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  • flipper

    FREEMINDFADE- Hello from your bro Flipper. Thanks for the text message saying how freaking nuts the " donation song " is. An incredible understatement. LOL. The part that really got to me during that " donation song " was seeing the young lady get her credit card out and hit the " donate " button on her laptop . Made me want to break my computer screen in anger. Have these GB members no shame ? Have they no couth or ethics ? No they do not. They are an immoral bunch of Nazi's stealing rank & file JW's finances.

    I see right through the fake little pretend smile on Stephen Lett's face. It's so plastic - yet it hides the criminal intentions of a criminal organization. Too bad I can't send them a song I wrote in September which I feel describes the situation perfectly.

    Title of my song is : Criminal Organization

    It's a criminal organization, it's a criminal organization

    All they want to do is keep money for themselves

    They go and take your mind and put it on the shelf

    Then before you know it you're in too deep

    But one thing for sure, you know you're gonna weep

    It's a criminal organization, it's a criminal organization

    It's a criminal organization, it's a criminal organization

    It may be a church it may be politics

    The leaders of them both will get you with their tricks

    If you don't control yourself then they'll control you

    But one thing for sure , you know you're gonna lose

    To free yourself from this you have to make a change

    Don't live your life in bliss it's time to rearrange

    Reality is good it's nothing to fear

    But one thing for sure the truth will be clear

    It's a criminal organization, it's a criminal organization

    It's a criminal organization, it's a criminal organization, yeah !

    Anyway- thought I'd contribute a little of my thoughts on this morbid and criminal organization the WT Society

  • done4good

    Their desperation is palpable.


  • leaving_quietly

    Ex 35:4,5 was used to explain how Jehovah commanded the Israelites to take up a contribution. The purpose was to build the tabernacle, tent, etc. That was in THOSE days. Have things changed? Does Jehovah has a tabernacle today? Is his house on earth today?

    Acts 17:24,25: "The God who made the world and all the things in it, being, as he is, Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in handmade temples; 25 nor is he served by human hands as if he needed anything, because he himself gives to all people life and breath and all things."

    1 Cor 3:16: "Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you?"

    So, if God doesn't dwell in handmade temples, then is Jehovah asking for the money for his house?

  • Oubliette

    So there's a shortfall.

    It sounds like the current GB are not doing a very good job of handling Jehovah's "precious things."

  • BluesBrother

    People say there is something wrong with this man.... I dont know but an elder acquaintance told me that he suffers from deafness

    w00 1/1 p. 29 New Members of the Governing Body ***

    • Stephen Lett started pioneering in December 1966, and from 1967 to 1971, he served at Bethel in the United States. In October 1971, he married his wife, Susan, and went into the special pioneer service. From 1979 to 1998, he served as a circuit overseer. Since April 1998, he and Susan have been part of the United States Bethel family. There he has worked in the Service Department and was a helper to the Teaching Committee.

  • baltar447

    we WARMLY welcome you! Jeebus, what a f*cking clown!

  • leaving_quietly

    So, we've gone from 14,000 Kingdom Hall projects worldwide to 14,000 places of worship worldwide.

    Instead of leasing a small facility for each Regional Translation Office (RTO), they're planning on building 170, at the cost of $1,000,000 to several million dollars each. Call me stupid, but wouldn't leasing some office space at, say, $3000 per month, be better appropriation of funds?!?!?!?

    2 Cor 8:10-15 was cited to justify the new arrangement of "canceling" mortgages. Again, an out of context verse. Paul was talking about helping people who were poor, not congregations to pay back their building loans.

    At about the 26 minute mark, he says, "Our individual voluntary donations have combined to take care of the costs associated with producing our literature." This is very interesting. Only the literature is covered by the donations, because he next says: ""And we're confident that the same will prove true regarding the decision to cancel all Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall loans."

    He said the sale of the NY properties will only cover the cost of the construction of Warwick HQ and other facilities to assist in the move from Brooklyn. So, Warwick HQ and those other properties is costing at least $375 million (or more). Just making that clear.

    Wow... he cited Proverbs 3:27 to basically ask for money. But he left out the most important part. He said, "Do not withhold good, and it adds, if it within your power to help". The full verse says: "Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it* if it is within your power to help." (Footnote: Or "to whom it is owing.")

  • leaving_quietly
    BTW, Simon, if you're reading this, re-editing posts keeps cutting off what I'm entering....

    This video seems to me to be about damage control, big time. I have no issue with a donation arrangement. I DO have issue with lying about not asking for money, funds being used inappropriately, and ZERO of those funds being used to actually help poor PEOPLE. It's all about expanding the organization's PHYSICAL presence, not about the people.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It may be too late now, but if I were them, I'd keep the Governing Body off JW. TV and out of the public eye. Let them remain a magical mystery to the rank and file. Presidents, Kings and Queens know that it is not good for their public image if they are seen too often to in too much detail by the common people.

    I noticed they (subtly) showed a Sister going online from her Ipad to make a credit card donation to the Society. As relative newbies to the Internet, I'm wondering what kinds of security checks and balances they have going on their side of things. I had all my money stolen from me when I was a Bethelite. Wouldn't it be something if someone from the inside who needed funds to get out, hacked into the credit card account or a contributor(s)?

    A few things I want to know.

    • If there are nearly 8 million JW's and each of those 8 million, contributed say...1 dollar per month (most give more), where are those 8 million dollars per month / 96Million per year, going ? Are they really bad at managing money or is it going somewhere we don't know about?
    • Why do they need a 1 million dollar plus regional translation office? These days, most of this work can be done remotely or on a laptop in a home office.
    • All people need is a Bible translated into their language. Why is it necessary to keep printing all this new literature every month? Surely every necessary biblical topic has been covered at least a dozen times in the last decade. Why not reprint those articles or edit them when doctrines change?
    • Why isn't Gods word enough to reach people now the way it was in the Apostles day? If they didn't create all this printing work for themselves, it wouldn't take so many millions per month to spread the word and would eliminate the need for the thousands of Bethelites who's time is tied up cleaning rooms, growing food, doing laundry and printing endless magazines.
  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Well, they do have to pay lawsuit settlements, and the ones still pending plus any other future ones.

    Nope! Me no give one more extra red cent! Only what is fair for the local expenses. Let the COs give half of all 'green handshakes' they receive weekly from the 'men worshippers' in the congs; that should suffice.

    God needs money!!!


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