WHAT Kingdom Hall did Ya'll go to?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Woodward, OK
    White Rock (Dallas)
    Arlington East (TX)
    Chisholm Trail (Plano TX)

    Time to toddle off to bed . . . .

  • TR


    You and the Mr. want to get together?

    email me.


  • plmkrzy
    (Foreget the Name) - Morino Valley Californnia

    Eslewhere if you went there between 1987ish and 2002 then you know some of my family.

    Chevey We would need to just sit down one day with a frap and exchange names until we connect with some. I'm possitive we would. Lackee sounds familure but only because I think I know someone else who knows them.

    I didn't get involved with very many people from there.

    I also worked down the street from the KH off walnut for from 1980 to 1987. I have some relitives that live on walnut and I use to live on 18th street & Riverside dr. & oaks

  • TTBoy

    Strongsville, OH

  • pr_capone

    Aguadilla English, Puerto Rico 87-90

    Fair Oaks, Georgia 90

    Wichita West, Kansas 90-98

    North Spanish, Kansas 98-99

    Wichita West, Kansas 99

    Prarie Park, Kansas 99-01

    And never another again.

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  • JT

    the wiz said they attended the: Accokeek KH in MD, USA

    do you know the "Fragar" Boys pop and the son's ran the hall

    I'm over in Clinton

  • SheilaM

    My hubbie was in Methuen Ma from 1968 or so-1979 then we attended there 1987-1992

    Cabool, Missouri he was there 1979-1987 I was there from 1983-1987

    Then Gladstone Missouri from 1992-1995 we also visited many congregations

  • ashitaka

    A central Jersey cong that ends in the letter M.


  • Elsewhere


    I just noticed your post... I was in Morino Valley for only about six months during the latter half of my 9th grade school year. That would mean that I was there some time between 1987 and 1988.

    Email me and lets see if I can remember them.

  • Nickey

    I went to so many that I forgot...

    Ashton in Silver Spring MD

    Columbia MD - South

    Clarksville in MD - South

    Frederick MD - North

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