14 months after printing the "Steve and Selma" article, guess what the Society's latest Awake is about...

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  • cedars


    Cedars, so the shunning works , you lose too much by leaving , but you don't fade either .Do you hope to transform from the inside or simply warn others of the danger of joining ?

    I have faded, but I will also be disassociating or getting disfellowshipped in the not too distant future - but on my terms and according to my timing. I am currently engineering my circumstances so that, when I leave, my family can be fully aware of ALL the reasons for this, rather than hearing the story through some elder's interpretation of events.

    I don't believe the organization can be "transformed," but warning others of the dangers of joining is something I will likely always be doing, whether in or out.



    The WBTS is itself a bully that emotionally and psychologically abuses those it controls - any who provoke it get severe treatment. Sadly it does practice what it preaches on this occassion.

    My opinion is that this policy will have made so many victims remain victims. Some may well have been helped by applying bible education - good for those. I'd say most will continue to live in fear and some will have been killed. Domestic violence is that serious - yet again WTBS policies are broken.


  • designs

    I saw way to many sisters with black eyes in my time as an Elder.

  • wasblind

    yea right. Read the bible and u get cured. What a load of horse shit______Wha Happened

    I know what you mean Wha Happened, as I've stated before. My mom was abused

    Yes we had a bible in the house. But if my father picked it up

    it would no doubt have been used to beat my mom wit it.

    I'm glad she left before he beat her senseless

    Trust, and she used the sense she had left to leave

    Hello there Cedars,

    I can't help but compare the WTS to an abusive spouse

    and the sheep are afraid to leave for the same reasons the WTS posted on page 9



  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Kudos to you Cedars!

    The overwhelming problem I had as an elder was that the organizational policies of the WT turn the victims into perpetrators, and the perpetrators into victims.

    Take all of the young children who were brave enough to discuss Brother Molester with their parents and the elders. How often was that child scolded for slandering poor Brother Molester? I know of a case where an 8-year old accused an elder of molestation and was threatened by the remainder of the elder body to be disfellowshipped (Yes - the 8 year old was baptised ) . The child wasn't allowed to comment for a year and moved away - and Brother Molester went on to have more and more victims up until his death.

    The same with domestic abuse - poor Sister Abused hasn't been showing enough respect to her Christian husband. By increasing her prayer and godly devotion, perhaps she could "win him over without a word?" Its a disgusting, repulsive, and insulting mentality.

    I know countless "WORLDLY" (TM) people who have zero tolerance for child abusers and wife beaters.......my friends who are police officers say even criminals in jail consider them scum and usually beat them up in prison if they find out what they are in for........but here is the good old WT, using its "Godly" wisdom to help protect such vile scum and make their victims feel more guilt and shame........

  • undercover

    Don't forget - this is an Awake! article. The magazine designed for non-JWs to learn about JWs and hopefully by intriqued enough to learn more and become one (Ha!).

    The Watchtower is the magazine studied at the KH, and is the magazine referred to when doctrinal questions arise.

    If a JW spouse has domestic violence issues and goes to the elders, they are going to pull the WT article(s) out as reference when 'counseling' the spouse.

    Despicable, yes. But it is also typical, as this is the standard WT doublespeak. Say one thing to outsiders, indoctrinate the followers differently.

  • wannabefree

    Cedars, nice job on the letter, also very appropriate comment on "my church" and being trapped in an "abusive relatationship" ... relative to the Awake! article cited and Watch Tower policy, what a perfect comparison.

  • alanv

    Cedars why not just fade. I know it will make you feel better if you formally withdraw, but I dont believe any 'preparing' of your family or friends will stop many of them ever speaking with you again. Most witnesses will always go by what the societry say rather than anything you may tell them, even if what you say is totally true. It will always be mother knows best.

    Personally I was able to fade and as you know I write many words against the society, yet can still speak with witness family and others, as they are unaware ofwhat I say and write about the the society.

  • 00DAD

    Cedars: It's also interesting that they should mention shunning - like that's not something they encourage.

    OK, let's review: The WTBTS/JWs are famous for condemning any other group for behavior that is wrong, .... unless THEY do it, then it's not only right, but "Godlike." There is a word for this. It's called hypocrisy.

    Cedars: You could say I'm trapped in an abusive relationship, which appears to be Watchtower's specialty.

    You actually are free to leave anytime you want. You feel trapped as part of the mental manipulation which they've successfully used to control you and millions of other people. That is also part of their specialty.

    Of course once you leave, you will be shunned which brings us back to my first point.

    Cedars: now show the correct viewpoint in their PUBLIC magazine, but there is no attempt to explain or apologise for their contradictory statements 14 months earlier in their "members only" magazine

    One of the signs of a dangerous, destructive high-control group (aka a cult) is that they have differing insider and outsider teachings.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    What I hate about the article is that they "allow" for separation, but they quickly condemn divorce for anything other than adultry. What a scare tactic. They didn't day stay with the abuse, they "said" it was ok to separate, with a big stck behind it.

    Oh yea, It's a cult!

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