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  • Defianttruth

    I'm doing a fiberglass project today and have lots of down time to work with between coats. This subject makes me think. I was thinking about my hypothetical spaceship earlier. Lets say it has to be huge. It must have enviromental, waste managment, navigation, and many other systems. I think an aircraft carrier would be a good platform to examine do to its size and wieght. Wiki says the USS Enterprize wieghs 100,000 tons. Just to get through a years acceleration at .9 gs to 30,000k/s we would use 3,840,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules of force, and require 16,400,000,000 horse power. That get's us moving. Now we can cruise for a century or two. After that we have to use the same amount of energy to slow down. A total of 7,680,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules about the energy produced by 4 nuclear plants city block sized and wieghing millions of tons.

  • Apognophos

    Or just tie a rope to a nearby planet and let it pull you up to speed ;)

  • confusedteenager

    I think overall I don't believe in any religion, but I don't believe that some of the Christian morals I was instilled with are beneficial in making me a better person. But, a doomsday...massive armageddon at the end of the world? Yeah I don't believe in that.

    I want to believe in UFOs though...but I have yet to see any.

    And I think all that psychic stuff is just fakes.

  • jgnat

    Defianttruth; you have just added three nuclear power plants and millions of tons of mass. Gotta re-do those numbers.

    Another thought. Most of the weight of a nuclear power plant is shielding. What if we let the radiation go out the back end, and only have shielding from the living quarters (or from my SF books, a Really Long Tether)? How about lightweight nuclear reactors?

    Mars artificial-gravity nuclear-electric propulsion vehicle

  • cyberjesus

    unstopabble, perhaps aliens took your thread down... it sent them the wrong vibes.

  • Terry

    terry, i tryed to start a thread last week about conspriancy theorys and it was takin down ,i asked why in another thread i made and it was also takin down,still have not got an answer,i really wanted to discuss this openly,they were both takin down with in 5 mins,i wish i knew why i said nothing bad or negative

    Obviously a conspiracy!

  • Nika Bee
    Nika Bee

    Interesting question. I am just throwing out some of my thoughts, I don't know how coherent my post will be.

    It seems to me, that the points mentioned in the OP can be classified in two parts: human-related (that would be the conspirary theories) and "super-natural", this would probably need a defintion.

    As far as the conspiracy theories go, I believe that there are more things going on below the surface than "ordinary" non-involved people realise. It's probably rather complicated, but I rather doubt that this would classify as "conspiracy theory" as it is commonly understood.

    Concerning the supernatural phenomena, I believe that there are things that we cannot (yet) scientifically explain, but mostly due to the fact that our theories are not developed enough or due to the fact, that our measuring tools are not appropriate. As human beeings we have a certain perception of reality, and this doesn't mean that there is not more to it. For example, just because we can only "see" three (or four including time) dimensions, doesn't mean that there are not more. Such things could explain phenomena that we to this day classify as "supernatural" but in reality just escape our perception.

    Doing research in pure math, I am aware of the fact that every day new things are discovered in the "mathematical universe". I am certaine that with time sciences (such as physics and chemistry) will pick up these theories, as they have in the past (for example quantum mechanics is built on representation theory, or general relativity is built on differential geometry). They will use them to develope ever more precise models of the universe which might one day explain phenomena that we at the moment classify as supernatural.

    It will probably ake a long time. My hope is that in about 200 years physicists will use the theories that we develope today :-)

  • tec

    Something I find interesting before i answer.... i have watched some of those ancient alien shows with the hubby; some of what is in those shows are interesting to each of us. (he is an atheist, btw, and you know I am a person of faith) But we can form a middle ground in them, and some of what we find interesting... he applies to aliens; and I apply to angels/spirits. I think he can accept that easier, in the sense of angels (spirits) being another 'species' not from this planet. So... aliens. I am sure he indulges me in my belief, lol... and I do the same for him. Perhaps we each think the other will 'get it' one day. I just find that kinda cute ;)

    Okay so:


    Skeptic. There might be something to this; it probably is not what some think.

    2. Ancient Astronauts/Alien kidnappings

    Skeptic/complete disbelief on much of this... or at least of the source that we credit these things to(like alien probes). Some things that are taken as 'aliens'; I would apply to the spiritual (as stated above)

    3.E.S.P. and Psychic powers

    Perhaps. Lots of fakes, though, surrounding what might be legitimate though. As in most things, imo.

    4. Conspiracy theories

    No. Some things might have something to them, but I pay no attention to these for the most part.


    Yes, as you know :)

    6.Revelations by God

    Yes... but again, lots of fakes as well. (I would never say specially chosen ones though... only that some have faith and are willing to hear, and obey)

    7.Any other belief

    I don't think so.

    Importantly: TELL US IF YOU FEEL THERE HAS BEEN EVIDENCE OR PROOF to encourage your deep convictions.

    Going to choose to refrain from doing that to your thread, Terry. I have shared this enough times that most people here know anyway.

    Peace to you,


  • SeekingNewLight

    No on everything except UFO and conspiracy theory! Yes there are some outlandish conspiracy theories! But if you do the research a lot of them are true! Come on 9/11! I don't know what happened but the official story is B.S.! Most people are too lazy to look into these things and accept whatever the media tells them.

  • AGuest

    Yes, of course. Until they're identified.

