Interesting Genetic Research Published on Dog Evolution

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  • Larsinger58

    Have you people figured out how an ice canopy would not crack-heat and melt with the tidal effects of moon and sun gravity? Did the ice crack counter- clockwise in the southern hemisphere? did the inuit get the igloo design from the idea of ice in the heavens fable?

    That's just it, Prologos, just because you haven't figured it out, doesn't mean it is outside the creative genius of the god who created the universe to do it. The framework within this ice canopy existed is that it was like a glass bubble surrounding the earth and likely rotating with it. Just in passing, this had to be superheated and converted to thick rain clouds so when the flood started it was pitch black. Once those few lamps and torches were extinguished, all those people died in the dark.

    The Flood is real, not a fable. Deal with it.

  • Larsinger58

    You know, I believe in evolution, really. We see it all the time, when a single ovum in nine months becomes a beautiful infant. That's evolution!

    Or better yet, a caterpillar turns into a butterfly! If that can happen, then...

    But also this issue of "adapting" and "evolving" is a play on words, really. Because we all have to accept that after the flood, things had to change. Certain animals became carnivorous. The seasons were now in place requiring migration of birds, etc. Animals living in the snow had to adapt. It is possible Jehovah even created a few new species to "adapt" to the new environment. So I believe certain animals had to "evolve" to "adapt" to the new situation.

    Further, the laws of evolution had to come from some where as well, so there's no getting around God, regardless. But even so, Creation works and explains everything here. Why not believe in a Creator. Evolution doesn't cover the orbit of the moon, the solar system or other evidence of intelligent design, so it's a hard sell as currently presented as far as I'm concerned. Plus I have the unique circumstance of having been in direct contact with Jehovah himself, so I know for a fact that God exists, which is not something others are as privileged to be able to say.

    So, I'm kind of out of the loop, so please excuse me if I have to duck out and laugh for a while....

  • Larsinger58

    Lars - you really must get a job as a comedian.

    What are you talking about? Posting here is my job as a comedian! Don't I make you guys laugh?

  • tornapart

    Wolves 'adapted' to live with humans after a period of time. (I saw the experiment with the foxes in a documentary, it was very interesting). Dogs 'evolved' from wolves. However a wolf and a dog can still mate and have fertile offspring. They still belong to the same 'kind'. A dog has not become a new kind.

  • cofty

    tornapart - what specifically is a 'KIND'?

  • tornapart

    well... african elephant/indian elephant = kind

    llama/alpaca= kind

    common dolphin/bottle nosed dolphin= kind

    scottish wildcat/domestic cat= kind

    Brown bear/black bear= kind

    Animals that are different species but can mate and produce fertile offspring.

    When it reaches the limits of it's kind ie. donkey/horse, lion/tiger although they can produce offspring, the offspring are infertile.

    Animals of different kinds cannot produce any offspring at all, ie. cow/horse.


    Kinds.... There is no proof that any " kind " of animal ever evolved into another. Consider the taxonomy of the wolf.

    Kingdom = Animalia
    Phylum = chordata
    Class = Mammalia
    Order = carnivorous
    Family = Candae
    Genus = Canis
    Species = lupus

    Here is Labrador retreiver:

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Canidae
    Genus: Canis
    Species: familiaris

    So technically a Labrador is a new species, but not a new kind of Class. I think this confuses people. They say evolution can't be real. They may be thinking of something different. There is no proof that a FISH, ever became a DOG. There is no proof that one ORDER can become another. Life was seeded on Earth, there are kinds of animals. They have amazing abilities to adapt within certain pre-programmed genetic limits. We need to accept that.

    This scenario will never happen, but if all dog breeders would stop messing with interbreeding, then eventually the Canidae Family would find equilibrium. The best kind of Canidae would end up where it was best suited to live, those that have been tampered with by man, that couldn't cut it in the wild, would die off. Still a member of the Canidae family is what it is, regardless of variations. The following would never happen, and cannot happen naturally:

    BECOMES..... ARE YOU READY?!..........


    It aint happening, ever..... It didn't happen. Deal with it...

  • cantleave

    There is ample evidence of common ancestry. Obviously no fish ever became a dog that would be ridiculous, it is not how evolution works. But there will be a common ancestor of both fish and dogs.

  • cofty

    There is an abundance of evidence of the common ancestry of every living thing.

    When people invent imaginary divisions like kinds or micro and macro evolution it demonstrates a woeful ignorance of the facts.

    We posted a lot of facts about this in the Common Ancestry thread.

  • prologos

    L-ars inger 58. The creator (if any) always has worked within the bounds of natures' laws, as long we have kept records scientificly. the stories of a 10 mile thick transluscent water/ice layer (or less with higher altitude) is a fable, a fabrication of primitive uninformed minds, long ago. the flood worldwide never happened. migration of all species from turkey into all the world in 4000 years is only believed by Turkeys.

    dogs are carnivors, watch them enjoy their bones.

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