Satan's Dirty Deed in 1914

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    "Better be good or you won't get into the paradise". "Well its only the signs of the time of the end." "This system can't last any longer." "That genreation that saw 1914 will not pass away before the end of the system". Need I say anymore?? Who is the ones that sound like a broken record?


    "I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's."
    Mark Twain

  • jerome


    I just want you to know that i'm observing you from above.

    Your behaviour, ad homenin attacks wow.

    Lets see how you anwser this question.

    If satan was powerful enough to prevent Gods organisation from knowing the truth about 1914 then why do you not believe that he is powerful enough to prevent you from knowing the truth about the Watchtower?

    Also if you have recieved new light ahead of the Watchtower inregaurds to the reasoning behind their chronology then why dont you contact the scoiety and relay to them your findings so that the brothers would nolonger be in darkness and remain open to critisism about their 1914 date?

    BTW if I actually were to believe the kind of reasoning you presented for even a second it would ruin my faith in a logical God.


    The Bible is a two edged sword wield it for evil and it you may get hurt.

  • 2SYN

    We must be in the last days, because Bush is President. It's obvious, really - he's gonna press the big red button real soon now!

    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate of Africa - For Great Justice!

  • Francois

    Like I said Friday, it's too bad your mind is slammed shut.



  • bjc2012


    Yes, in my mind, Satan done a Dirty Deed in 1914 - - and he did it for no other reason than to fool the WTS in order to maintain their wrong course regarding the expectations centering on 1914.
    As "Francois" said to you already,

    Since when does God allow Satan to "trick" or "fool" His true prophets or in this case, true "prophet" Organization?

    It is only the wicked, false prophet that is "fooled" before the people. And it is Jehovah who does the "fooling".

    "And as for the prophet, in case he gets fooled and actually speaks a word, I MYSELF, JEHOVAH, HAVE FOOLED THAT PROPHET; and I will stretch out my hand against him and ANNIHILATE HIM from the midst of my people Israel." (Ezekiel 14:9)

    His punishment is total "annihilation".

    So, if anybody gets "fooled", then they DON'T REPRESENT JEHOVAH.

    Case closed.

    And further, the Divine Punishment is the same for those who follow or "inquire of" the "fooled" prophet too. The very next verse says,

    "And they will have to bear their error. The error of the inquirer will prove to be just the same as the error of the prophet." (Ezekiel 14:10)

    Total "annihilation" for following someone, in whom you admit, was "fooled" as a prophet organization.

    So if you say, the WTS got "fooled", it wasn't by Satan. Can't pin that on him. Almighty God did it!

    And that just means, you are following the wrong prophet. Which will lead most assuredly, to devastating consequences.

    Will it ever dawn on the Society that Satan caught us off guard, and tricked us. Yes, it will, according to Daniel 11:35.
    I trust you can figure this out. Based upon the above, the only way Daniel 11:35 can apply to JWs, is that they fully abandon the "fooled" prophet-organization. Does that not make sense?

    BTW, another example of the WTS getting "fooled" is the GB/UN-NGO Scandal. Jehovah "fooled" or allowed the G.B. and the JW Organization to wallow in their filth of spiritual adultery with the UN for some 10 years before revealing it. Jehovah did this to the JW Organization, showing his disdain for it. In so doing, Jehovah Himself, acting in His infinite wisdom, CREATED the actual circumstance [ten-year UN liason] that absolutely removed any hope or possibility of the GB/WTS' retaining a so-called "christian" standing before Him. God did this to the GB/WTS.

    In this way, the entire JW Organization is "leavenated", completely thru and thru. Which forcibly shows, Jehovah cares NOT for the hypocritical, adulterous JW organization. Or else, as we might have expected, He would have simply stepped in sooner, and saved the organization from this public disgrace. Jehovah would have "saved the spirit", as it were. But He DID NOT do this. And that speaks volumes about how Almighty God & Jesus feel about the JW Organization. (Hebrews 8:9; Luke 12:1; Galatians 5:9; 1 Corinthians 5:5)

    So, Jehovah "fooled" the JW prophet organization and ALLOWED it to become fully "leavenated" before Him. And since we have concrete evidence that He "fooled" it, we can have every confidence and assurance He will as His Holy Word says, "ANNIHILIATE" it too, along with all foolish followers of it. (See Ezekiel 14:9, 10; Revelation 18:4.)

    I say "foolish", because thats what kind of people get "fooled" by God -- "foolish" people that blatantly go against His Written Word, and think that God will reward them for it. (Psalms 50:22; Hebrews 3:18)


  • JT


    you have hit the nail on the head

    it is so good to see NONJW like yourself look at the foolish and double speak language that is required of a JW just to keep from admitting that they don't know what they are talking about

    consider this my friend

    when jw attend conventions they are told over and over again and thru thier publications that Jah is directing the Org under the leadership of Jesus - who has put the annointred in charge here on earth and it's slect few who make up the GB.

    Now this clown comes along and states like you so quickly pointed out that "Satan is in charge of the damn ship now"

    now for any lurkes out there who are jw ask yourself this qwuestions about this guy.

    What would happen to any jw if it became know that they believed that Satan was influencing the direction and teachings of the Org>

    so what does that now tell all of us about this guy



  • Satanus

    Come on friday, say something. I need another laugh.


  • JT

    Little early for you to be a drinkin', isn't it James?


    My post is not the result of drinking it is merely the result of examining the clearly contridictory statement that you made

    as i do so many times Friday, i share your post with NONJW and up to this point you have not ceased to prove my point with them that the avg jw will go to any length to defend the WT corp.

    and continue to prove me correct

    all i can say is Thanks

  • mouthy

    Yardif. Yes I do live up to the name Mouthy- Can I explain something?
    The BODY!!!!is Christ!!!!we are MEMBERS of that Body...You are what part????( no comment) I am the MOUTH.......You tell me what part are you.....???

  • dubla
    Will, will you ever grow tired of sounding like a broken record?

    friday, will you?


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