14 months after printing the "Steve and Selma" article, guess what the Society's latest Awake is about...

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  • Pickler

    Hey balaamsass, well done! Why should they be immune from the laws of the land? If you were beaten up by a stranger on the street you'd report it, right?

    JWs have created a culture in which bullies thrive, from the platform, in the congregation, in marriages.

    This is because they care more about the reputation of the organisation than about the safety of any individual members.

    In this way they are the same as other religions.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Selma was the woman who under Jewish Law, deserved to be beaten for burning a meal? The Watchtower is 80% Judeo- 20% Christian, poor Selma is not looking so good, she should become a Mormon. I don't hear about Mormons beating their woman up, do they deal with domestic abuse in the same percentages as JWs?

    Great Article Cedars, The Tower provides you will a giant target to launch your cannon balls!

  • flipper

    CEDARS- Thanks for posting this thread and article. It's disgusting how abusive the WT Society is towards women and how they blame women for the abuse men give them. It's been a criminall negligent, patriarchal , male chauvanist organization basically since it's inception in 1879. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • snare&racket

    How the hell can a scroll from the desert stop someone from being an angry bastard?

    The WT society breeds male dominance and violence. I hate going back to my old JW stomping ground and visiting JW pals, the way they treat their wives is disgusting. They are 60 years behind the real world. Shameful and disgusting. They literally tell their wives to "shut up" or "stop" and say things like "enough now" or "I've told you.." ... what the feck is this crap ? Men and women are 100% equal you dickheads!!!!! I hate the way they look at women too, that JW male/elder "be careful you are crossing the line" look they give to women.

    It is ironic that women are incapable of managing the accounts of a hall, but there are millions of female accountants, they can't shepherd the flock, but there are millions of female psychiatrists and counsilers, they can't aid the flock but there are millions of female doctors, they can't take the lead but there are millions of female CEO's and Directors and managers and team leaders.....

    A JW husband will let his child go under the knife of a female surgeon, but for his wife, his word is the final word. What disgusting BS !!!

    The WT don;t have a clue what the feck they are talking about. It is dangerous and evil.


    Ps: "Could the sisters please help out by making cakes and sandwiches for the meeting..." how many times did we hear that shit !

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    One of my best friends was urged to stay with her abusive husband and be more submissive and not provoke him by her elders and now she's a cripple with two teenage boys, drugged out on painkillers to the hilt and in and out of hospital all the time. She left him a year ago, but the damage he did to her has destroyed her life.

    Thanks, Watchtower!

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    My friend got bashed senseless by her husband - I'm talking hospital visits, and now she's crippled- and the elders kept telling her to be more submissive and not aggravate him, and also that she married an unbeliever so she'd made her bed and had to lie in it. She's now maimed for life, on a medical pension, and her kids are messed up. She left the jerk after three years because the elders kept telling her to stay and refused her help when she asked for it. Disgusting. I wonder if she could sue them for damages?

  • designs

    One of the scariest and most sickening segments of the Circuit Assemblies was to have some sister trotted out and have her interviewed on how she put up with getting beaten for x number of years and then the bastard husband comes into the 'truth'. I can't tell you how many times I saw sisters with bruses and black eyes from their jw husbands.

  • rubadubdub

    My first moment of cognitive dissonance is so clear in my memory even to this day:

    Time: 1976

    Age: 17 (Baptized at age 16)

    Place: Circuit Assembly, Natick, MA, USA

    "Experience" given by a "sister" with an "unbelieving mate"

    A sister relates to a captivated audience the detail of her long marriage to an abusive man. It was so abusive that she and the brothers felt it wise to have her own children live outside the home and be raised by another JDub family! The sister felt it so important to remain loyal to her marital vow and Jehovah's arrangement that she abandonned her own children! She was so thankful that after decades, Jehovah finally called her to peace when her husband suddenly died of a heart attack.

    There wasn't a dry eye as far as I could see, everyone clapping, but I was in shock. I was living in a violent and abusive family. That is what drew me to the witnesses at age nine. I thought they would lead me to a happy family life in my future, away from my family. My alcoholic father abandonned his five children and left them with a mentally ill mother just one year earlier when I was 16. I was the defacto parent. I knew this was wrong. Why would a loving God bless a woman for abandonning her own children? Why would he bless her by striking her husband dead if it was the right thing to do for her to stay in the marriage? WHAT ABOUT HER CHILDREN???

    I will never forget that!

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    These articles have ticked me off for over a decade, since I left my abusive mate in '99.

    @rubadubdub - I went to Natick Assembly Hall for 20 years. PM me if you want, maybe we know each other. I always enjoy your comments.

  • lydiacostume

    This makes me so so sad. All the poor folks out there that are suffering because their abusive situation is not severe "enough". And the abusers are also suffering and not getting the help they need! There was a lot of abuse in my house, mostly verbal/emotional, but some physical too. It has damaged me, to be sure. I remember trying to have a conversation about it with my mother, who brought it up (to my great surprise) because my sister had decided to cut off all contact with my parents. My parents didn't understand this, but to me it was perfectly clear--my sister's life is better without them. They have never stopped being verbally abusive/hurtful to her, always criticizing and condescending, backing up every nice thing they say with a condemnation. When I told my mother that it has been very hard to get over all the abuse we suffered, my mother said that she and my father never felt like anything they did was "that bad". It was so hard for me to not vomit during that whole conversation. But now they are hurt that my sister has cut them out of her life. I told them that they are loyal to an organization which regularly shuns people; why should they be so shocked that someone wants to shun them? It just makes me even sadder that my family and loved ones cannot even see that they are blind. They don't have normal definitions of abuse. They have lost all reason, and will not accept help. My heart breaks over and over.

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