Were you popular in your congregation or district?

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    We were a broken family so we were always looked upon with a bit of pity. My mother never hesitated to call me out in front of others, so I was always looked as someone weak spiritually. I never pioneered, and my baptism was more of an after-thought. Then I had a bad 'break-up' with a guy I never wanted anyway, so the gossip got all the more vicious. I stopped going for good in October. No re-instatement for me. I'm done.

  • Borges

    I was liked by many people and I've enjoyed it. Now I'm hated by the same people. I try to enjoy this too.

  • happy@last
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    I was/am well known (faded just over a year, wife still in), and only 'popular' when I was needed to do something. I then became very popular when I stepped down as an elder, I've never had so many invites for dinner, that lasted about a month, even invites through the week! Since then, nothing and I'm so glad.

  • Gorbatchov

    Ehh popular. 4th generation, a JW family with a good name... MS on the way to Elder, did some public talks. Friends with a lot...

    But that was the time i did not know what real friendship means.


  • tijkmo

    yup...remember that line in jerry mcguire - ' mostly they just want to be inspired'..that was my motto

    so i didn't conform, i inspired..championed the underdog, fought for those without anyone else, helped out to anyone who needed it, financially, spiritually, emotionally. i was welcomed when sheperding cos i was a leader not a director.

    and when i needed help..i got nothing..and some of the cruellest things were said about me most of which i don't remember now cos ultimately...

    it's not the words of ya enemies you remember - it's the silence of your friends

  • cantleave

    I had a group of close friends and was well known. Not sure if popular is quite the right word.................

  • wasblind

    About a week or so someone started a thread about keeping a daily journal when growing up, I didn't keep one because I had nothing to write, when you're shunned by just about all your peers in the Hall, plus being just about full out socially awkward in school because of not to much interaction with your peers, what the hell did I need a diary for?__________Shirley

    You ain't by yourself Shirley, I didn't keep one either

    As much as I ratted my sister out, I couldn't afford to leave

    a paper trail



  • finallysomepride


    may be i should have gotten into trouble (never actually did, they never found out) LOL

  • wannaexit

    I wasen't popular--but I got a lot of attention. I was the role model--pioneering right out of highschool. I was a very productive pioneer. I had a lot of studies and I was on stage a lot and was interviewed at assemblies. Now that I have stepped back and do very little---I have become a nobody in their eyes. I like my situation now a lot better.

  • Adiva

    I was part of an attractive, popular, very spiritual family, used at conventions, always held up as an example to the circuit/district. Not sure that My name was known, I was one of the **** girls or *******'s little sister. Then I turned 16 and my sister 14 and the young men in the circuit suddenly knew my name and my older brothers became very popular.

    The memories, the memories.


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