    2. Ancient Astronauts/Alien kidnappings

    If by ancient astronauts you mean extraterrestrial visitors I wouldn't presume to think our little tiny existence is all that is in the vast, vast spanse that is the physical universe, and certainly not with regard to the spirit realm. I have also lived only a very short time... as have most of the experts (many of whom say man, etc., has existed for 1,000 times what we have on record). So my response is: could be. Who knows? I don't. And just because "we" don't know of it YET... doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Like the New World - it existed long, long before the triune English/French/Spanish conglomerate "discovered" it. So, I dunno. And when I don't know, I can't say no.

    As to alien kidnappings, while I do believe in transportation of the spirit (in spire) because of having experienced it and knowing others who have, as well, I don't know that any vessels (bodies) were kidnapped (taken again their will), per se. Even if we consider Enoch, Moses, and Elijah... whose bodies were taken, no one was taken against their will. I also can't see why anyone would be taken... "probed"... and returned. Why return 'em? Makes no sense to me, so I'm inclined to say no. But again, I don't know - doesn't make sense to ME.

    So, I will say "No kidnappings/abductions that I'm aware of so I think not." At least, for now. I and reserve the right to change that should additional information become available.

    3. E.S.P. and Psychic powers

    I would say yes to that just because I'm a mother and wife and owner of 3 small, VERY smart puppies (how, then, do you THINK we know when you drink the last of the milk, eat the last banana, take the last cookie, hit your brother/sister, wore that short skirt to school anyway... even when we didn't SEE you do it? Do you REALLY think we have eyes in the backs of our heads?? C'mon, now - I've looked and I can assure you, there are no eyes there. And yet... I SEE, even when my back's turned!).

    Okay, seriously, in the vein you are asking, I do not know as to E.S.P. (as that phenomenon is described by science), but absolutely yes as to psychic power. Granted, there are fakes, as dear tec (peace!) pointed out... and most who make their living as such are fakes... but there are some bona fide psychic people out there (as that term is defined by... nevermind). Both are recognizable, fakes and the real deal)...

    4. Conspiracy theories

    Yes and no. Depends on the theory. 9/11? Oh, yeah, but not for the reasons many others put out there.

    5. Angels

    Yep. Seen/see 'em. And, again, they're not pretty. Nothing like the "waahhhhh" images depicted by man, which most are used to. Quite to the contrary. Almost heart-stoppingly to the contrary.

    6. Revelations by God

    Well, I know of at least one, so I have to say yes. Beyond that one? Yep. Absolutely. Personally, and I'm not even of the pious (not by a long stretch - I'm actually MUCH more like the street chick in the movie "Stigmata." Well, I was), so... I mean, I COULD lie and say no (so as to not cause anyone to run screaming, weeping and gnashing their teeth, ripping their garments and tossing ashes because they can't this particular truth)... by why? We're among "friends" here... right?

    Question: what do you consider "awesome" and "credible", though? And if it's what I think it is... who says a revelation must BE so?

    Do you still claim God reveals directly "inside information" to specially chosen ones? I can't. But, Do you?

    No. He reveals it to His Son. Even so, it's not really "inside" information. I mean, it's available to all. Now, that all don't WANT it might make it SEEM like "inside" to such ones. But, I mean, if the folks on YOUR street don't want to listen to the 6pm news, is their claim that the announcement about, say, a burglar loose in their 'hood is "inside" information valid? All the announcer can do it put it out there. Up to folks to tune in... and paid heed if they do.

    Now, of course, you might say, "If it's from God why isn't it announced to the WORLD?" but that would tell me that you don't know God... because nothing has EVER been announced to the world, at least not at one time.... except the birth of my Lord. Even then, only a few discerned that event (although the star announcing it could be seen from anywhere in the world - unfortunately, only a few folks "tuned in").

    Things were often announced to certain nations IN the world, yes, and to Israel in particular, but even then, to only one or a few at a time (and usually in connection with Israel, although not always). But even the GOOD news wasn't announced all at once... nor was it ever said it WOULD be. Nor was it said that it would be announced to EVERY person in EVERY nation at any given time. It wasn't even announced to Israel all at one time... or even all of Israel at one time.

    So, not sure where folks are getting that whole "why doesn't He/you announce it to the world?" Other than perhaps they're trying to make God do what THEY think He should... versus what HE would do...

    7. Any other belief - What is it and could you describe it?

    How about: some things take time... and, unfortunately, some's perception of that... time... is skewed. I mean, what we consider time in the western world (and particularly the U.S. - heck we get tired of waiting more than 2 years, let alone 2,000 - look at the decades-old mess we expected to be "fixed" in less than four years!)... is hilarious to others in the world. Particularly the East, Middle East, Near East, Africa... heck, pretty much the rest of the world. There are "civilizations" that have seen cultures like ours come and go... and come... and go... each one thinking they're more intelligent and more advanced than the one it replaced. Each one bringing cutting edge "technology" and "advanced innovation" for its day. Come... and go... come... and go... while these "backward" and "archaic" cultures have adapted, just trudging on in their "turtle-ish" ways as we run our hare-like races around them...

    And no one could tell these other "advanced" civilizations anything either.

    TELL US IF YOU FEEL THERE HAS BEEN EVIDENCE OR PROOF to encourage your deep convictions.

    I do.


    You're quite welcome!

    P.S. I don't really want this thread cluttered by nay-sayers and ridicule. Just simple statements of belief. Okay?

    Absolutely and okay! Good thing, IMHO, and I tried to comply. My responses are serious and truthful, even the "psychic mom/wife" one.


    A doulos of Christ,

    SA, who really had nothing else to do while hubby finished dinner, so...

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