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  • freemindfade

    When they do the live telethon where you can call in and pledge they'll pray

    pretty soon its gonna be "do you enjoy the programming and music on jw broadcasting?... do you want to keep it on?'... call in and pledge today to keep your favorite GB members on TV

  • GrreatTeacher

    At this point, it's pretty obvious to me that the GB are not in charge. They are just frontmen.

    There's a shadowy cabal that's really in charge and these guys are just trotted out to do the dirty work. They are made to look like asses and it seems they are really good at fulfilling that role.

  • FayeDunaway
    It's always been so interesting to me that they are so picky about recording prayers, oh they are soooo sacred!.....when their prayers are obviously not talking to God, but talking to people....reviewing points they want people to remember from their talks, or showing off how well they were listening to the meeting, as if God needs to be reminded what was talked about.
  • Gayle

    Lett referred to his GB partners and/or others being too ""shy"" to talk to the members about this "money" problem. (A big laugh for this morning!)

    That is so ironic, when the GB constantly preach for everyone to be 'bold,' to everyone. To the governments, for the small children to be bold at school to defend themselves, to the medical world to defend them about the crazy blood doctrine.

    I would say they are ashamed or embarrassed, but the GB and their helpers are too arrogant for those emotions. Where did I read the WT admission, on this site I think, that there was differences of opinion one evening on for hours, about their decision about their new 'Last Days Construction' project mission?

    Well, 'money' issues can cause major 'dissention' in all realms: marriages, businesses, governments, and religion. Money is the primary May issue and seems will dominate in the future.

  • bemused

    If I were able to ask Mr Lett questions then at the very least I would want to know:

    1. How big is the shortfall and why has it come about now?
    2. Is this a one-off because of major expenses at Warwick or will the situation persist without increased contributions - in other words are you asking me to increase my level of donations permanently or is this a one-off special request?
    3. What percentage increase in donations are you looking for?
    4. Are you including investment income or just comparing donations with expenses?

    However, regardless of the above, unless the GB is indulging in a staggeringly barefaced lie then it seems reasonable to conclude that the WT is under some degree of financial strain, even if its magnitude and duration are unknown.

    Lett said that the proceeds of a sale of a significant Brooklyn property only covers a few weeks expenditure. If we say that 'significant' is $100m and a 'few' is 5 weeks, then that implies about $1bn of expenditure a year. I have no idea what typical contributions are (I see a separate thread has started on that) but with 8 million members then every man, woman and child would need to contribute $125 per annum on average to match that expenditure. Therefore a family of two adults and two children would need to contribute $500 per annum on average, just over $40 per month. Of course it would have to be higher than that in the richer countries as that may be an unrealistic level for those in poorer countries. If people are already giving at this level I can't imagine they'll be too keen to increase it.

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe the GB members are starting to realize that they have been involved in a commercialized fraud of a religious publishing house and the general public might be awakening to this fact as well so they better gather up funds to float on for awhile.

    If the Canadian branch and the UK branch have upwards of 50 to 60 million, how much does the main HQ in New York have on hand, particularly after gaining close to a billion off its property sales in Brooklyn New York ?

  • avaddohn94

    Interestingly, he decided (or was told) not to wear his famous "pinky ring" for this broadcasting.

    He is definitely "not shy" when it comes to money.

    I think we'll soon start hearing stories about how "even poor brother Lett had to sell his pinky ring because of our bad finances"...

    How pathetic!

    Wonder if Samuel Herd will get rid of his flashy Rolex-lnvicta watch next time he's in charge of the broadcasting!

  • moomanchu

    Through most of the Watchtower's history the GB has been a mysterious group of men.

    R&F JW's have glorious ideas about them; intelligent, scholarly, wise, spirit directed, respected ect.

    Most R&F JW's have never met or heard them speak.

    Watchtower would have been smart to keep it that way.

  • Finkelstein

    Moomanchu good point

    Nothing stirs up people's inquisitiveness like a guy asking for money

  • freddo

    Just watched the money part of the broadcast. Unbelievable.

    What does the broadcast tell me?

    They need money. But why?

    They've closed dozens of branches and presumably are selling them. The Anglo-American HQ's can be financed by selling the old HQ's. They are streamlining halls in the UK, not needing extras.((eg sell three, make them meet in one and build that one with the lolly (and free labour) from the previous three and send the loot back to HQ.))

    With the rise of the net they need less literature and less meeting places.

    So why do they need the dough? Is it an anticipated onslaught in the wake of Candace Conti? Oh I do hope so.

    Ananias and Sapphire got struck down over "false accounting" - Judas topped himself due to guilt over the desire for money. It's a shame I don't believe in an active God anymore or I would have had a glimmer of hope he was putting hooks in their jaws.

    Trouble is enough folk will be hedging their bets by backing a possible eternal future with their dosh. Sad.

    Silver lining? The GB broadcasting will do better at making JW's wake up than any apostates. Bit like plots by the Allies to kill Hitler - by 1943 they realised he was making a better job of losing the war than any replacement regime would and so they let him alone.

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