization no appreciate spiritual things. In other words, to be spiritual does not require one to follow any religion. My relationship is between God and myself. I don't need anyone or anything to develop that personal spiritual relationship. Maybe most of us here on this site repeats themselves but we are all very bitter and disillusioned with a religion or bunch of men that put themselves up on a pedestal but lied to us. I cannot speak for events that happened 90 years ago but I am old enough to recall the 1975 fiasco. How the society hyped the whole thing and then didn't even have guts to admit it but blame it on the membership that looked up to the GB for guidance. How many times do we have to be fooled? I am not trying to change your thinking. You have a right to think the way you want and I respect that. I enjoy discussing issues but I don't take it personally and I don't try to change others to my way of thinking. I have my opinion like everyone else has here and would like to be respected for it.


    "I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's."
    Mark Twain

  • Satanus

    You read all kinds of things into my spelling mistakes and abreviation, but choose to say your own bad grammer is ok. What does that say about you, friday? You who makes his own grammer rules, against the rules of proper english. You who didn't know about the avesta. I guess it must make you feel better about your own stature if you can pick out mistakes like these in my posts, eh? I brought this to your attention because you make a big issue out of things like this, i havn't, before this.

    ME - According to you ALL of Jesus' followers go to heaven,

    You - So jesus is supposed to have said.

    Me – No he didn’t.

    *Sigh* I, a non-biblist must explain the basics of standard christianity to you?

    Matthew 5
    10 "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 "Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.
    12 Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    I know you will bring to mind the part that says that the meek inherit the earth, but that doesn't mean that they don't go to heaven after they die, and a new generation of meek carry on on the earth.

    John 14:2 In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?
    3 And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.

    Three chapters later, when jesus prays for all who believe, he applies this to all.

    John 17:20 "I do not pray for these only, but also for those who believe in me through their word,
    21 that they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
    22 The glory which thou hast given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one,
    23 I in them and thou in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that thou hast sent me and hast loved them even as thou hast loved me.
    24 Father, I desire that they also, whom thou hast given me, may be with me where I am, to behold my glory which thou hast given me in thy love for me before the foundation of the world.

    Later, paul says that there is only one hope. Too bad the wt doesn't accept jesus' or paul's words. Oh well.

    Die, go to heaven, and start ruling over who at “that time”?
    Start ruling soon after their death over whoever is living on earth at the time, from then on. Simple, no?
    No “armageddon”? Just scratch the word from the Bible, eh?
    I already pointed to 70 for armageddon. Did you miss it?

    Forgive me SS, if I’m mistaken about you being an atheist
    I'm not athiest, but it's forgiven.

    If you find more errors of language here, and it makes you feel good to find them, well, who am i to tell a person how to turn himself on?


  • DakotaRed

    Friday, Yadirf, Lefty, or whatever;

    My God, man, are you both blind AND hard of hearing? Go back and re-read my last comments to you. This time concentrate!

    Sorry, but your ramblings, ranting and ravings are hardly an answer. Saying that Satan can work within the Congregation when Jehovah's Spirit isn't there is hardly an answer.

    If God's Spirit is actually with the Org, Satans spirit should not be able to get close to them.

    Incidentally, He's my God too!

    But, as usual, those faithful to the dub org have no answers and can only resort to personal attacks. If I were you, I would do some deep soul searching and see just where you are standing.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • AlanF

    Poor Yadirf! Poor, poor Yadirf! I'll just let your rant stand on its own. It's the best way for readers to see what kind of complete nincompoop you are. Of course, you do that with nearly everything you post.


  • terafera2

    I dont mean to jump in the middle of this thread, but I had a few questions...

    Yadirf, you said

    "But on account of the CHOSEN ones those days will be cut short." -- Matthew 24:22.
    and remarked on how the Chosen ones were the Anointed. Am I wrong...(which I could be, I dont claim to be a Bible Scholar), but arent the 'chosen' ones talked about in that scripture supposed to be God's followers (Christians)? I never thought the Tribulation was supposed to be cut short to protect the Anointed.... I was told at the Hall that it would be like 'touching God's eye' when 'his people' were attacked, and to protect his people He would bring about the end.

    You make it seem like this whole thing is God's way of getting 144,000 people up in heaven. Dont you think He cares about the other followers?

    I dont get all the name calling and negative attacks. Yadirf/Lefty, etc.... it seems many people have made good points, but what could be positive and interesting Biblical conversation has been reduced to huge posts of re-quotes and sarcastic disses.

    I know in reading the very first post of this thread I got a knot in my stomach..that same old 'you're gonna die soon' stuff that I've heard my whole life. A bus could run you over.. you never know when you're going to die. How about being a good person in this life and stop trying to hurt others?

    Again, could someone answer me about the Chosen ones stated at Matt. 24:22? Was this scripture posted out of text or am I looking at it wrong? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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