My questions for YOU

by Terry 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • heathen

    no aliens , no bigfoot , no ancient astronaughts , conspiracies yes 911 inside job all the way , moon landings hoax , I believe in a spirit realm despite the heathen nick name , I've encountered spirits many times , ESP is something I belive to be occultic like they psychic phenom

  • smiddy

    UFO`s YES , I have witnessed them on two occasions many years ago , but that doesn`t mean they are visitors from another planet.They are unidentified flying objects , it amuses me when people jump to the conclusion they are piloted by aliens.

    As for the other questions no.


  • Terry

    It is pretty much as I had suspected; our brush with Jehovah's Witness speculative superstition has stripped the veneer of gullibility from us one and all.

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