14 months after printing the "Steve and Selma" article, guess what the Society's latest Awake is about...

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  • Jeffro

    Hypothetical scenario:

    A woman is violently abused by her husband so she gets a divorce on the grounds of being physically abused, and forms a new relationship.

    In the real world:

    • life goes on and she receives support from her friends and new partner

    In JW land:

    • the woman has not divorced 'on the grounds of fornication', so she is disfellowshipped; all of her so-called 'friends' are unaware that her husband was abusing her because they won't talk to her, putting a strain on her new relationship
    • the abusive husband is 'scripturally free' to remarry

    Brilliant system. Praise Jah.

  • steve2

    Many times it mentioned that the #1 reason a wife will not leave her husband is because he makes her

    feel that everything bad that happens to her is her fault and that she could never live without him.

    Thanks for spotting this in the article Wha Happened? A brilliant - if unintended - piece of irony given the clear message from the Watchtower to its members about what will happen if they dare leave the organization.

  • ndmom73

    MMXIV: "sorry you're having to comment on this thread through bitter personal experience. If you're offended by this article imagine how many others are offended that are sitting at meetings still being abused or suffering, as most do, the after affects of abuse. The WTBS keeps these women trapped in their relationship - it would prefer to do that than confront the bullies and abusers who may be worldly husbands or perhaps JW's with a position."

    Thank you for your compassion. What makes me the most sad is how many of those witness women & children are beaten down so completely that they don't even have the mental strength to be offended. They do not see themselves as victims because it is their fault the abuse happens. The vicious cycle of abuse is a well played instrument and the Watchtower society is leading the band.

    I do hope that some are offended, I do hope that some see the hypocrasy between what is written in the Watchtower articles and what is actually said behind the closed doors of the elders council, and I do hope that the trickle of JW's leaving the cult will turn into a flood. But I am not holding my breath.

  • scary21

    Watchtower definition of extreme abuse ...... 2 witness's....2 trips to the hospital......2 broken bones...not counting fingers or toes.

    It is all up to the elders, and what they think is EXTREME. Maybe they beat their wives too . So what I said may not be so EXTREME after all.

    So so so so so sad !

  • scary21

    How many wordly people do you know that would shun a friend or family member for leaving an abusive mate ? Sounds like a JW thing to me.

  • scotsman

    Cedars, I'd suggest that your letter goes to Woman's Aid as well as Refuge.

  • Found Sheep
  • joyfulfader

    the only scenario that i can see positive is the abused woman separates from her husband (rightfully so), divorces him and fades away never to be heard from again. her ex husband is left unscripturally divorced and unable to remarry. spares any more women of his abuse and frees her of it all. may be unrealistic but would be great if it was an option.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    John Cedars and all you other Good Guys/Gals,

    Listening to your comments is soothing to my soul.

    Being a JW with an abusive elder husband, is draining, with no refreshment at all.

    The words you wrote, abused wives, need to hear. That Selma & Steve drama, I think was the final straw for me.

    I have had no elder yet, say they were sorry for what I have been through.

    My now ex-husband didn't get Dfef for abuse, lying or anything. In fact in April when this mag will be in use in the field, he'll be out there, going door to door, regaling, at every opportunity, as was his want, whatever made up stories he can think up to tell, that makes him out to be a great hero. I am glad I'm not in his group!

    I thank all of you out there that chimed in on this excellent thread, with normal, balanced thinking and a warm beating heart.

    Just Lois

  • minimus

    What about an "unscriptural divorce"? Not just staying apart.

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