Whacky comments! What the craziest comment you've ever heard?

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  • toweragent

    Last week a sister in my new hall made the following comment,

    "A brother once told me that it is better to be wrong WITH the organization, than to be right and be on your own WITHOUT the organization."

    I don't think I hid my facial expression well enough because my wife imeddiately elbowed me! I was curious what kind of reaction it would get, so I just kinda looked around at the audience to see if anybody noticed the rediculousness of her statement. But unfortunately, everyone was just nodding along like it didn't even phase them...wow. And then the conductor said, "How true that is!" And we moved on...


    Whats the wierdest, whackiest, or funniest comment you've ever heard? Or did you make one yourself?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    That one is pretty wacky, but the JW religion in itself is pretty wacky. Probably most comments like that will only be remembered by those who were already in the process of waking up.

    Every cult has it's niche. The JW cult niche is their Organization, and their many strict rules involved in obedience & worship to The Organization.

  • MsGrowingGirl20

    The Jw's are not as bad as the other religions so its right. That's basically what i was told byan elder.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I just saw this one on another thread and am still scratching my head over this one:

    This week the CO said that when u don't get up for service there's an angel standing by your bed who goes back to Jesus and says "I wanted to go out in service but he wouldn't get up". This was part of his talk where he said the angels want to serve God and go out in service but the only way they can is by following us around while we do it. They NEED the publishers to take them out in service.

    How's that for more guilt and pressure?

  • nolongerconfused

    I'm literally LMAO on the floor!

    I remember when they would bring up Facebook, or Myspace and even Call of Duty in their comments...SMH

  • sir82

    So an angel can kill 185,000 people in one niight but can't go "out in service" unless a JW does?

    It will be hard to top that one......


    Newly Enlightened On your very thought - I remember an overweight elder leaning heavily on the rostrum and declaring, "If you brothers think you can get through Armageddon by laying in bed on a Sunday morning, you had better think again. You will be held responsible for every life you could have saved. For God’s sake get out of bed!”

  • nolongerconfused

    that overweight elder should get his body in shape and follow bible guidelines of not to contaminate his body with fatty/greasy cheeseburgers

  • Mum

    I remember a public talk by an elder who did not understand the meaning of status quo. He thought it was, specifically, the ancient Roman "establishment" He called it "Status Q." Throughout the entire talk he kept referring to "this status Q" as if it applied to a specific way of doing things at a specific place at a specific period of history.

    I was embarrassed for him, but I don't know if anyone else even noticed. I did not dare explain to anyone the real meaning, or even the pronunciation, of status quo.



  • caliber

    Just how one Elder always talked about the importance of our" warship'... of course meaning "worship"

    but just couldn't get on with that pronouncation even when other elders tried to correct him time after time.

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