Give me good honest reasons why you will ..............

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  • AGuest

    I will go, as I have every year since 1982 save one (2011)... for the reason dear Watcher stated (peace to you!), as well as to set the example for those still in her as to what they SHOULD be doing (John 6:48-58). If they never SEE it... why would they ever DO it? So long as NO ONE does it, they will feel justified... and "safe"... in passing the plate and glass by. What they don't understand is that each time they pass that bread and wine by... they are passing Life by. Because, contrary to what the WTBTS says... they have NO life "in themselves." Just don't.

    So, until my Lord tells me to stop, I will continue to go and let my "light" shine before (those) men.


    A doulos of Christ,

    SA, who still says, "Here I am! Send ME!"... even if it's to be among scorpions...

  • OnTheWayOut

    Zed is Dee, I bet you would go for as little as 5 thousand dollars. Easy money for a laugh.

  • WTWizard

    The only way I would go would be to be physically dragged to that wastefest. I know Satan would disapprove of my going to support that rejection of Astaroth plus practice for physical enslavement. To be dragged into that psychic vortex that is simply feeding the angels to enslave the human race and to silence those who would speak out against it would be a complete abomination in the eyes of Satan, and I refuse to go without being physically forced. And even then I would do all I could to bring bad luck to the whole congregation, and extraordinary bad luck to the scumbag who drags me in.

  • Xanthippe

    WTWizard I don't understand a word of what you just said here. What do you mean?

  • Phizzy

    Oh all right you've all persuaded me, I'll go then.

    Only joking !

  • insearchoftruth4

    WTWizard is quoting one of Rutherfords books....

  • LouBelle

    I'll go next year when I've lost all my weight and strut around - ugh no I don't know if I could do it

  • LouBelle

    I'll go next year when I've lost all my weight and strut around - ugh no I don't know if I could do it

  • Fernando

    Like Tammy said...

    Still a bit hard to sit through mindless propaganda with spiritually blind persons lapping it all up.

  • justmom

    My husband and I and sons will attend once again as we have for several years now. We did not go for a few years as fear of man chased us away. Then we realized they have NO power or control over us and cannot even kick us out as they had previously years again at memorial time.

    It is NOT to worship with them but to show them that this new covenant that Christ opened up is for "ANYONE" not just 144,000. They "may" never get to have in the back of their minds in order to maybe question (a seed of doubt) unless they see individuals they have known their whole life and even their own children and grandchildren nephews, friends etc... PARTAKE.

    It gives a true witness to them how they "shut up the kindgom" and yet demand all their members to adhere to a covenant for life that they do not EVEN allow them to partake of. How can they call themselves christians and make these promises and yet withhold the "ONE" that can make all things possible. JOHN 6:48-59

    If only one or two see it, Praise Jah! If least they can't say...."why didn't you tell us?" We did! We even SHOWED you!

    But that is why we will go honestly and truthfully but it is up to each individual as to what they do, and that is okay!

    Love to you all and... our family that are still inside


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